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In the course of teaching world history the class encounters a snapshot of many of the world’s great cultures. Try as I might to educate myself about all of them I cannot escape that I am a white English speaking American. 549 more words


ISTE Standard 3 Lets Take This Global!

As globalization marches on the world gets smaller and networks expand. There are pros and cons to this as any might expect, but one outstanding benefit of globalization of communications is an interconnected learning community. 464 more words

EDTC 6433

Student Diversity & Context for Learning

E3 – Exemplify an understanding of professional responsibilities and policies. E3 represents responsibility and respect for your school, staff, and students. Having a meaningful understanding of professional responsibilities and policies is critically important for a new teacher. 535 more words

Proffesionla Issues

Principles of Hope: H1 - Honor student diversity and development

H1- Honor student diversity and development. To me this is an inherit job requirement for all future teachers intended to teach in today’s multicultural schools.  Students with varied levels of academic performance, cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds are the genetic makeup of today’s classroom.  268 more words

14 Principles Of Hope

Honoring the Diverse Ways Students Learn and Develop

H1: Honoring student diversity and development. Honoring student diversity and development means respecting that students are at different stages in the learning process and need varying levels of support in order to develop and be successful. 377 more words


P2-Practice differentiated instruction: Internship reflection

P2-Practice differentiated instruction: Teacher-candidates apply principles of differentiated instruction, including theories of language acquisition, stages of language, and academic language development, in the integration of subject matter across the content areas of reading, mathematical, scientific, and aesthetic reasoning. 332 more words

Differentiated Instruction