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Poem; Black

It has been something akin,
To stepping
From darkness
Into the scorching light
Only to recede
To the welcoming
By my momentary foray… 13 more words


Poem; Song of the Sea

A song
This song
My song
Our song
The song of the survivors
The forgotten ones
The distant ones
The song of the sea

This melody… 503 more words


A Healthy Snack

This judgment (of capacity)

This makeshift abode (for bodies)

This wallowing of dream

A healthy snack (for me)

Crisp, clean, cut like butter (up)

Crunched upon ’til dusk (’til dawn over again) 131 more words

New Beginnings

Today, I have tried to write a Lanturne poem. I came across the form a couple of days ago and thought it interesting. So, here is my attempt . 35 more words


A Blitz

This is my first attempt at a Blitz Poem. I wrote it based on the following traits associated with the star sign Cancer.

Traits: intuitive, sentimental, a challenge to get to know, loyal, able to empathise with pain and suffering, emotional, suspicious, moody, insecure, likes gourmet meals, compassionate, uncommunicative, hyper-sensitive. 103 more words


Married In New York

Married in New York

Swamped in dripping heat
two lovers stand
hand in hand,
they move
to cross
the road
to marriage,
on the other… 27 more words


This Too Shall Pass

A Than Bauk

This Too Shall Pass

Bare branches sway,
shortest day falls;
makes way for spring.

A Than Bauk consists of three lines of four syllables. 37 more words