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Bro Ties and Bow Ties: A Look at Male Relationships


Jake R. Goldblum

The issue of hyper-masculinity in college men is well documented. So, I’ll spare some space by telling you that it’s a problem up front. 834 more words

Behind every College Republican is a Democrat

Zachary Weaver
     Staff Writer

Campaign season is a turbulent time of year, with both Democrats and Republicans vying to woo voters for their respective parties. This can take some abrasive forms, with groups utilizing tactics that not everyone agrees with or supports. 1,619 more words


Reece Jones discusses “The Violence of Borders”

Aden Hizkias
   Staff Writer

Last Friday, Feb. 5, Professor Reece Jones, Associate Professor at University of Hawaii at Manoa, spoke at the Spring Colloquium in the Elliot University Center Maple Room. 649 more words


Saying Goodbye to Maryland

I started job searching again in January 2015 – not 100% intentionally, but a position posted at another institution that called to me.  Would have been an upward transition, living near Chicago, in a student center, still event planning… it was perfect.   894 more words


The D Word: When Words Lose/Lost Meaning

For those who are reading this, you have to believe that I mean well and I am not just some student affairs hater who has something to say about every term that we use in our daily work (although most SA lingo makes me cringe when it comes out of my own mouth or when I type it). 597 more words

Student Affairs

Five Things- It's February?

Does time really move faster each year?! Let’s get right to this weeks update…

ONE: Honestly, I hope this year flies by, because it’s off to a… 452 more words


The Case for Emerging Leaders

It can be incredibly tough to delegate. For many of us, sharing responsibility can be a difficult pill to swallow. Often times, it seems simpler to tack a project on to our to-do lists than to teach an emerging leader the skills required for them to complete it, and it’s always easier for us to trust ourselves than to put our faith in others. 888 more words

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