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Somebody Explain Why Degrees Costs So D#mn Much, Please?

I don’t think a degree should cost as much as a mortgage, but I do know people whose student loan payments are equivalent to their rent. 120 more words

Grad School Debt

Recharged – February Report Card

Total Paid: $11,230.65

Total Student Debt: $56,383.45

February Update

I’ve discussed my financial plan in detail in other posts, but here’s the short version . I’m hoping to pay off my car and student debt in less than five years. 362 more words

Federal Student Loans

Be careful when choosing to go in debt.

I really have to sleep, but I was just reading stories of people with huge amounts of student loan debt and it really makes my head spin. 524 more words



I attended college for four years…and never graduated. I dropped out of college.

After my six months grace period, the student loan payment bills came flying in. 654 more words

Debt buster: Requiring every student to work for reduced tuition

Year after year, colleges keep raising their rates. Paul Quinn College is bucking that trend. The small liberal arts school in Dallas, Texas is not only lowering tuition, but making it dramatically easier for students to pay. 726 more words


Current, Former Corinthian College Students Go On "Debt Strike," Refuse To Pay Private & Federal Loans

With for-profit educator Corinthian Colleges Inc. selling off campuses and closing schools, thousands of Everest, WyoTech, and Heald College students are waiting to learn the fate of the more than $1 billion in private and federal student loan debt used to finance their education. 805 more words