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Challenging Senioritis as an #SAPro

“You’re not meant to do what is easy. You’re meant to challenge yourself.”

~Justin Timberlake

Sometimes being a #SAPro is difficult when your staff hits a “wall.” When I talk about a “wall,” I’m talking about crippling senioritis, doing the bare minimum, and struggling to push themselves harder. 452 more words

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#TheoristCrushTuesday: Astin's Theory of Involvement

I’ve been working on this exciting, and fun, project with my colleague Katie Campbell for quite some time! #TheoristCrushTuesday is a monthly series where we provide an overview of our favorite theories in the world of student affairs, whether the focus is in advising, student development, leadership, or the field in general. 570 more words

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Are We Being Effective? Strategies to Integrate Assessment Into the Work of Student Affairs Educators

It is rare in higher education that during a meeting, assessment is not mentioned. In the seemingly endless call for more assessment, higher education (and student affairs in particular) is struggling to increase assessment efforts to meet the demand from both internal and external stakeholders. 1,039 more words

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Building You Up

Yesterday, I had the privilege of heading back to my alma mater to present to some of the SAGrads about social media and personal/professional branding. 382 more words

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The Income Disparity In College Student Social Media Use No One Is Talking About

When I present to higher education professionals on college students and social media, I often begin by providing some basic statistics on social media platform use and adoption.   388 more words


The Secret Digital Lives Of Today's Rising Freshmen

This American Life recently posted a podcast called “Status Update” that delved into the online behavior of three teenage girls who were entering high school.   418 more words


Semester 2 Begins

This past week spring semester began. And man it sure did beat me up! By the time Friday rolled around I was physically exhausted and couldn’t of been more happier when I crawled into bed at 10pm! 178 more words

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