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How to do Christmas as a student

It’s finally December and now socially acceptable for the Christmas hype to start, not that anyone took any notice, it’s been dragging on since November (alright sorry, being a Scrooge). 343 more words

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Social media accounts that you must scroll through whilst procrastinating!

As I mentioned in previous posts, I am currently doing my dissertation and as much as I hate to admit it, whenever I decide to take a ‘short break’ (an hour minimum) I find myself scrolling aimlessly through social media platforms. 437 more words

Student Life

The stigma of disability

I have been in school for 16 years and I am still learning how to spell and read fluently. After years of tests and being diagnosed as dyslexic and disabled I have begun to believe that maybe dyslexia isn’t a disability. 363 more words


My Undergraduate Story - Time Management

Nguyen – As you know, I am a graduate kinesiology student. I’m going to talk about my undergraduate university story. Throughout my high school career, I considered myself as a bright and hardworking student. 303 more words


Student mingle event with the Board of Higher Education!

Hello and welcome once again!

After talking fika and organic chemistry,  I decided it was time to write more about student life at KI. And thus, today I’ll be talking about a small mingle event I attended with the board of higher education from KI! 324 more words

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Team captains lead in tough times, too

By Lacey Nicholson

Being a leader on a team with a losing record will mold you into a stronger individual later in life. The title “team captain” looks great on a resume, but every captain is different in how they handle times of adversity. 201 more words