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Introducing Date Night, The Musical 

Have you ever had an idea that excites you beyond measure? The thought of trying is terrifying and the thought of not succeeding is even worse. 341 more words

Musings And Musicals

Plane Truths on New Years Day

In 2014 my year started of with an adventure to New York. In a lot of ways, I left my old life behind when I set off on the 1st of January 2014 with all my winter woollies squashed unceremoniously in to my suit case. 574 more words


10 Reasons Why 2014 Sucked for This Actor


That’s pretty much how I rate this year overall in my career. It wasn’t the banner year I expected. I certainly didn’t make much money, a fact supported by my nearly negative bank account balance. 630 more words

Jittery Citizens - How to Improv at Life #MakeYourOwnMagic

Claudine Ullman, the owner of Jittery Citizens, is full of laughs. I have seen her perform, both on stage and off, and if she wants you to laugh at something she will succeed. 898 more words


#MakeYourOwnMagic Backup plans and planning not to use them: Brett de Groot talks Simply Broadway

When I first met Brett (ooh, that rhymes) we were sipping an imaginary milk shake in one of those awkward casting moments. Castings are always the most ridiculous things. 918 more words


#MakeYourOwnMagic Lara Lipschitz on keeping your Chin Up

Lara and I always giggle about our terrifying plight as young performers in South Africa. From coffees at Fournos, cupcakes at Wolves and walks along the Sea Point promenade, she always has a new way to express how comical our lives have become in the process of pursuing our dreams. 947 more words


#MakeYourOwnMagic Kristy Suttner on making Mix Tape

The recent success of Mix Tape at the Auto and General Theatre on the Square got me wondering what actually goes in to making a new musical a success in South Africa. 889 more words