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Remembering Your Why

In the heat of the moment, when the struggle is real, and you’re wondering Why the heck did I do this again? you have to remember your  249 more words

The Fear of Imperfection

One of my students this spring was interested in writing for magazines, but felt held back by her fear of putting something out there that wasn’t perfect. 484 more words

On Writing and Struggling Writers

Oh the angst.  The hand-cramping,  tantrum-throwing, anxiety-inducing angst.  It’s time for Writing and sometimes that’s just HARD.

In our home, I generally require my boys to do 1 full page of writing (minimum) per day.  862 more words

So You Want To Be A Writer?

“But that’s where art comes from, he said: life stories. Art history comes along only much later. That’s what art is, he said, the story of a life in all its particularity.

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Creative Writing Ideas for the Struggling Writer

You can help him/her practice this type of writing by letting her argue with you—in writing!

Two sisters, on the box office.

Cecily: I may be in love. I need your advice.

Delilah: Well, there are about six million romantic comedies you could consult that have more knowledge on the subject than I. 88 more words

Non Classé

4 Things All Struggling Writers Are Used To Hearing (That They're Also Annoyed By)

A struggling writer is a species that is dismissed by most, scorned by some and viewed pathetically even by those closest to him/her. The question that everybody actually is asking without saying as much is “Is it really a career choice?” The problem with writing is; everybody thinks they can do it and do it well. 517 more words