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Being API and an Activist

Yesterday I presented with my colleagues from the API Faculty & Staff Association on the topic “Why #BLM Matters to APIs.” The presentation was part of an annual conference called Change the Status Quo. 531 more words

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#Saturday Inspiration: Recognizing Your Importance to Those Around You

It’s easy to fall into a mindset where you struggle with self-worth, whether it’s in the workplace or your personal life. As humans, we have a tendency to get into our normal routines, we go through our daily challenges, get frustrated with mundane tasks like sitting in traffic or running to the grocery store. 497 more words

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Leadership in Higher Education Journal Entry #3

I read the reading assignment for today but there wasn’t anything, really, that I wanted to discuss from it. Instead, I wanted to talk about some of the agreements that we have discussed in class. 365 more words

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The Procrastination Paradox

Disclaimer: There is probably no paradox involved in this, but I can only think of titles that are alliteration.

When I was interviewing for my first time full-time job I was really excited about the use of co-created supervision rubrics based on individualized conversations with staff members and I used it in my answers. 485 more words

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Social Media and the Law

Imagine the scenario:
You post/ tweet/ message something about someone you don’t like (doesn’t matter if you use their real name or not). You get all your frustration out; even add a some witty sarcasm and a joke here and there… Then you press ENTER… 1,100 more words

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To post or not to post... That is the danger...

Nowadays, when something happens; it seems completely normal to post it on Facebook, Tweet about it, filter the heck out of it and publish on Instagram; and not think twice about the consequences. 669 more words

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Romance under the stars - Campus style!

Valentine’s Day… A day where all of a sudden, red and pink are THE colours to be wearing. The smell of roses is EVERYWHERE, and chocolate sales see an increase like no other holiday. 313 more words

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