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20 best law schools for avoiding six-figure student debt

If you’re considering a career in law, you’re probably looking at the most affordable schools to minimize law school debt – and you should.

A new Student Loan Hero study found that by the time law school students graduate, they owe an average $111,752 in student loans. 2,627 more words


Degree Price Tag

How much Student Loan Debt is too much?

As I ponder my next steps past my Bachelor’s degree, my husband is getting sticker shock. I understand that higher education in America has a hefty price tag. 310 more words


The State of American College Students | Richard D. Wolff

Exorbitant college tuition rates and high-interest student loans may lead to anything but the American Dream. To avoid economic disaster, American students are looking for other ways to pay for college. 138 more words


Distressed borrowers say student debt help was anything but

David Lynch, Bartlett, New Hampshire

Social worker David Lynch recalls hearing a radio commercial a few years ago from a company that promised student loan forgiveness for people like him employed by nonprofits. 1,557 more words


7 best strategies for paying off medical school debt

You don’t make it through medical school and residency without a passion for researching and practicing medicine. But the promises of a lucrative salary and financial freedom are also an undeniable draw to the profession. 1,987 more words


House Hunting: $42,701.83 Paid, $42,606.24 Till Pay Off

Hard At Work & Daydreaming

The past four months have been packed with stress. However, I am thankful the stress is due to new and exciting developments: new jobs, our daughter starting preschool, and house hunting. 331 more words

Student Loans

[-$72,452] Student Loan Conqueror?

Hey Peeps!

Time seems to be flying by. I’ve been on an information diet for the last two weeks and feel a lot better. Really. If any world shaking event happens, I’ll hear about it from other people. 456 more words

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