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The student loan tip saves you money year after year

You don’t usually think of your student loan lender as a source to save you money. But by signing up for automatic payments today, you could land a discount and put money back in your pocket. 752 more words


Christian Rapper Dee-1 Helps People Pay Off Student Loans After Getting Out of College Debt Read

After paying off his own student loans, Christian rapper Dee-1 has helped five people do the same by making sure their student debts have been cleared. 76 more words

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Invest or Pay Off Debt: Which is best?

It’s a highly debated topic among many financial experts. What should I do with my extra money? Pay off debt or invest it for retirement? Both sides have great points that need to be addressed so that you can make the best decision for you and your situation! 527 more words


Comparing Costs

By Anna Landsverk


    In an atmosphere fraught with change, many news outlets are scrambling to cover the most recent developments.

    However, the long-term realities and plans of the Trump administration are just as important. 1,500 more words


The Weekly Vent: Grifters on Campus

Since his inauguration, Donald Trump has dominated news cycles with chaos. It was easy to miss his new task force charged with deregulating higher education. The leader is Jerry Falwell, Jr., president of Liberty University.

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February 2017: Debt-Free Break Down

Loan: $Total debt – $Monthly payment = $Total balance

Student Loan: $10,071.47 – $10,071.47 = PAID OFF!!!***

Discover Credit Card: $2,196.69 – $55 = $2,141.69… 394 more words

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Millennials wonder: 'Where's my money going?'

Millennials could be risking their financial future as they craft ways to tackle their student loans, car payments and credit card debt.

New research indicates that many are overusing credit cards, racking up fees with late payments or overdrawing checking accounts and in some cases even taking loans against 401(k) plans. 1,372 more words