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Liberal Arts Education and Hope

In the midst of the vitriolic political discourse the United States is currently facing, there rages a debate as to the purpose of education generally and higher education specifically. 403 more words

Student Affairs

2017 Goals: Accountability

We are one week into the New Year already! Seeing as time flies I decided to get a jump on setting my goals this year and I spent the first week of the New Year doing so. 600 more words

Student Affairs

2017: The Year of College Student Activism and Social Media Organizing

The 2016 U.S. presidential election was one of the most divisive in recent history. In a recent poll by CNN, 85% of Americans reported believing that the country is more divided than in previous years. 676 more words


Rage Against the Gift Exchange

A newish co-worker leaned over yesterday in a meeting and quietly asked a question about the gift exchange my division does at the holiday party.  “I don’t play that game, I hate it.” I told him – perhaps a bit too bluntly because he looked at me like he had made a mistake or perhaps like I eat kittens for breakfast.   504 more words


The Beginning of Another Journey: My Religion Project

As a history major, I have always really enjoyed learning about culture and the people, places, and institutions that shape it. Perhaps one of the biggest culture molders in the world is religion and spirituality. 791 more words

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Changing Mindset

When I tell folks that I work with or interact with that I work with fraternities and sororities, their first question is almost always “are you affiliated?” to which my response is “no.” This short exchange is always comical to me as the reactions to my answer range from surprised to shocked. 410 more words

Student Affairs

Facilitating Dialogue: 8 Steps to Supporting People in a Post-Trump Era

Do you understand what this country has done in electing Donald Trump as President of the United States of America?

I do.

Donald Trump employed divisive fear mongering tactics to engage millions of people who are not happy with their lives by scapegoating minorities – women, people of color (especially Black and Latinx folks), people with disabilities, queer folks and trans folks (LGBTQ+), undocumented people, immigrants, Muslims, Jews…the list goes on. 1,989 more words

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