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Art Histories Remix (Art 7: creative project #5)

The students in Art 7 did an amazing job recreating some famous works of art. After choosing a recognizable artwork they researched the original piece to f ind out the title, artist, date and artist’s original intent. 121 more words

Student Artwork

Animal Zentangles (Art 8: creative project #5)

Art 8 students incorporated the elements of art including line, shape, and color to create repetition and pattern. They started by creating a contour line drawing of an animal (or object). 62 more words

Student Artwork

A quick look at GOLDEN Crackle Paste

GOLDEN Crackle Paste is a thick, opaque cracking material, designed to develop deep fissure-like cracks as it cures. The size and extent of the crackle pattern is dependent on many factors, including the thickness of application, and the environmental conditions (temperature, relative humidity and air flow) during drying. 269 more words