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try giving up

There are stubborn people who keep trying to give giving up a try.


The Lesson of a Sword

He never forgave her, not really.

They discussed it almost every week for over 50 years. They only stopped talking about it when he died. … 1,846 more words

That's Life

Week 33 Anna: Thoughts on BIGness in this Life

“…you are my rainbow to keep. My eyes will always be watching you; never will I lose sight of you.”
Vesna Bailey

She was the easiest of my pregnancies…the only hint of changing hormones in those early weeks was the craving for a McDonald’s cheeseburger and a gallon of milk – both of which I would never eat under “normal” circumstances. 425 more words


The Pain's Worth It

Last night, I did something extremely stupid.

I was browsing through YouTube yesterday afternoon and came across this amazing workout that targets hips and thighs. I usually finish burning calories on the cross-trainer before I sit down on the laptop to type my book, and seeing as it’s never good to be seated for long hours without some activity, I decided this programme would help me a lot. 403 more words


A mule named Tom

Many years ago, when we were kids, my younger brother and I would fly kites. About the only place nearby to fly our kites without them getting tangled in trees was our cow pasture. 741 more words

Life In General

Meatloaf does not make anything better.

Yes, I am crying

and the onions can take the blame

This knife I hold is not a weapon

and while I have it I shall not speak your name… 78 more words

Quoth The Nut: Day 2

And so arrives Day 2 of the Three Quotes, Three Days challenge, or as I like to think of it, using the words of those wiser and wittier than me to take a vacation from thinking up anything clever of my own. 604 more words

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