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Exercising the right muscles....

I don’t like working out.  Whether it’s with the weights above or just my daily trek.

In fact, I dread that strenuous cove walk here in the mountains of western North Carolina. 504 more words


Dear Diary

Why not have an online journal? I mean my life, although not very exciting, should be written somewhere.

Today was absolutely the most exciting Saturday and I feel super accomplished. 143 more words


My personal lifestyle (everyone has a voice)

I’ve wanted to share my own personal story with my readers, and also how I made it to today.

So here it is:

The point in my life where I felt that I suffered a great deal was when I was 15 years old (i’m 19 now) and I was diagnosed with a type of cancerous brain tumour. 465 more words

So Close

I was so close to going to sleep happy. Not that I really sleep, for about a year my eyes create weird shapes in the dark that I KNOW aren’t there and I KNOW it’s my brain but I still can’t sleep. 667 more words

Remembering the first 30 days...

When I think about the first 30 days of my sobriety today I have an overwhelming sense of relief.  I don’t ever want to go through that again.  930 more words


Being an Outgoing Introvert

I’ve read a lot about the different levels of personality, character spectrums, and how people’s personalities make them respond to certain situations in a unique way. 825 more words


Staying Sane Saturday: The "Talk"

Be honest….who has put this off for as long as possible?

That’s right. I am talking about the “talk”. You know, the one about the birds and the bees. 1,301 more words