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A mule named Tom

Many years ago, when we were kids, my younger brother and I would fly kites. About the only place nearby to fly our kites without them getting tangled in trees was our cow pasture. 741 more words


Meatloaf does not make anything better.

Yes, I am crying

and the onions can take the blame

This knife I hold is not a weapon

and while I have it I shall not speak your name… 78 more words

Quoth The Nut: Day 2

And so arrives Day 2 of the Three Quotes, Three Days challenge, or as I like to think of it, using the words of those wiser and wittier than me to take a vacation from thinking up anything clever of my own. 604 more words

Fun And Games


There is one topic I have been avoiding to write about since over two years. I have been mentioning about it in many posts, mentally drafted the post almost 500 times but somehow never have been able to publish it on the blog. 1,332 more words

Straight From My Heart

Falling Over

I remember during depression how, after an attempt of getting up from the bed, I landed in awkward and uncomfortable positions. Because I didn’t have enough energy to simply shift my position, instead I just collapsed. 52 more words

Diary Pages

Dear Me,

Sometimes it feels like you’re being overlooked. I know that high school/college/work can be tough, especially when you feel like transferring schools or jobs may help you in the long run and make you happier. 231 more words


Ask The Hitchhiker

Though we are not experts, we’ve caught several rides now. We crossed multiple borders, hitched into and out of cities. Rode with hitchees’ who didn’t speak our tongue. 323 more words