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Restless Nights

This has been one of those weeks where nothing has been achieved. I’ve been linked to my bed, a terribly uncomfortable cot-like bed with a mattress that has undeniably been used before. 230 more words

Student Experience

Lunar New Year Celebrations

We’d love to hear from our students who are out on exchange and how you might be celebrating the Chinese, or Lunar new year around the world. 44 more words

Student Experience

Time to teach....or time to research?

It has been a long time since my last blog, and so apologies for that and also, this may end up a bit of a ramble through some interesting observations since I set up this site. 777 more words

Law Programmes and student support at University of Limerick

The student-friendly environment at the University of Limerick, encourages students to explore, learn and grow, says Pavan Ramaswamy

I distinctly remember my first day on the campus at the University of Limerick… Attending one of the rites of passage, ‘open day’, I was here trying to make up my mind about where I wanted to study law, post my graduation in economics. 833 more words

Student Experience

They Say Being Disabled Shouldn't Matter: But It Matters to Me

Many people will only see my disability, but others think it’s a compliment to say they don’t ‘see’ my disability. Being disabled is such an intrinsic part of my life and makes things so different for me that I want it to be seen, but I want it to be seen in an honest light, not through personal misconceptions. 940 more words


Work Placement in the University of Hertfordshire

By: Regina Smirnova EBA14

“I completed my work placement as a Study Abroad Assistant in the University of Hertfordshire, in Hatfield, United Kingdom. I found the advertisement for this job published on the intranet of my exchange year destination, therefore I would advise to keep an eye on both Metropolia and Partner Institution publications regarding careers and employability. 661 more words


Student Experience: Jane Kelly

This post is part of the Student Experience series, which features current and former archives students as they reflect on graduate school, internships, and early career issues. 468 more words

Student Experience