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On Grade Inflation and Accountability for Student Learning

There is a lot of fuss about grade inflation at colleges and universities, but are we correctly identifying the problem or just a symptom?  I think that the real question we should be asking ourselves as educators is: What is the best way to measure and assess student learning? 329 more words

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Small Steps to Start Creating a More Positive School Culture

During my last reflection on School Culture Rewired, by Steve Gruenert and Todd Whitaker, I wrote a bit on the the characteristics of a positive school culture. 496 more words

Learning Theories in Education

Several theories of learning have been developed over time, however the three prominent learning theories in relation to education are behaviourism, cognitivism and constructivism, with connectivism being developed most recently due to the increase in the use of technology in education. 1,345 more words


Deliberate Teaching

One of the most successful and effective teaching method goes by the name of “Direct Instruction” short DI. (1) . But it has a bad press. 378 more words

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Learning Analytics Across the Organisation

We are happy to announce that Pauline Farrell will be presenting at RMIT University as part of our LTIF project. This will be our fifth presentation in our seminar series. 115 more words

A Summary of "What makes Great Teaching? Review of the underpinning research." Summarised by Christina Watson

As we approach the end an academic year and start to think about the new courses we deliver next year is it time to reflect on what great teaching is? 797 more words

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Characteristics of an Effective Educator

Seattle Pacific University has set a high priority on creating a program to not only certify teachers to work in a school, but to be effective, compassionate, and respectful of the student experience.   280 more words

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