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God has a funny way of showing me what I need to see.

Here I sit, outside with my mind full of thoughts. Birds chirping. Kids laughing and playing. Wind blowing. Finally some good Ohio weather to enjoy while reflecting on my marriage… Past and present. 356 more words



What do you think of when you hear the word, power? Do you see a strong man lifting heavy weights? Do you think of the overwhelming intensity of lightning, or of an engine equipped to do heavy work? 1,040 more words



Inspiration.  Motivation.  Discipline.  Passion.

I hear these words a lot when I’m at the gym (case in point:  the guys with the bulging biceps yelling, “GET SOME!!!” while their friend’s face twists into grimaces of pain as he curls dumbbells equal to half my body weight) and see them in action even more whenever I scroll through my Instagram feed (for example, the memes of a svelte runner glistening with sweat as she traverses up a rocky mountain with words like “STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY” plastered on the bottom of the picture). 863 more words


Seeking God's Guidance

What do you do when you want to move ahead in your life with your education/career but you don’t know where God is calling you? I have been struggling with the thought of going back to school for a while now, and I do not know where God is pointing me in my life. 729 more words

#BlurtSelfCareathon - Day 7 - Learn

We learn something new everyday… Whether that be something monumental, something from school, how to cook something (or how to definitely not cook something), how to speak to different people and many many other things. 289 more words


Got Stress?

Stress is a major part of our college lives. As college students, we stress about school, work, finances, food, social gatherings, family events, and the process of balancing it all out. 772 more words


The Walk Home

So today was pretty much the same as usual. Except for the fact that I got to walk home with my “friends” for once.

My parents are very over protective which means that I usually can’t go places on my own whether it is the walk to school, into town or even the local library. 327 more words