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Today is August 1, 2015. I am alive and struggling.

I’m sitting in the break room at work. It is a way station for people on break. Fifteen minute turn around, aside form myself who sits for two hours before my shift begins. 428 more words

God Over Porn

Porn Addict

My testimony is pretty strange but gets very interesting in the end, many people know me, but don’t know what I’ve been hiding for many years. 921 more words


Most Read Facebook Post on Friday

So yesterday, Friday morning, I read the most read facebook post for that day. It was one that might open the door to talk more openly about a usually hush hush topic. 719 more words

The Lovers, They Trembled

They were weavers, spinning their tale
With immaculate threads of soul
That were the best of them, the pristine
And from afar they admired each other… 152 more words

The Voices

Whats inside

As I sit at this computer typing I know not what I feel. I am worried about the grammar. Who cares? Really. It’s stupid to think that I really care. 1,713 more words


This Storm

Thunder rolls

As the horizon darkens

Lightning flashes

A storm approaches

When the rains come

They can was things clean

Or leave a flood of destruction… 38 more words