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The Best Is yet to Come

They say the third time’s the charm, so that is how it will be. After finishing my two-month summer working hard with Coach Tex and Coach Blaine in Edmonton, I am now three weeks into my third year at the Central Arkansas and I look forward to making it the best. 175 more words


What Your Athletes Really Want From You

The week leading up to my retirement in May, a couple of teachers did a really nice thing. They encouraged students that were in my Strength and Conditioning class to write… 667 more words


Getting a Great ROI


Return on Investment..

Something all business/ finance experts are looking for…. what am I going to get in return for spending my X amount of $$$? 630 more words


Getting "Tough"

In a recent post, When Everyone Stops to Watch, I listed a litany of ways that having a Middle School (or High School) Strength and Conditioning class benefits your student-athletes. 403 more words



One of the biggest questions in the recruiting process is when do you need help. The answer is very simple. As soon as you get to high school. 141 more words


Benefits of going to a Small University

When I first graduated from high school, I felt that it was important that I went to a larger school. I could get a fresh start, meet lots of new people, and possibly get some quality teachers. 642 more words

Cleary University


I’ve been going back and forth about what to say (or if I should say anything at all) about this case and the system that allowed it all to unfold. 518 more words