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5 Questions to Ask a Student Ambassador if you Want to Look Like you Know what you’re Doing

This weekend was OUF (which stands for the Ontario Universities Fair, not the sound I make when I stub my toe around children and am trying not to swear) which meant I got to spend Friday getting paid to lure students to the Glendon booth with my wicked cool dance moves (those of you who know me in person know that I 100% did this and are already feeling the second hand embarrassment). 1,346 more words

Words Of Wisdom

Should Children Travel?

Whether you are a parent wondering if your child is ready for this amazing trip, a child trying to convince your parents (logically) to let you travel, or someone like me, looking back at the travels you had as a young person to see how they changed your life, this is a very important question to ask as the world becomes more and more global. 647 more words


"On the Plane...In a Daze": Celina's Scholarship Story

Celina Jaffe is an MA Dance Performance student at the University of Limerick who was awarded a full scholarship to study in Ireland from Go Overseas… 768 more words

Study In Ireland

Manchester Airport - June & July 2016

June (for July intake) and July (for August intake) saw an influx of foreign students wishing to attend summer school at the university, myself and Ynyr, another ambassador attended the Airport to greet the new students and get them safely onto transport to Glyndwr, these were 4 long days having flights arrive at different times during the 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays that we attended, this I loved doing, it was very nice to meet so many foreign students, some of which had never been away from home before, this must of been very daunting for them, hopefully Ynyr and myself helped to put there minds at ease during this brief transmission. 13 more words

Student Ambassador

In conversation with GLP Convenor, Susanne Moore

As the numbers rolled in from the latest election, it became clear that this was not a year for women in power.

Despite the leaps our national politicians took in electing a diverse crop of new MPs, from our first Indigenous woman in the House to a record six openly gay representatives, women now figure at one of the lowest levels of representation in the Federal Parliament in years, down five on the Government benches since 2013. 1,028 more words

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Virtually connected: A personal experience of an international PR team

AUT’s Postgraduate PRINZ Student Ambassador Catherine Mules (third from right) in Abu Dhabi for the commencement of her university project, GlobCom2016

The PRINZ Student Ambassador Programme  1,186 more words


Boohoo News

Good morning everybody, and happy Monday! (The irony of a Monday being ‘happy’ has had me in stitches)…

So I thought I would share some news with you about a new opportunity that has arisen recently, concerning one of my major faves in the fashion world – Boohoo. 119 more words