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The girl I used to know

There’s this girl I used to know. She was so beautiful. God, she was beautiful. Through her smile she would illuminate any room. When she walked her vibe would bounce off the walls. 525 more words

Depression 3 steps to defeating it right now

Depression is like coma.
Only you can move, but your numb.
And life’s passing by outside.
You do not deserve this as much as you think you do. 141 more words

Hair struggles 

I have hair and yes it’s on my head and I used to love it until I got to high school.

I’m all for taking pride in my heritage but my hair lately has just been such a pain and hassle to do. 160 more words

When internal wounds fester.

I am sitting in my living room. Drinking tea. I have no lights on. I’m not wearing my glasses. The window is open.. I can hear the wind blow, I can hear the clock tick. 208 more words


Words can hurt..

They can sure hurt even when they aren’t directed towards you. They hurt even more so when someone you love says suicide will probably solve all problems. 120 more words


My Savior

I don’t know how or when
But the day, you pulled me out of the water
You saved me from all of the hot, steamy lava… 147 more words


A candle light

Perhaps it’s the heavy rainfall or the strong wind, could be both also. Either way, my candle light story wasn’t about the romantic dinners or some sort of a parable time for friends. 944 more words