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How my most liked pattern made me want to quit designing

This is for all who think they are alone in their struggles…

Last year I shared in this space what would become my most popular pattern to date: … 807 more words

Why? Oh why?

Often, things don’t make sense. Why does the Sun rise every day to set? Why do the flowers bloom only to be plucked by mischievous little bratty hands or to be offered at the feet of stone idols of the same Gods who created them in the very first place? 162 more words


A bit of brutal honesty: Start of the end, or start of a new beginning?

This one’s going to be brutally honest, and probably a little bit morbid – apologies for any offence caused.

So I’ve not been feeling great this year, 6+ weeks of constantly feeling nauseous and physically going pale whilst at one of the exercise classes I attend (not ideal when your instructor stops the class to ask if you’re okay, and so embarrassing!). 934 more words


A mountain

A Mountain
by Minna Von walden

What do you see? I see, I see a mountain. A dark, distant mountain and a fog filled sky. Uncertainty and light. 29 more words


Reclaimed and Validating Terms

Words are powerful, and LGBTQ terminology is no exception. The community has reclaimed past slurs while other terms validate experiences. 339 more words


guilty pleasure

I recently discovered a guilty pleasure. A VERY guilty pleasure.

I highly value alone time. Especially those valuable 20 second elevator rides. So the first time I accidentally closed an elevator door on someone, I felt a hint of pleasure and relief from the fact that I wouldn’t be stuck in an enclosed space with a stranger for x number of seconds. 242 more words

Lent and Relentless Regret

So it’s Lent.  Missed Ash Wednesday service because weather is horrible, which is not helping me feel like a better Christian.  On the other hand, I’m working on my application to a Christian summer camp.   440 more words