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When Patience Runs Out

This morning at about 9:30, my patience ran out. Now, as a teacher, having your patience run out that early in the day is a huge problem. 735 more words


The Point

Dominant Hand: I don’t think I even know what acceptance means.

Loving Kindness: Look at that sentence, sweetie. ‘Think,’ ‘know’ & ‘means’ are what’s keeping you from acceptance. 17 more words

Right Brain

Only If You’re Silent Will I Love You 🔊


Bodies merging
Euphoric happiness
Loving confirmations
Minds connecting effortlessly
Talk of dreams and future

How could this possibly not be right?

You move in… 896 more words

Poetry Stories

Ears open, heart closed

My nail polish was looking somethin’ awful – we’re talking middle school teeny-bopper, half chipped off and desperately needing a change, a certain no-no for adults. 1,152 more words

This Is Life.


One thing she should warn you:

she was born stubborn as hell.

Most human

beings are: to get that far they

really have fought enduring… 50 more words


Poem of the Week: Memo from the Media

Memo from the Media
April 11, 2016

Say our industry works in ways that are funny,
But to Hell with quality. It’s all about the money, 407 more words


The Longevity Prayer

Dear God,

Grant me Temerity to reject the things that I find strange,
Courage to change as few of my opinions as I can,
And Cynicism to know who’s normal and who’s different.

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