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Thoughts on Teaching Writing to Children with Special Needs

All children are special and unique. Each comes to us needing guidance and good teaching. However, some children face challenges that make learning more difficult, needing accommodations and flexibility with classroom curriculum. 780 more words

Writing Workshop

How To Fail Without Killing Yourself

Several months ago, The Washington Post carried a heartbreaking story by Cynthia McCabe about a struggling writer, Dennis Williams (alternate name: Katry Rain) who became despondent and suicidal when he concluded that his writing life, and consequently his entire life, were finished. 401 more words


Ways to help you fall back in love with your writing:

Written by Lucy Mitchell

Love is in the air during the month of February. As a writer you could be head over heels in love with your creative work, walking around with a spring in your step and smile on your face as the sheer thought of your literary masterpiece fills you with a warm and fuzzy glow. 523 more words

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Mytwosentences 94

With tears pouring out of their eyes, three restless children huddle together on the living room sofa while blurrily witnessing an inevitable fruition.
Leaving a thickset trail of lifeless brown needles, the center of merriment was mercilessly dragged across the kitchen floor and deposited on a sunless sidewalk. 7 more words


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Blogs like this wonderful site, "My Two Sentences," can offer teachers an opportunity to amaze reluctant /struggling 2e writers and also encourage them.  Kids can "paint" their own sentences by adding colorful words (varied parts of speech).  A five word sentence can be transformed into 20 words with a knowledge of parts of speech.  These sentences may not be as rich in language and imagination as those of My Two Sentences, but who knows what gifts lurk in the hands of our twice exceptional writers?

Surviving Bad Reviews

In October 2014, I published my first two books, YA fantasy: The Seeker Must Awaken and Book of Shadows. These two novels are the first two books in The Lux Seekers series. 409 more words


Writer's Block

Types of Writer’s Block

Fear of the Blank Page

Lack of Ideas

Too Many Ideas

Paralyzed By the Inner Critic

Keep Going Back to the Beginning…

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I'm Not OK

My niece, Medusa, turned fifteen at the beginning of this month. She is a big fan of the, now defunct, band My Chemical Romance – or My Chem to those of us in the know – and one of her presents was a t-shirt bearing the above legend. 305 more words

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