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#54 October 24, 2016

We work hard to promote creativity at Fiske School!  I loved seeing these pieces of art created by our first grade students in the likeness of Van Gogh’s sunflowers.   87 more words

Gratitude And Positivity

#51 October 21, 2016

I love that my staff think creatively AND that their focus is on students.  The featured picture for this post is of a wall push up sign that my OTs have posted outside of their room.   85 more words

Gratitude And Positivity

#50 October 20, 2016

Every Thursday from 11:30 to 12:00 at our school, we have either Learning Buddies or All School Meeting.  This week, it was Learning Buddies.  The students love having the opportunity to work with younger students and doing projects with them in the classroom.   67 more words

Gratitude And Positivity

#49 October 19, 2916

Awesome day today for our fifth grade student council members!  They had their first meeting and were coming up with some great ideas.  I am so appreciative that Amanda Jaffe and Christopher Wai are willing to head up this group and help develop civic mindedness and school spirit through their work.   65 more words

Gratitude And Positivity

#48 October 18, 2016

Yesterday afternoon and last evening, we were lucky to combine two professional opportunities for both teachers and parents. During our staff meeting, we had Jessica Minahan working with staff on how to support students that exhibit and suffer from anxiety.   100 more words

Gratitude And Positivity

#47 October 17, 2016

This morning I was able to stick my head into a PE class where the kids were working with hula hoops.  Not only was it fun to see them participating, but it was also great to see students from our Intensive Learning Program participate as well.   74 more words

Gratitude And Positivity

The Next Great Hope for Measuring Learning

The long search for an answer to one of higher education’s most pressing questions led here, to the basement of a bistro outside Hartford.

What do students really learn in college?