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My 4 Struggles As A Minimalist || What is Hygge?

Becoming a minimalist provides a sense of accomplishment to me, as this is a goal I have never thought of before, nor did I think it would fit my interest and lifestyle. 1,940 more words

Personal Views

The pain

want to know what it’s like in my body?

imagine someone stabbing you all over with knives.

over and over, with continuous punching along with it. 131 more words


There are many ways one can experience OCD and I want to share what my experience with it has been like.

I experience both obsessive thoughts and complusive actions. 734 more words

Taken Within

swallowed by the darkness of shadows

       in these shadows i wait

waiting for someone or something

      someone i hope will not be late


       cold mystifying nights

in these nights i lay still

        laying here amongst the creatures

these creatures that give a chill


hoping for a day

          a day that brings life

life that i do not have

          it was taken from a knife


         what is to come now

now that im lost

         treat me with respect

do not let me be tossed


Yesterday marked my one month anniversary since being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. If I were to tell you that I am thankful to have my diagnosis, you would probably call me crazy. 768 more words



Is your soul perfectly round,

chiseled and shaped to perfection?

Are you not rough around the edges anymore,

and all your flaws have been smoothed?

Did they cover and caulk all the holes in it? 125 more words

In The Trough

It’s Black Friday. While millions invade the malls and shopping centers looking for the best deal on the perfect TV that would, “look fantastic in the living room,” I’m sitting at my kitchen table, in sweatpants, drinking black coffee. 602 more words