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Welcome Minutemen!

With training coming to a close for Student Staff members, next week means move-in. With our first batch of students coming in mid-week and our duties as graduate students starting Wednesday and Thursday it is going to be one busy weekend! 151 more words


'P' Is For Procrastination

Adulting Lesson: Finish what you start and don’t put off things you can easily do today.

Yea the letter P is back. So what?! The word ‘supply’ has two p’s and no one says anything about that! 338 more words

Home Life

10 Ways You Know You're Following a Higher Ed "Thought Leader"

Thought Leaders(™) are the glorious saviors of higher education. With their keen thinky-thoughts, we can transcend the mere mediocrity of our field. All hail the Thought Leaders of Higher Education! 605 more words

Tried & True: Training

It is a little cliché to start off a blog post or any sort of writing with a dictionary definition . . .  So, I made sure to give you this little warning that I am about to do exactly that. 1,125 more words

Student Affairs

Voices of Three African American Women on Gender Across Generations

I recently had the opportunity to facilitate an inter-generational conversation on gender with three African American women. The overriding assumption for the dialogue was that participants would represent multi-generational viewpoints on the questions posed, exploring, in particular, commonalities and differences in opinion regarding gender across generations.I will be sharing different parts of the conversation over the coming weeks, as well as some of my takeaways. 1,515 more words

Student Affairs

Higher Ed - Don't Change for the Hater, Change for the Student . . .

To say society is not in love with higher education is an understatement. A recent NBC News / Wall Street Journal survey found that Americans are split on the value of a college degree and even fewer, 39% of 18-34 year olds felt that a college degree was worth the expense. 762 more words

Possible Internship Idea with RMU

On Monday, I had a phone call with one of my old professors and the Director of Student Leadership Initiatives at RMU. We chatted about how he might be able to utilize me as an intern in his department, and that he needs to stalk to some of his colleagues at the student affairs fair that is coming up. 315 more words

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