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Textbooks and lectures aside, what have I learnt about myself?...

Exams are over and I am finally free! Now I can actually have a break before second semester starts and I mean a proper break. Okay, I may have just had the Christmas holidays but with it being such a busy time of year and having revision to do there was little time to relax. 319 more words

Being a Vermonter in Europe

Saturday, January 21, 2017

While I was in Crete earlier this week, I had an interview for a summer internship. My parents and I happened to be in Lidl (a grocery store) when I got the phone call. 555 more words

Study Abroad

Balancing Academics/Student Life with the Spiritual Life... continued

I am amazed at the amount of people who search for answers about maintaining a consistent and healthy spiritual life while attending school. I am encouraged. 214 more words


My brain is aching from all the information overload.

Don’t  laugh! It’s the truth.

What is the Multiplier Effect? How is it related to the Marginal Propensity to Save?

How do you derive the GDP from the National Income? 586 more words


We are Making this Semester Better than Last Semester by Alvira Bonsu

For some, or even most, first semester was pretty rough. For me, I would say that it wasn’t easy because I started Full IB. For freshmen, they just started high school, and seniors had to focus on college applications while dealing with senioritis. 248 more words

Student Life

Healthy Eating on a budget

As a student, it is kind of hard to be healthy. All these “healthy recipes” involve fruit/veg that either a) I haven’t heard of b) I can’t afford or c) both! 516 more words

Student Life


A few weeks ago, I broke up from uni for the holidays and I realised that I’m now halfway through my time at uni (assuming everything goes according to plan). 859 more words