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Letter to Superintendent Woods

Dear Superintendent Woods,

Welcome to your new job. I cannot imagine being in this position at this time, but you have stepped up to take the lead in Georgia’s education system. 781 more words

Positive Connections

“I can do…; I will do …” These two considerations indicate quite nicely how we make a tradeoff in our decision to start an activity or not. 391 more words

Teaching Methods

Reading Eggs


Reading Eggs Class Management

Date:Thursday 19th February @ 3:30pm

Today I attended a webinar on Reading Eggs Class Management. The session was valuable as it allowed me to see reading eggs fuller features because we were led through the system. 312 more words

RTC 08

An Ode to Transparent and Transferable Strategies

Oh, strategies. You seem like such a good thing to teach students. You help kiddos remember things, take shortcuts, and solve problems. Why am I learning about so many of the limitations you actually have, in terms of effectiveness? 466 more words


A Crack In The Ice

“Smart girls get ready for the future” – a slogan that could be well fitted at a school hallway or up on a bill board. When you see it, you immediately sense a person with an advice to give is standing around the corner. 292 more words

Peer Learning

Topologist's Sine Curve: connected but not path connected.

I wrote the following notes for elementary topology class here. Note: they know about metric spaces but not about general topological spaces; we just covered “connected sets”. 485 more words

Student Learning

Grad School TA-ing: Professionalism and Pedagogy

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

There are a number of things I noticed about tertiary (higher) education ever since I started being a graduate student. 665 more words

Chemistry Education