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Tension, Misfires, Trigger Warnings & Civil Discourse

It can’t be missed, the challenges of civility in everyday discourse that have been heightened by the current election cycle. But politics alone haven’t brought about the issues of discomfort in verbal exchanges in the classroom. 952 more words

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#29 September 29, 2016

This morning I got to school earlier than normal to say some goodbyes to our fifth grade students.  They left at about 7:30 to go on their annual “camping trip” which is an overnight trip.   76 more words

Student Learning

#28 September 28, 2016

Today was the day that we did our universal screening, also known as AIMSweb.  This fluency probe is similar to others used by different schools and districts to get a sense of whether students may be at risk for reading difficulties.   83 more words

#26 September 26, 2016

After my post yesterday, I was thinking about our outdoor classroom area.  It is basic, yet, gives teachers and students an area to go out to read, write, listen, talk, and interact with one another.   71 more words

Student Learning

If I didn’t have this in school, I wouldn’t be here…


As a student, what I find the most helpful in my learning environment is one-to-one connection. Why connection? Don’t our students need flexible online schedules and prefer the anonymity that an online class allows? 430 more words


#25 September 25, 2016

It’s about that time of year again when our fifth grade students decide if they want to run for Fiske Student Council.  Such a great opportunity for them to exercise some leadership and to help make a difference in the school and community.   85 more words

Student Learning

#22 September 22, 2016

In case you didn’t know, yesterday was International Peace Day.  I’ve known about it for some time and as a result, worked to plan an activity with my art teacher to support having our students focus on peace and what it means.   113 more words