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The Stubborn Prophetic (Jonah reflection)

Jonah is an example of how prophetic gifts can turn on us when we operate contrary to God’s heart. Read Chapter four. 

We can rightly see and perceive judgment coming. 1,006 more words


Watching Creativity

you’ve always felt happy making cards, & powerful in a way. can almost pull back & watch yourself being creative. completely different ‘zone.’ encourage it.

Right Brain

16 Struggles That Only People Who Are Stubborn As Fuck Will Understand

When you’re a stubborn motherfucker, being right is like taking a massive hit of crack. And being wrong feels like withdrawing from a drug addiction. 1,067 more words

Stubbornness - Bish bash bosh

I am not afraid to admit that I’m a little bit stubborn, in fact, I’m really bloody stubborn. It’s no surprise that after marrying a stubborn man (yes we bicker(& yep, we sometimes full blown row), but who wants a boring yes man?! 482 more words

Week-End Writing trigger 3

Warren is a beautiful girl who would have been very successful but she has a
Problem – she is disobedient; she wouldn’t listen to her parents. 105 more words

Creative Writing

John 9: Against the Light

John 9Against the Light

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Adapted from a May 14, 2010 favorite.

In the opening verses of this Chapter, Jesus begins to explain that misfortune or disability is not a sign of our sin; it is only misfortune or disability.  499 more words


Arrogance and Stubbornness

Arrogance and Stubbornness

are a pair of ugly rocks

for a sane person

to hide their Life under!

by Don Bobbitt, 2016 40 more words