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My wife and I are in very different industries. Yet we both value the impact of networking. If students and teachers work together as co-creators, then the traditional supply and demand chain of teaching and learning is usurped by a networking approach. 227 more words

PTC 8 #17

Teacher workload vs. student learning

As teachers, our jobs are about supporting students in their learning and development. Teachers are constantly in service of their students, their students’ families, and their school community. 710 more words


Reflecting on Internship Performance Criteria 3.3 Component 3e: Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness in Persisting to Support Students

One of the biggest challenges in classrooms such as mine where there are a wide range of learning abilities is to meet the needs of all learners, regardless of their ability. 475 more words

To Here, From Where: Elements of Progress

Reflection is a powerful tool. Too understand if I am heading in the direction I want to go, I must look at where I have been. 479 more words

Who Am I?

4.2 Setting Instructional Outcomes

4.1 Setting Instructional Outcomes – All the instructional outcomes are clear, written in the form of student learning. Most suggest viable methods of assessment [1]. Any good lesson begins with strong instructional outcomes. 602 more words


Summer Math Enrichment Suggestions

Wow! I do not know what happened to the last ten days! On May 15th, I posted some suggestions on how to help your child/teen/student ramp up their vocabulary during the summer months. 1,274 more words

Education Today

2017-05-24 - Day 14 - 360 Math Collaboration Finals Review

State testing finished two weeks ago, warming weather, and multiple field trips all indicate the sun is setting on the 2016-17 school year. The looming giant of finals is the final hurdle many of our students are left with in ending this school year, and here we sit investigating this idea. 413 more words

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