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How To Build Good Credit As A Young Person

One of the first steps to true independence is developing a strong sense of financial responsibility. The moment you start earning any money at all is the ideal moment to learn about money management, budgeting, and the importance of good credit. 694 more words

First-Time Homebuyer

5 Books that Changed My Thinking:

In this short post, I will discuss 5 books that have changed my thinking in different areas of my life.

Note: There is no affiliate marketing or promoting of any product in this post. 1,229 more words

Student Loan

The stressed employee turned happy

In this fast paced world it seems everyone is stressed out. Let’s face it, there is quite a bit to be stressed out about. Everything moves faster, happens quicker and costs more. 402 more words

Book Review: The Assistants

“The problem is that nobody talks about what they make. It’s shame disguised as humility. Screw that. I’m a thirty-two-year-old assistant and I make $30,000 a year.”

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Self Care

Forgiving all US student loan debt sounds amazing. Here's why it's a terrible idea

The United States economy faces many challenges, but student debt isn’t one of them. It’s true, total outstanding student debt is $1.26 trillion, far larger than car loans, which are $1.1 trillion or credit card debt, weighing in at $0.73 trillion. 589 more words

41% College Graduates admit to no emergency savings

Yes, you read that right. Almost half of all college graduates surveyed by USNews admitted to not having any savings for emergencies. I had always been told you should have enough in savings to cover an emergency like a car repair, so for example a nice round number like $1000 or $2000. 376 more words