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We're confusing presence with actual work

The latest buzzword in student affairs seems to be executive presence. In short, it means gravitas. Can you command a room and inspire confidence in others? 456 more words

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3 Real Takeaways from Hulu's Fake Peek Into Residence Life

“Our lives could be a TV show.”

I can’t tell you how often I hear that remark from people at the office- and have heard it, regardless of where I’ve worked. 1,929 more words

paulgordonbrown reblogged this on @PaulGordonBrown and commented:

hulu-ra-adI was able to get a “sneak peek” at Hulu’s new original series “Resident Advisors” before it came out.  (Check out Klout which gives you freebies and perks according to your level of influence on social media.)  After watching the first episode, here are my initial thoughts:
  1. It’s not that funny.  I struggled to make it past 10 minutes of the first episode.
  2. It really has nothing to do with being a RA and it doesn’t care (not that I think it should).  Residence life is merely the setting. This could be any aspect of college life in the overdone “college movie” genre… swap greek life for residence life… an off campus apartment for a residence hall room… have it take place during spring break… etc.
  3. There *may be the opportunity for some video clips to use in RA training, although the parody is so over the top, it may be minimal.
  4. This series isn’t likely to last past the first season.
In my opinion, that pretty much sums up everything you need to know.
I also wanted to share this blog post from the always-thoughtful and thought provoking Amma Marfo.  Here’s her take:

Dear #sachat, we can do better

My fellow student affairs colleagues,

We (myself included) can need to do better. The time has come, my friends, for us to lead the hard and important conversations about our work, our field, and higher education as a whole. 520 more words

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Gratitude fuels generosity

Last night I went to bed exhausted. I slept for nine hours and woke up still tired. I was thrilled because it was the good exhausted. 698 more words

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The Kyle Bianchini Experience: Remember That Time I Broke A Diving Board In Half?

Welcome, welcome, everyone! Are you feeling down? Are you feeling like you need a laugh? Well you’ve come to the right place! Raise your hands if you know the story I’m about to tell! 1,210 more words

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2 Years Later: #SAgrad Student Affairs Stories From The Boston Marathon

It’s been two years to the day since the bomb went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2013. As I reflect on the events of this day, I wanted to re-share the stories of the graduate students who were in the practicum course I was teaching at the time. 351 more words

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The Kyle Bianchini Experience: Initial Reflections

I recently have read my fair share of memoirs. Books about great leaders for a leadership class, books by funny men and women detailing their careers in entertainment, a soldier’s struggles at home and at war, and a feminist fighting for gender equality by leaning into the conversation. 701 more words

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