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I hate pointing fingers.

And yet, that’s what I did. And now I feel terrible for I did something I disapprove of. I pointed my finger towards other people’s flaws. 56 more words


don't it make my brown eyes blue

When I was a kid, I did not understand what Crystal Gayle meant when she sang, “don’t it make my brown eyes blue.” Of course, that’s the only part of the song I could remember, probably because I wanted blue eyes so bad. 592 more words


Emotions Come, I Don't Know Why

Life barrels over mountains and into deep ravines.
Euphoric highs and damning lows, occasional
stalls on flat plains as it catches its wind.

I become complacent, forget to hold my breath, 60 more words


Confessions of a Struggling Parent

It would really easy to tell you all the great things my children do and they really do some amazing things. It would be easy to go on about how they are changing and challenging themselves to be good humans beings. 258 more words


Turning sides.

Ms. S has discovered she can turn on the side, though she cant do it on her own entirely, apparently the best time to try is while big human puts the diaper on, … 41 more words


Something to Remember About Kindess

“Be kind, because everyone you know is fighting a hard battle.”

As you walk down the street, think about everyone. Think not just about their outward appearance, but what could be going on inside. 360 more words


2015 Lenten Prayer Book: 9

Gracious God, we trust that you hear the sighs of the weary and hear the unutterable requests of those who struggle. We trust that you respond even when we do not understand or see your dynamic spirit working. 67 more words