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Creative Writing Ideas for the Struggling Writer

You can help him/her practice this type of writing by letting her argue with you—in writing!

Two sisters, on the box office.

Cecily: I may be in love. I need your advice.

Delilah: Well, there are about six million romantic comedies you could consult that have more knowledge on the subject than I. 88 more words

Non Classé

4 Things All Struggling Writers Are Used To Hearing (That They're Also Annoyed By)

A struggling writer is a species that is dismissed by most, scorned by some and viewed pathetically even by those closest to him/her. The question that everybody actually is asking without saying as much is “Is it really a career choice?” The problem with writing is; everybody thinks they can do it and do it well. 517 more words

Thoughts on Teaching Writing to Children with Special Needs

All children are special and unique. Each comes to us needing guidance and good teaching. However, some children face challenges that make learning more difficult, needing accommodations and flexibility with classroom curriculum. 780 more words

Writing Workshop

How To Fail Without Killing Yourself

Several months ago, The Washington Post carried a heartbreaking story by Cynthia McCabe about a struggling writer, Dennis Williams (alternate name: Katry Rain) who became despondent and suicidal when he concluded that his writing life, and consequently his entire life, were finished. 401 more words