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Taxing College Endowments

Here in Massachusetts, Democratic candidate for governor Jay Gonzalez proposed taxing college and university endowments exceeding $1 billion. This position is brewing backlash from many in higher education who see the proposal as unfair to schools who use these endowments for financial aid and scholarships. 200 more words

How To Budget Like You Live in N.Y.C and Can't Afford To

New York City is one of the most expensive cities to live in the world. It’s a fabulous place with lots of life and love and things to do, but it also comes with $6 for a gallon of milk and $8 for cereal (God-bless you Trader Joes- you have reasonable prices and delicious food always). 411 more words


Monthly Report, September 19th 2018 edition

Hi ya’ll, hope everyone’s doing well as I’m finally on-time with one of these. I’ve slacked off the last few months and been unable to post these on the 19th. 424 more words

The truth about college debt

Whether you’re planning to attend a four-year private institution or your local community college, money plays a huge factor – specifically, student loans and the ability to pay them off. 438 more words

All you need to know about Student Loan In India

Higher studies are the milestones that help you move upwards on the ladder of your career growth. Choosing the country in which you want to take up further studies is the next crucial decision you will make in your professional development. 679 more words

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