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Why must you weigh
So heavily on my mind
Constructing my thoughts
Absorbing my dreams

I cannot seem to shake you
Cannot focus on the other… 57 more words


Sleep and marital difficulties with small babies

husband is a very heavy sleeper and quite stubborn, I suspect the two traits to be linked. It’s been 10 months now and he hasn’t been proactively up once in the night. 140 more words

Mental Health

The Art of Cultivating Hope


Whew!! Finally got to finish this. This month started off with a blast of computer issues but nevertheless here we are. Thanks for your patience and understanding. 714 more words

Stubbornness: Can it be a Good Thing?

By: S.C. Ali


When we use the term stubbornness, we often use it in a negative context. According to Webster’s dictionary, the definition is, “unreasonably or perversely unyielding” or “justifiably unyielding.” I was speaking to a family member recently, and they told me that stubbornness doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad quality. 419 more words


Day 49: A Feather Floats

The white feather bounced from blade to blade of grass in the lawn like the round dot on sing-a-long words. It danced and swirled with every soft breath of wind. 364 more words

Fresh Mercies Daily

Make the Mule the Mascot

I once read a quote, I forget by whom, that suggested a writer’s most important quality, aside from imagination, is stubbornness.

My girlfriend often tells me I’m a stubborn prick, and I like to think I could give at least fifty percent of mules a run for their money. 585 more words


Clash of Wills

My daughter is extremely strong-willed. For those of you who have never met a strong-willed person, lucky you. Sometimes, they come off as selfish or spoiled. 678 more words