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Monotype by ART140: Printmaking

Monotype is a process of rolling, brushing or wiping ink on a smooth plate, and then transferring the result to paper to create rich, painterly prints. 48 more words


1st Grade Draws People in Poses!

1st grade artists are expanding what they know about drawing people! First we reviewed what we learned in Kindergarten about drawing people using simple shapes instead of lines, like the example below: 70 more words


2nd Grade finishes their Cityscapes!

In my last post about 2nd grade, artists had started their New York at Night cityscapes by drawing their buildings and coloring a selection of windows with oil pastels. 66 more words


Kindergarten Artists invent new Flavors of Ice cream!

Kindergarten artists have been learning about shapes. For this project they first identified the different shapes they would find in a cone of ice cream (upside down triangle and semi-circles for the scoops) and then invented their own favorite flavors by mixing colors with oil pastels. 45 more words


2nd Grade creates New York at Night!

2nd grade artist have started their first project of the year: New York at Night! After reviewing what they know about lines and shapes, artists viewed pictures of the New York City skyline to get inspiration for a mixed-media painting of our dear city. 55 more words