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Hey dearies!!!!!! It’s been forever !!!! Ikr. Life has been happening tbh! I can’t even point out something that has been taking up all my time besides school. 323 more words

Coasting through life as an emotional sponge

It really sucks when the low points of other people’s lives become the lowest points of yours. Take me for example: whatever is ailing the people I love whether it be a painful experience, a loss or a personal struggle – I take it on as if it’s my own burden to bare. 904 more words

Hope in the Suffering

A few months ago my mom called me, I could hear the anxiety in her voice as she said “are you home?  I just need to talk to you when your home.”  It is when my mom asks if I am home that I know she has awful news. 

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Some days are not as hard as others !

Not posted anything for a while, it’s not been lack of things to say, but I’ve been struggling to articulate my thoughts of late. When we set up this blog I promised myself I wouldn’t use it just to complain about the things I didn’t have and the things that were going wrong ! 406 more words

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Moving Abroad is not all Sunshine and Rainbows

After moving to college in the fall of 2009, I spent my first month in a daze. I had moved (for the first time in my life) into a dorm building that housed more people than the population of my hometown, and I shared a room with someone I hardly knew at all. 1,359 more words



A very cute human slept over the past weekend and of course, we spent the first few hours of the late night talking about all kinds of stuff. 529 more words

Personal Reflection

Hanging in there

When the going gets tough

The tough get going.

As many would tell you, it’s not my most endearing quality.

Unless you need me in your corner