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So you think you can Syllable?

Counting Syllables

Syllable counting is one of those things that poets are supposed to know how to do. Why? Well there are a lot of reasons. 3,415 more words


The Palindrome

When it comes to structured poetry, there are all sorts of different styles, devices, and ideas for what can make a structure. The palindrome is one of the word-play structures like a found poem, or a cinquain. 812 more words


Love Will Always Grow - A Terza Rima Poem

I love my love like love will know to be,
We fair to fair for love must never sow,
I trust these words for never you must see. 144 more words

Structured Poetry

Alice in Wonderland (rhyming acrostic)

Alice in Wonderland         (Rhyming Acrostic where each letter of the title begins a new verse)

Alice, dear Alice in your land of wonder;
Listen, can you hear a voice like thunder? 123 more words