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Music impresario

Mind that time when I ran a record label and had full page adverts in the music press?* Course you don’t. Off to the shredder. 9 more words


Two years gone - wedding day outtakes

Two years today since you were taken.

When I spent a happy afternoon going through your picture box, shredding every image of your evil mother, what should I find but the wedding day outtakes.  82 more words


Darn Sarf jukin'

For some reason I’ve got a picture of my old office in Marsham Street which I have kindly marked with a purple dot. The windows on either side were mine. 284 more words


Tattoos and scars

Life has all been about tattoos and scars.


  1. leaving home and country at 16
  2. finding Mickeys dead body
  3. Crazy Katy
  4. manual tat working the boats…
  5. 74 more words

Hack for hire

Once upon a time I was a real person. I even spent 20 odd years as a freelance music hack. I’ve just found a box of magazines what I wrote for which are now in the recycling bin. 161 more words


Bangour Village Hospital - soapy tales

When I tell folk even older than me that I was in Bangour three or four times as a boy, they usually find something Very Important to do elsewhere.  314 more words


DNA mess wi' me

So I’ve started shredding my life. After all, they’re aw gone so no-one will give a shite about whit I got up tae during my time here. 246 more words