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My Kremser Experience

Stunning medieval architecture and extraordinarily beautiful countryside is found throughout Lower Austria. Captured in photos of Aggstein, Durnstein, Rosaatz, and Melk I have shared on Facebook many of the old structures, castle ruins, monuments, stone-terraced vineyards, and the picturesque Danube River that make the World Heritage Site of the Wachau Valley unique and special. 343 more words

Barry Day

apple strudel ♥

First of all…. YUUUUUUMMMMMM

Secondly, here’s what you’ll need & how to make it (P.S its kinda freaky how super easy it is)


1. 3-4 apples of your choosing… 188 more words


Budapest Walking Tour

We took a wonderful walking tour around Budapest on my last trip. Our guide was wonderful! We should’ve done this earlier during our stay because they really gave you a great overview of the city and it’s history. 231 more words



I posted this beautiful picture on the facebook page long time ago and finally I found a minute to write down the recipe. The directions are quite simple, only part which is bit tricky is the special design of the top layer. 323 more words



I love a good strudel! There’s nothing better than baked apples, and whoever decided to wrap apples with puff pastry is a genius! You can serve strudel with anything on top; it goes well with icing sugar, heavy whipping cream, ice cream….all the kinds of dairy products! 463 more words


Detvian Strudel

This past weekend was an eventful one with gorgeous weather, exciting people and most delicious food. All in one place – my native town of Detva and its close vicinity. 676 more words

Poppy Seeds

Nude in the Sauna

Hello, friends! I thought that the title of today’s blog may catch your interest and bring you here to find out what I have been up to! 463 more words

Barry Day