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How To Talk Your Teen Down from High-Priced Colleges (MainStreet)

“I want to go to University of Miami, because they have an awesome football team,” my daughter, then a junior in high school, announced. “Julie’s going there and I think I can get in, too.”

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The First Rule of College Financing (Wall Street Journal)

As a financial adviser, I’ve seen a variety of mistakes that parents and students make when it comes to missing ways to lower college costs. Some of the most common errors involve how and where money is saved.

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Avoid Losing Your Student Loan Eligibility (US News Education)

In addition to final exams, college students have something else to worry about this time of year: their financial aid for spring semester. While financial aid is generally calculated and scheduled in the fall for the full year, a student’s actions – or inaction – can cause that aid to be canceled for the spring.

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3 Financial Aid Mistakes to Avoid and Other Expert Advice (Grown & Flown)

Oh, January…college-bound seniors have now submitted their last applications and returned to high school for a final, emotional semester. While they turn their attention to a well-deserved victory lap, their parents turn their focus to financial aid.

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How to Choose a College Major When You're Stuck (Lifehacker)

Choosing a college major is a big decision that—if made hastily—can land you in an unemployment line, back in school, or working in a career you chose for the wrong reasons.

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What the Worst Colleges Have In Common (Forbes)

I’ve always felt you can get a decent education just about anywhere — community colleges, trade schools, the streets of Chicago.

But some colleges are better than others in getting you a degree and not leaving you high and dry in horrendous debt.

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Identifying The Worst Colleges In America (NPR)

For years,Washington Monthly has been rating and ranking the nation’s colleges. But for its 2014 edition, the magazine has done something new. It has put out a list of what it says are the nation’s worst colleges.

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