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Best Jobs For Student Loan Forgiveness

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For some jobs, the perks go beyond annual salaries and 401(k) plans. Some career fields actually help employees with their student loans through federal debt student loan forgiveness programs or company-sponsored repayment packages. 18 more words

This one is for the dreamers

I have always been a dreamer.

Growing up, my childhood was filled with imagination. Through the books I read, the movies I watched, and the make-believe games I played, I lived many lives. 958 more words



Student debt is a big problem in the United States today. 54% of young workers report that right now, paying off student loans come before saving for retirement. 118 more words


Start Figuring Out my Student Loan Situation

Back when I decided to return to school, I wasn’t in the greatest of headspaces. I’d just gotten out of the RCMP with all the baggage that was attached to that, and had been working for the Edmonton Police Service in a much less stressful role, but one that still dealt with some pretty gruesome stuff on a day to day basis. 383 more words


Many Millennials still live at home

The Census Bureau reported that latest figures show 31 percent of Millennials live at home with their parents vs 27% who live with their spouse. The Millennials are those folks between 18 and 34 years of age. 115 more words

Participation Trophies

Don't make student loan problems even worse -- Opinion

President Barack Obama’s Education Department said defaulting borrowers who quickly got their federally guaranteed student loans back on track couldn’t be slammed with a 16 percent collection fee. 49 more words


Student Loans Expose

Having difficulty in paying off your Student Loans? Calm down by following the guidelines on “Student Loans Expose” with some extra for fun. This book provides some insights of leverage your student loans if needed. 44 more words