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Stressing about everything

A lot has happened since last we spoke….. Or since last I spoke I suppose…. My car broke down on the way to my camping trip, so I was all anxious for nothing because I wasn’t even able to go. 226 more words

Too Many Law Students, Too Few Legal Jobs


AUG. 25, 2015
WILMETTE, Ill. — Ten months after graduation, only 60 percent of the law school class of 2014 had found full-time long-term jobs that required them to pass the bar exam. 839 more words

Student Loans

Trying to Get It Together (In Your 20's)

At sixteen, everyone wants to be eighteen. At eighteen, everyone wants to be twenty or twenty-one. Then, ironically, when you hit, say, twenty-three, you go back to wishing nap time was an actual thing, and not something that happens on your lunch break. 1,061 more words

A Video Critique of Subsidized College


It is often asserted that government student loans make education more affordable or that government funding is essential for thriving university programs. If these assumptions are true, why is education getting more expensive? 39 more words


Goodbye, Child

Oldest Child leaves for college tomorrow. It’s sort of surreal at this point. We’ve been preparing for this well over a year now: college campus visits, approximately 10,000 pounds of college mail, discussions, decisions, scholarship applications, letters of recommendation, buying room supplies, money discussions, rule discussions (no burning couches!), the list goes on. 859 more words

A Letter to Libby Nelson

Here’s an email I sent to Libby Nelson, a reporter for Vox:

To Libby Nelson

August 28, 2015

Dear Ms. Nelson, 

You posted a brief article on Vox today titled, “ 431 more words

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6 Ways To Save Money In College

Saving money while you’re pursuing post-secondary education is probably the hardest thing to accomplish. I don’t mean saving money for retirement, or saving money for a big trip that summer (unless you find it worthwhile). 648 more words

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