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New Beginnings

Today, I have tried to write a Lanturne poem. I came across the form a couple of days ago and thought it interesting. So, here is my attempt . 35 more words


A Blitz

This is my first attempt at a Blitz Poem. I wrote it based on the following traits associated with the star sign Cancer.

Traits: intuitive, sentimental, a challenge to get to know, loyal, able to empathise with pain and suffering, emotional, suspicious, moody, insecure, likes gourmet meals, compassionate, uncommunicative, hyper-sensitive. 103 more words


Married In New York

Married in New York

Swamped in dripping heat
two lovers stand
hand in hand,
they move
to cross
the road
to marriage,
on the other… 27 more words


This Too Shall Pass

A Than Bauk

This Too Shall Pass

Bare branches sway,
shortest day falls;
makes way for spring.

A Than Bauk consists of three lines of four syllables. 37 more words


Specifics in Poetry: Challenge

Starting out as a young poet, we are told to write about our experiences, but at the time, our experiences are things like “I got in the car today” and “I put my hair up in a pony tail for the first time” or things that are too general to really make a good poem. 223 more words


Poem: The Next Frontier

I am done with this worthless fear,

these worries that the memory of me will fade;

I will no longer let myself be so afraid, 79 more words