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If we didn't have tomorrow...

Have you ever stopped and wondered about all the things you would do if you didn’t have tomorrow? I started wondering about it when a friend asked what I’d do if Muffin weren’t ever able to be with me again. 101 more words


Anaheim, City of Weird Cops

As I waited for Muffin to get off work, munching on my dinner in my car, I witnessed one of the funniest things in the world! 237 more words


Flower Gardens

Cupcake was silly… she wanted to plant plants without knowing much about them. She didn’t know about potting soil, organic mulch, plants and sunlight… well, not much about it all, anyway… 75 more words


There are so many things about life that we forget. Something important is definitely the need for quality over quantity. I feel like my Stud Muffin is the Quality man and my weight, right now, is the Quantity. 57 more words


Tired, stupid dead sh#t farmer

I was knackered. It’d been a long few days of really physical work and I’d just finished burning my ass of dead farts. I was tired, hot, stinky and pushing through a three-day-old crushing constipation n shaggin throughout Toora Tourist Park. 233 more words