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When Textbooks Become a Luxury

By Ann M. Pearson

At San Jacinto College, we’re very good at celebrating our victories, including high rankings in lists for graduating minorities and veterans as well as our status as a top 10 finalist for the prestigious Aspen Prize. 557 more words

Creating Real-World Learning Opportunities

By Renee Wright 

As faculty, we all strive for opportunities for students to use what they learn and discover in our classes in real-world situations. Recently, I stumbled on such an opportunity as my students completed an essay assignment establishing criteria for student success. 539 more words

#164 February 11, 2017

The time is here for fifth grade students…Book Ads!  One of the things I appreciate about the work fifth grade teachers do with students is that they work to develop higher level thinking skills and get them to dig more deeply into literature.   71 more words

Gratitude And Positivity

#131 January 9, 2017

Our student council has undertaken a new project thanks to Mrs. Jaffe and Mr. Wai, along with our Integration Technology Specialist Lisah Rhodes!  We’ve started a school “Channel 9 News” which is being shot with green screen and a news background!   65 more words

Gratitude And Positivity

#160 February 7, 2017

Learning, it isn’t just about what you get from a book!  Our school has been doing a lot of work around meeting the needs of students both academically and socially/emotionally.   104 more words

Gratitude And Positivity

#159 February 6, 2017

Our students have heard a lot about growth mindset and the power of YET.  I loved seeing this featured image in a tweet from one of my teachers showcasing the activity on the 100th day of school.   74 more words

Gratitude And Positivity

#158 February 5, 2017

What a great way to have students look at and investigate volume!  And how appropriate, after the Patriots had their big win!  I love how teachers are working to find ways that engage students and also make learning relevant and interesting.   40 more words

Gratitude And Positivity