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~ Burlesque Poem ~ Limitless


Lanes, lines, and stop signs

were made for the weak of heart.

Those of us who know better,

such wisdom would like to impart. 147 more words


~ Blank Verse ~ Secret Keepers

Photography credit

~ On sunless limbs where blackness veils the night these charred embers of lost and warped dreams guard strongly the shadowed blazing garden… 78 more words

~ Acrostic Poem ~ POET

Pathos crowns the ever sensitive heart’s skin,

Oozing not blood, nor sweat but matrimonied words;

Elevating serrated hope, acceptance and esteem,

T… 21 more words


~ ABC Poem ~ Dour Winds

Every unfisted feeling precipitating.

Fickled secret abandons its watermark.  

Garnished grip of unconquered bliss,

Heroically jockeying to succeed,

Indulging my sinews, and framing my need. 22 more words


~ Innocent Gulps of Air ~ Diminished Hexaverse

To sleepwalking give in,
kindly new tales let’s spin.
Write songs on silver screen,
swallow thunderous grin.
Sink in under his skin
dancing change defyin’, 102 more words


Villanelle Poem - Four Girls

Four girls dancing on a sheep’s knuckle bone
An umbrella of fog thick as oil
Twirling beneath the moon’s silvery tone

Their union a mixture of locks and lace… 128 more words