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Rocket Science

It is not… getting recruited, that is. It is not Rocket Science.

Here’s the deal… the concepts are simple, the actual “doing”, tends to be much harder.  626 more words


Olympics 2016 ~ #TeamUSA!

Have you been watching the Olympics this year? 

We are college touring (my son is a senior) and vacationing for the entire two weeks so I have only been catching the sports I love at the end of the day or via Sirius XM! 660 more words

Physical Therapy

Being an Athlete Has Taught Me More Than How to Kick a Ball

Post content spurred by the fact that I recently decided to end my official soccer career late spring, and am now realizing I won’t be participating in the fall season. 538 more words


The Journey: The Best Is yet to Come

They say the third time’s the charm, so that is how it will be. After finishing my two-month summer working hard with Coach Tex and Coach Blaine in Edmonton, I am now three weeks into my third year at the Central Arkansas and I look forward to making it the best. 175 more words


What Your Athletes Really Want From You

The week leading up to my retirement in May, a couple of teachers did a really nice thing. They encouraged students that were in my Strength and Conditioning class to write… 667 more words


The Active Play A.T.H.L.E.T.E.

The forth and final in the series: The Athlete and the Injury . . .

Here are some guidelines for the Active Play Athlete:

Accommodate your body… 416 more words

Physical Therapy

The Sport Specialized A.T.H.L.E.T.E.

The third in the series: The Athlete and the Injury . . .

Here are some guidelines for the Sport Specialized Athlete:

Allow for rest and recovery… 428 more words

Physical Therapy