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How to spend an active day in Sheffield

When you come to university it sometimes seems impossible to find the time to exercise and maintain an active lifestyle. What with lectures, deadlines, socialising and part-time jobs, often keeping fits falls to the bottom of the priority list. 492 more words

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My BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion trip to Copenhagen(Georgie)

As part of my degree, I recently went on a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark during the Fashion Week there. This is a trip available to Fashion Promotion students and one I was very keen to go on. 576 more words

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Varsity – we all know what that is, but what is IntraMural Varsity?

Every year, at the same time, Black and Gold starts appearing everywhere around campus and that means its Varsity time. Every university has a big rival, the University of York competes against Lancaster University in Roses, Oxford and Cambridge compete in Varsity and the University of Sheffield has their own Varsity against Sheffield Hallam. 374 more words

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Unsure about postgraduate study? Consider studying part-time!

It’s that time of year when dissertation deadlines are looming, and the pressure is rising with every dreaded question of “so what are you doing next year?”. 615 more words

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Location, location, location

Unfortunately, this article isn’t about finding your ideal summer holiday destination. Slightly less excitingly, it is about how to find your ideal study-space destination. For many people, finding where they are most productive can be a tricky and somewhat unsuccessful process, but it can be worthwhile searching around before you settle on just one place. 443 more words

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Kadidiatou: #NeverAgain

March 14, 9:50 AM

The room bustles with excited conversation. It seems as if every other desk has a poster on it, each resembling the other, covered with the words “enough,” “guns” and “violence.” A lesson isn’t exactly being taught, but the teacher at the front of the room pretends to babble on about the importance of fiscal and monetary policies in the American economy. 671 more words

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Did you hear about what happened Saturday at City Hall?

Saturday, 10th of March.

You might have been home, in your bed, or in the library studying or getting ready for pre-drinks and Poptarts, but, either way, if you weren’t at City Hall this last Saturday, then you should hear all about what happened. 894 more words

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