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Goals. This probably is not the first time you have heard someone mention goals and it probably will not be the last. For me it is something important that I need to layout and figure out so that I can hold myself accountable throughout the next year. 585 more words

Student Athlete

The Busy Life of a Student-Athlete: Off-Season

The off-season in the U.S. is a chance for you to try to reignite what is left of your social life, from the neglect it faced during the season in the previous semester. 445 more words


What To Do If You Don’t Have The Money To Study In The United States: Scholarships

A major problem that you may face when trying to secure a position, as an international student at a school in America, is how you will fund your time there. 483 more words


The Busy Life of a Student-Athlete: In-Season

Ever wondered what being a student-athlete in the U.S. involves? The goal from this piece is to try to get you to understand, to the best of my ability, what is involved in the day-to-day life of a student athlete in the United States of America, while they are in season. 730 more words


What do You do When You Don't Know What to do

Have you ever been stuck in translation? Almost like you’re walking around in a haze and not really aware of anything that is going on around you because you’re just so consumed with a certain issue or issues? 236 more words

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Lets Discus Some Things!

I have decided to start a blog of my final track and field season, so that when I get older I can actually remember, with detail, my final year as a student athlete. 772 more words

Student Athlete

What Lesson Is Really Being Learned?

Linebacker Davin Bellamy no longer is facing three charges against him, including an underage drinking and DUI charge. NBC Sports reported that the charges were dismissed due to the arresting officer being fired from the Athens-Clarke County Police Department. 239 more words

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