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Mocha Diffusion in Slo-Mo

I want to share a slow-mo video of an ERHS student who spent a great deal of time experimenting with a technique called Mocha Diffusion. The technique capitalizes on the acidic properties of things like vinegar, soy sauce, tobacco and even mouthwash. 107 more words

In Detritus Do We Trust

I live in a small college town that cycles with the currents of student life. This means that Fall is a busy time, with football games and the return of students to campus, and that Summer is a quiet time where the locals of our town enjoy pedestrian-friendly streets rather than the ones populated by texting undergraduates during the academic year. 445 more words

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“When the earth needs a drink, Mother Nature makes it Rain!”

There is something about the smell that lingers in the air after a rainstorm in the summer time… for me it is extremely calming and refreshing, and it brings back many memories of summers spent playing outside as a child. 487 more words

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Looking Beyond the Form

I’ve been doing some digital organizing this summer and came across an interesting piece that a student made a few years ago. The form itself is not very interesting. 145 more words

ERHS Ceramics Portfolios

I encourage you to explore some of the ceramics portfolios Elk River High School students created during the 2015-16 school year. This was a new project designed to give students a platform for showcasing their work beyond the walls of the school. 28 more words

north elementary STEAM birdhouse project

This past semester, I participated in a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics ) education project at Morgantown’s North Elementary School. Sponsored by a grant from the… 373 more words


Student Artwork: Combined Artists Project

Student Artwork: Combined Artists Project

This project was such an amazing project to work on. My students (grade 10: 15-16years old) created acrylic paintings (A1-A0) on either canvas or Fabriano paper, whereby they looked at various artists from different eras. 75 more words

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