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Estimating Post-Graduation Loan Burden

For many teenagers, it’s difficult to understand the true burden of student loans. For someone whose primary source of income has been mowing lawns, the average college graduate starting salary of… 282 more words

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Opinion | What the Working Class Is Still Trying to Tell Us - David Brooks, The New York Times 9-9-18

This is an article well worth reading in total. I think it makes some excellent points. While our policy makers focus on more subsidies for college i.e. 307 more words


Let's Talk About Student Loans, Baby!

College was drilled into my head as a child, so much so that I ended up reading and comprehending college textbooks by the age of ten. 1,469 more words

Student Loans: A Necessary Evil

We get it. College is expensive and loans can be confusing, resulting in stress and anxiety well before you even graduate. If you are considering student loans to help fund your education, know that you are not alone. 591 more words

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What is Public Service Loan Forgiveness? And How Do I Qualify to Get It?

This piece was originally published at The Conversation.

The first group of borrowers who tried to get Public Service Loan Forgiveness – a George W. 938 more words