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On Technical Training

The other day I read an article about how computer programming, coding, and design are the jobs of the future, and that there are a great deal of job openings in these areas throughout the country because the population doesn’t have the skill set to fill these jobs.   345 more words

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Good News/Bad News: Percentage Of HBCU Graduates With Debt Drops But Debt Loads Increase

By William A. Foster, IV

Debt is the slavery of the free. – Publilius Syrus

A follow up to our internal study two years ago on HBCU student loan debt shows a “good news, bad news” situation for those graduating from HBCUs hallowed grounds. 976 more words


The US government holds more than $875 billion in student loan debt

This post has been corrected.

Americans are taking on new debt at a strong pace—7% more than last year, according to the Federal Reserve. But one statistic that sticks out, particularly in chart form, is the student debt held by the US government. 173 more words

College, but at what cost?

Any long-time reader of this blog knows that we think preparing students for the academic rigors of post-secondary education is a critical ingredient in the college success equation. 269 more words

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Salary is just a number!

For about a year and a half between corporate jobs, I worked with my husband in real estate – specifically, rental real estate. We worked for a tenant placement and property management company and we helped homeowners find tenants to live in their properties. 455 more words

How can Varsad help in perpetual learning

Getting a high school education used to be a norm in the US, few decades ago. However, things have changed significantly. Today a bachelor’s degree is such a norm that to stand out one needs at least some form of advanced degree. 482 more words

Saurabh Ajmera


March 31, 2015.  A date that will forever be remembered by me as the day that I am student loan debt FREE!

Commence the dancing! 24 more words