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Day 59 - The Construction of Millerville

Students in Holly Miller’s third grade class at Sand Creek Elementary recently got to experience how a real city or town operates. As part of their academic standards, the class studied the wide of variety roles that a community must fill in order to function as a town/city. 156 more words

Day 58 - The 2014 World's Fair, HSE Style

Who invented the traffic light? And…how do today’s high-tech traffic systems differ from those first simple signals? When did household mechanical appliances appear on the domestic scene? 194 more words

Day 36 - You Are a Genius, Part 2

In You Are a Genius, Part 1, we saw ways in which Genius Hour fosters creativity and student-centered inquiry in our youngest students. (If you missed it, visit HSE21 Shorts Day 35!) Today’s Genius Hour post–presented as a conversation with FHS English teacher Kyle Goodwin–illustrates the depth of student engagement, personalized learning, and 21st century skill development that exist when high school students are allowed to investigate their own curiosities in the context of English class. 623 more words

Day 9 - Fourth Graders Think About Change

Quality instruction requires students to think deeply and connect ideas, no matter what their age. Consider this recent example from Hoosier Road Elementary School:

My fourth grade high ability class is studying patterns of change in language arts. 103 more words

The Learner as Jekyll & Hyde

Teaching yesterday, and periodically at other times over the last 2-plus years, I have found myself in very interesting moments with my students. In those situations, I am not always sure where they are in their understanding of the course material. 1,457 more words

Streams Of Consciousness

The Power of Educational Epiphanies


Webster’s Online Dictionary defines epiphany as, “(1) : a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something (2) 602 more words


PSDW Reflective Journal

As an educator, who works with students who also wish to become educators, I have come to learn much from them as it relates to not only how they see the world but how I see their visions of it. 358 more words

Streams Of Consciousness