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Have you ever felt like your friends not being your friends?

Me? Yes, I did felt it.

It’s like they are just using you.I do seriously believe now the quote:

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Tim Jarvis: explorer, environmental scientist and WWF Global Ambassador

On September the 30th we were lucky enough to have a world renowned environmental scientist, Global Ambassador for the WWF-Australia, founder of 25zero, polar explorer, filmmaker and author, Tim Jarvis. 169 more words

The Update

The Street - Sketchbook/Samples Progress

I have made some decent progress in my sketchbook, however there’s still a LOT of development work to do. I’m not happy yet with any designs. 191 more words


Life After College

For the first time in 17 years I won’t be a student eagerly awaiting the return to school this fall. I won’t be complaining to my friends about how short my summer was. 422 more words

Emotional Wellness

"Take A Break": Hamming It Up In NYC (A Canadian Photoblog)

Hello friends! I’m communicating from Massachusetts at the moment, so I don’t particularly feel like writing 1-2000 word blog posts–I’d rather spend the time with Anna and Rachel in person. 49 more words

Student Life

Freshers Week as a Final-Year, Academented PhD

  • How are you all so young?!
  • I wish you the best in those years bridging youth and adulthood.
  • “Work hard, play hard” is, in short, the way to go.
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Site analysis

So, the inevitable happened. I got freshers flu. Yay. Aside from the 5 hour lecture we had to start off the term (and which I have every Tuesday and Friday), not all is bad. 201 more words

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