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An economist talks about graphs

Paul Krugman is a Nobel Laureate caliber economist (he won whatever they call the economics prize).
Here he discusses the utility of using a graph to understand an economic situation… 271 more words


Designing and Building in Kindergarten

By Mary Van Cleef, Kindergarten teacher at Forestdale

In our kindergarten class, we spent the first part of January learning all about Gingerbread Men, Girls, and Babies.  223 more words


Designing and Building in 8th Grade

By Betty Hyde-McGuire, 8th grade science teacher – Sandwich STEM Academy

Roller-coasters and the study of Physics naturally go together.  In the 8th grade STEM academy we have been exploring the transformation of potential to kinetic energy, and physically engaging in the exploration of material properties along with  the forces of gravity and friction by building our own roller-coasters.  40 more words

STEM Academy

Where these posts are (often) coming from

Yes, my office is messy. Deal with it. :-) And yes, some of my professional friends (an accountant and a lawyer) just HAD to send me their office shots…pristine condition, of course. 162 more words


Standard 3.1

(1) Standard 3.1 is: Demonstrating knowledge of the students; teacher recognizes the value of understanding students’ skills, knowledge, and language proficiency and displays this knowledge for groups of students. 404 more words

Student Learning

Perceptions of Effort and Intelligence Affect Student Learning

A writer and editor, Willy Wood serves as President of Educational Solutions International in Columbia, MO. Educational Solutions annually coordinates two conferences for teachers–the Write to Learn Conference and the Missouri Early Learning Conference. 172 more words

Willy Wood

Class Sizes

As a student at school my classes were small. My teachers knew me, and their doors were open to discuss my essays and lab reports. As resources have declined in recent decades, class sizes have got bigger. 414 more words

Student Learning