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America's Student Debt Crisis

Millions of Americans who went to college are now crippled by their student loans. “Debt is the first thing I factor in all of my decisions,” says Jessie Suren, who graduated with a criminal justice degree and is struggling to pay off her debt. 185 more words

Student Loan Debt

6 Legit Ways To Lower Your Student Loan Payments

Like millions of other Americans, financial journalist Janet Alvarez was laid off from her job in 2009. She decided to ride out the recession by pursuing her MBA, racking up six figures in… 1,508 more words

Student Loan Debt

11 Numbers That Will Terrify You Into Saving For Retirement Right This Minute

It can be tough to save for retirement when it is still decades away. It’s apparently even tough for older workers who are on the verge of retirement. 1,161 more words

Student Loan Debt

Of course US birth rates are falling this is a harsh place to have a family

The US is one of only four countries in the world with no government-subsidized maternity leave while 36% of the workforce are contract laborers with no access to benefits… 861 more words

Student Loan Debt

Brown To Eliminate Loans To Help Students Graduate With Less Debt

Brown University announced Thursday that it will no longer provide loans, only grants, in an effort to help students graduate with less debt.

Starting in the fall of 2018, all students who receive financial aid from the Ivy League university will… 728 more words

Student Loan Debt