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"With your help, Lord, I’ll fight”

Mary’s humble song of joy, the Magnificat, recalls to our minds the infinite generosity of the Lord towards those who become like children towards those who abase themselves and are sincerely aware that they are nothing. 266 more words

01 Daily Meditations

My journey to a happier and better life

Life can be something very difficult to deal with, it throws things at you that you start to think you can’t handle but that is completely wrong. 282 more words


Blog Challenge: Day 49

Day 49.  My greatest weakness.

Probably my stubbornness. I’m very stubborn, and when I get mad I just shut down and refuse to talk about it, or whatever was bothering me. 37 more words

Tooth and nail

In my class we were told a few days ago that in the third year of university, once we submit individual game design documents (design documents for game projects we each want to see made) and complete the second year, two of the design documents will be chosen by the lecturers as the basis of two major projects for which the entire class would be divided into two groups each working on one project. 359 more words


So yeah... Love?

I have always been really fascinated by love or more specific finding a partner. Love for and from your family and friends is something that should not be taking for granted, not even for one minute, but in this post I am going to write about love of the romantic kind. 665 more words


Annoying Stubbornness? or Living Who I Am

Still in my own life and reality, among the people I am surrounded by, there are this type of people who try to control every tiny part of what I do or speak, which is annoying and truly frustrating to me. 317 more words


Strange Disobedience

Tuesday, January 5, 2016.

Proverbs 29:1
Strange disobedience brings strange no remedies.

Lesson: Strange disobedience always attract strange punishments. In the army it is so strange that no one is above the law. 281 more words

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