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Here Again

Here’s a tip for all of my readers: if you’re feeling dissatisfied with your body, don’t go clothes shopping. It will only make it worse. I knew this, and yet I still decided to try on clothes tonight at Kohl’s. 1,254 more words


Photography Class is Over!

Hey Guys! Photography class is over, well tomorrow it will be when I hand in my final project. I took this class to learn more about photography and more about my camera. 330 more words


Surviving Your 20s - Do Things That You Can Control

With the advancement of social media and social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, everyone is posting their best selfies (chosen from 50 pics maybe? 818 more words

Venus Lee

25 Everyday Struggles Every Elementary School Teacher Will Totally Recognize


Getting hooked on coffee because it’s part of our survival.


Post it notes are our best friend.


Accepting the fact that students will bombard us with questions the minute we walk in the door. 312 more words

Living with Claustrophobia

Can’t stand in tight spaces? Ever feel like the walls are closing in causing the room to be smaller and smaller and then you feel like hyperventilating, started screaming and crying hysterically? 394 more words


Trouble On My Mind

This is my story.

I’m Not A Victim, I’m Not A Survivor, I’m A Fighter.
I am not writing this for pity or to get attention because I absolutely hate talking about this topic and getting pity for it. 1,812 more words

She Is Lost

“She awoke that morning with happiness and hope in her heart. The sun was clouded out by the hazy sky. The tiniest sliver of grey light crept through the windows, but her mind did not feel clouded. 180 more words