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Motive Matters...

I will complete my first book. I will write more. I may write all sorts of things in the future that I have no idea about right this moment. 455 more words




If there is the famous seven habits of highly effective people, well you only need one for you to become ineffective. You just have to procrastinate things. 261 more words


We all need that friend…

Last week in church, something was said in a talk about the Atonement that touched my heart beyond words.

The sister who was speaking said that until she had experienced it, depression seemed to her to be a thing a person could just “snap out of” and get over if they wanted to. 712 more words


The Consequence of Denying "What If"

Nurses in the intensive care unit step aside, for I move with purpose. It is my father’s gait, one I followed year after year as he brought me along to visit sick parishioners. 1,571 more words


Kids These Days

Spotted: the technologically inept middle aged woman in her natural habitat (Whole Foods).

“It’s all about, like, the Google, ya know?”


The Difference A Year Makes

This time last year I was more than likely in a heap stressing over my mock results and how the orals would go. I had chosen to repeat my Leaving Cert but even though I was nearing the finish line every day was a struggle.  464 more words

YouTube Takeover: Advice

YouTubers are pretty much creating content in all different areas, which makes ‘advice’ channels not so out of the box anymore!

Here are a few channels that I think are great because they genuinely care about their viewers and their issues. 156 more words