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Collegetown Terrace Construction Update, 9/2016

Novarr-Mackesey‘s curvilinear Collegetown Terrace is one of those projects that’s so big, we can see multiple steps of the construction process at once. In general, the further west one goes, the further along the building is. 358 more words


An Introvert's Guide to Your First Day in Halls

So, I arrived in London on Sunday. I opted to stay in privately run student halls as this is what suited my needs best – I will write a more about the types of accommodation available and how to decide what is right for you later – and so moved in at the same time as my seven new housemates. 856 more words


Adaptation Phase: Dealing with Student Housing

Living abroad and having an intention to experience culture diversities are everyone’s dream once they have arrived, escaping from the comfort zone and searching for mutual understanding about the Western culture. 772 more words


Floating Shipping Containers May be Copenhagen’s Answer to Affordable Housing

The design startup Urban Rigger has just launched the first iteration of a novel solution for the housing crunch facing many of the world’s cities. And we mean literally launched—its first housing development, which will rent units for $600 a month to students, is a small barge floating off the coast of Copenhagen, Denmark. 345 more words


Study Tip!

Study Tip: Study and Homework Groups!

Never underestimate the power of your peers, especially when working through a difficult problem set or reading assignment. Dividing and conquering is an effective way to reduce your workload — and to make sure you understand the material. 9 more words

Housing News of Interest

First-time buyers are slowly re-emerging.
In Aug. 2015, 35% of homebuyers identified as first-time buyers; one year later, that has increased to 51%. But many still face financial challenges. 120 more words

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