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It is dangerous to excel at everything as a kid. You won’t be exposed to failure and as a result you are unaware of it’s presence. 96 more words


Why Life is Not Always Data in-Data Out

Often, I’m astonished. No matter how often people get the same information, it never registers in their minds. I often speak to an audience—each Sunday I talk to a specific congregation interested to hear God’s Word from me (sometimes I get invited to speak to other audiences, too) and they usually nod their heads in agreement with what I say. 1,398 more words


Mental diseases (2 of 3)

Again, take such persons as are conspicuous for what may be termed obstinacy, stubbornness, self-righteousness and all the other facets of a certain conceptual rigidity, a blind sticking to a certain system of concepts; in their case we should try to ascertain the state of the liver process. 65 more words


"I Want What I Want"

“Stubbornness is an unintelligent barrier, refusing enlightenment and blocking it’s flow.”

Those words grabbed me this week.

They are the words of Oswald Chambers in his devotional…

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I was standing out on the back deck looking at the yard and thinking about what really needed to be done to it. The old rickety garage that will some day fall down has weeds growing all along the side that really should come down, but Sam, the guy that mows and weed-eats for us can’t get to them because I have old wood from the tomato plant and pots and other gardening stuff scattered along there, making it impossible for him to get to the weeds. 451 more words


Confronting our Inner Pharisees

2nd Sunday after Pentecost; Lectionary 9B (Proper 4B)
Texts: Deut 5.12-15; 2 Cor 4.5-12; Mk 2.23-3.6

As I read this story, the detail that sticks out most to me is not the healing of the withered hand, or the way Jesus interprets the law about keeping the Sabbath, but the very last verse: the Pharisees immediately began plotting with the Herodians to destroy Jesus. 1,575 more words


Living History

will always fight being herded like others. fierce independence & power of convictions comes from somewhere. reading – and living! – history’s a part of it.

Right Brain