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Rough Resemblance

Celebrating 80 Years of Forum Magazine

Established in 1937, Forum Magazine is a student-run literary journal that serves the City College of San Francisco community. Forum magazine is a reflection of the work, and the work is a reflection of a particular time. 244 more words

City College Community

MakerSPHERE and the Collaboratory Hub

Rotating Exhibitions show some of the work being done in the Library’s new MakerSPHERE one of three underway for the College’s new Certificate Program.

Check often to see new work! 14 more words

City College Community

1st Grade People in Poses!

1st grade artists have taken drawing people to the next level! In Kindergarten we focused on drawing people using simple shapes (i.e. oval for the head, rectangle for the torso etc.). 118 more words


3rd Graders Learn about Value, Form and Still-life drawing!

Over the past few weeks 3rd grade artists have been preparing for a still life project by learning about shapes vs. forms. They learned that shapes are 2D (i.e. 224 more words


Colorful Expression

By: Courtney McCreary

Howdy, friends!~

This week I wanted to show you two expressive paintings I’ve done in my classes over the past semester or two. 239 more words


Kindergarten Shape Monster Collages!

Kindergarten artists have been learning a lot about lines and shapes over the past few weeks! They have also been practicing some of the basic art techniques we will use regularly throughout the year including drawing, cutting and gluing. 44 more words



Serendipity (noun):  Finding something good without looking for it.

We did not expect to find Mickey Mouse sitting on a shelf at the Archives last week…but lo, we did. 63 more words