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Children's World Map Competition

We love maps, and so does International Cartographic Association!

The 2017 Barbara Petchenik Children’s Map Competition is now accepting entries that fit with this year’s theme:”We love maps.” Organized by the International Cartographic Association, the annual competition is open to children and youth under 16 years of age.  177 more words

Classroom Ideas

Warm Fall Leaves in Kindergarten

Kindergarten just wrapped up their unit all about color and painting. In this unit they learned about four different color groups: Primary colors (red, yellow, blue), secondary colors (purple, green, orange), warm colors (red, yellow, orange) and cool colors (green, blue, purple). 87 more words


The Adventure Starts Here

Happy New Year! 2017 marks the fifth consecutive year that we’ll be partnering with DART on their annual DART Student Art Contest. This year’s theme is “The adventure starts here,” and what better place for students to be inspired on their own artful adventure than at the DMA! 50 more words

Community Connection


This sculptural project required my students (aged 16- 17 years) to think about how to create a sculpture using recycled/upcycled materials and how to create conceptual meaning through their artworks. 363 more words

Student Artwork

Combined Flowers

Oil pastels are a difficult medium to work with. However, they help make an incredibly bright and bold artwork. Artwork that has been done in oil pastel, I feel, is always much better to photograph and it makes the work come alive. 141 more words

Student Artwork

Pointillism Portraits


This project is one of those projects that tests patience, a skill that all artists should master. If, as an artist, you acquire true patience, your work will always be the best version of itself. 143 more words

Student Artwork

"Skrillex" by Symphony Hodge

Skrillex is one of Symphony’s favorite DJ’s.

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