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Student Diversity

To ensure all students receive the proper education they deserve all educators must take into account the various learning styles of all children. Whether there are learning disabilities or not, every student must be viewed as an individuals and treated as such. 350 more words

Learning Styles

Different: John Le

Video shot and edited by Tafari Robertson

Tafari Robertson seeks to promote the wealth of diversity and creativity on the Texas State University campus.

In the first video of the Different series, Tafari talks to John Le.

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Module 3B: Taking in Teaching Skills

As an online teacher, or as a trainer, I always want my students/participants to get the best learning experience that they could get. I tend to think small of myself whenever I feel that I did not provide my students the knowledge and skills as well as the treatment that they deserve. 657 more words

EDS 111

3. Differentiation

  1. Differentiation – – The teacher acquires and uses specific knowledge about students’ cultural, individual intellectual and social development and uses that knowledge to adjust their practice by employing strategies that advance student learning.
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Developmental Stages, Student Diversity and the Importance of Feedback

All educational institutions, irregardless of location or type will have students with varying rates of physical, social and emotional, intellectual and communication and speech development, who will have diverse linguistic, cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds. 1,559 more words