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How to Plan for the Financial Security of Your Family

Guest writer for The Hanley Home Tea Blog – Jackie Waters

As a parent, from the day your baby comes bursting into the world, you are going to want what’s best for them. 787 more words

Busy, Yet Productive: $41,507.06 Paid, $43,801.01 Till Pay Off

It Feels Like Forever:

Hi everyone! This post feels long overdue. Work has been very busy and having things to do at work is job security. 499 more words

Student Loans

What My Tax Refund Says About My Spending Habits

I get excited when it’s tax time (yah I know).  In completing my tax return for 2016, I started wondering how I spent my tax refunds over the last decade.  1,011 more words


Student Loan Debt: An Entrepreneur's Worst Enemy?

Have student loans? You’re not alone. It is estimated that the average student loan debt for 2016 college graduates from a 4 year institution  is $30,000. 978 more words


10 Very Good Reasons Why You Should Attend #NACBA25!

There are too many reasons for us to list on why you should attend NACBA’s 25th Annual Convention, but we’ve come up with 10 very good and even fun reasons why you should be at the magnificent Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, May 4th-7th in Orlando, Florida! 434 more words

Student Loans

Night of the Racketeers

I don’t know about you, but much of the time these days I am wading through the hip-deep mud that emanates from the White House. Leaping from the delirious unraveling going on, composting social and political structures and identities into an activist’s view, to a critique of the dominant social, economic and political dynamics seems important, but in reality only seems to provide temporary respite. 1,739 more words



I just read an article where the Ohio ACLU http://www.wral.com/aclu-asks-ohio-city-to-stop-charging-drug-overdose-survivors/16610880/ wants people who use drugs and overdose, which cause others to rush to save their lives by administering medical help . 590 more words