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How to answer the big questions – life as a Student Ambassador

As a Student Ambassador, you are asked a lot of questions by prospective students. Kim finds that the question he is most frequently asked is one he asks himself regularly and finds that his Ambassador role helps him to reflect on both the big questions and himself. 928 more words


Working Part-Time as an International Student in the UK - A Guide

Studying for a postgraduate degree can be an expensive business, and in order to have a little bit of spare cash, many students will get a part-time job. 780 more words

Life In The UK

My way to be TopAm Batch 3 (PART 1) Tips Included

Did you know? Tokopedia Student Ambassador known as TopAm is a representative of tokopedia as a university student. There are a lot of benefit become a TopAm such as Scholarship, Training, Company Visit, and Networking. 538 more words

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How to make the most of your GLP: final advice from the Session 2 GLP Ambassadors

During the course of Session 2, the GLP Team enjoyed working with our four GLP Ambassadors, Aditi, Fauzan, Hana and Ivana, on a range of GLP events. 657 more words

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A Reply to 5 Questions To Ask A Student Ambassador

Last week, fellow eAmbassador Rebecca wrote an awesome post about what questions to ask a student ambassador when you are doing campus tours or visiting open houses.   1,030 more words

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5 Questions to Ask a Student Ambassador if you Want to Look Like you Know what you’re Doing

This weekend was OUF (which stands for the Ontario Universities Fair, not the sound I make when I stub my toe around children and am trying not to swear) which meant I got to spend Friday getting paid to lure students to the Glendon booth with my wicked cool dance moves (those of you who know me in person know that I 100% did this and are already feeling the second hand embarrassment). 1,370 more words

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Should Children Travel?

Whether you are a parent wondering if your child is ready for an amazing trip, a child trying to convince your parents (logically) to let you travel, or someone like me, looking back at the travels you had as a young person to see how they changed your life, this is a very important question to ask as the world becomes more and more global. 660 more words