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Can’t you imagine Charlie Brown saying to Linus…Ever notice how the Christmas season seems to be a repeat of last year?  There is the Christmas cards to send, the parties to attend, the shopping to do, the meals to prepare and the travel  plans to  visit relatives or the work of hosting family members.  669 more words

I should be dead

I was always pretty reckless with my actions and still am to this day, i played around with drugs, both prescription and street ones since i was 17 years old because at that age I felt invincible like most teenagers… and as for now and the past few years I just don’t have a fear of death and it’s not bragging… quite the opposite actually, living and not being afraid of death is a terrible thing for any human being. 379 more words

Self Thoughts

Prayer for December 8

Prayer for December 8: Please pray with me. God of the stressed, today we pray that you would get us through whatever stress we are experiencing.  93 more words


Good In the Valley

“People come and go.”

I remember a sister at church told me this on my 18th birthday. I was only starting to get serious with my personal walk with the Lord back then. 682 more words


Please tell me more...

Let’s paint a scenario. You and a few of your friends go to a wedding reception. You enjoy yourself and dance a bit, but you realize that you have caught the eye of a handsome gentleman. 595 more words

Dealing with an Overly Emotional Guy: Part 2

Welcome back again!

On my first “official” post, I gave a personal story about dealing with “John” and his emotions as they negatively affected our relationship. 637 more words