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An Exhibition of Learning

On Thursday, December 1 our students – grades pre-kindergarten through eighth grade – welcomed family, friends, and community members and engaged them with a snapshot of the learning process at the moment. 65 more words

Middle School

#85 November 24, 2016

We’re doing a lot at my school to show students that they can learn, and even in the face of some challenges, they can still learn and “grow their brain”.   91 more words

Gratitude And Positivity

#86 November 25, 2016

Here’s a screenshot of a class tweet from Slipper Day and a handful of tweets that were sent out from our students, some of whom were first graders!   119 more words

Gratitude And Positivity

#83 November 22, 2016

Several years ago we had an author in residence that worked with our students to help look at life in Africa and daily life in Lexington.   109 more words

Gratitude And Positivity

#81 November 20, 2016

We were lucky to have some visitors at Fiske over the past few days and we were able to share some of the work we are doing with them.   101 more words

Gratitude And Positivity

Disentangling Partisanship & Letting Rural America into Our Conversation

Written by Greg Stuart

I am not usually in the habit of writing about projects that are in-progress or incomplete. However, in the wake of the current upheaval our country is experiencing, I feel compelled to share a powerful and cathartic moment I had recently in relation to our two-year… 1,336 more words

Spotlight On Practice

Getting Stuck: On Threshold Concepts

Why do some students get stuck on particular disciplinary concepts? Why is it that this difficulty is sometimes encountered when the concepts seem perfectly straightforward to us as their teachers, or when other students in the same cohort  grasp them with ease? 2,224 more words

Higher Education