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Why A Student of Knowledge Fails In Seeking Ilm

A scholar of the past mentions two reasons why students fail to progress in seeking Ilm:

  1. Due to intellectual incapability. This person asks Allah for help.
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The Description of the Seeker of Knowledge - (9th October 2016)

Muhammad Ibn AbdulWahhab رحمه الله began his book Al Qawaa’id Al-Arba’a with the following Du’aa’ and Sheikh Salih Al Fawzan explained it. From it, we can deduce the description of the student of knowledge: 1,286 more words


Introduction: The Importance of Tawheed- (9th October 2016)


The most important thing a person should focus on when studying ‘Aqeedah is Belief in Allah. If you spend your entire life studying the names, attributes, and actions of Allah, and die upon it, it will be sufficient for you to enter Paradise. 1,840 more words

Allah's Names And Attributes

Visiting Mount Thawr or the Cave of Hirā

Shaykh Rabee Ibn Hādi al-Madkhali was asked the following:

Question: What is the ruling on climbing Mount Thawr or the Cave of Hirā , simply for the purpose of viewing and having knowledge of the places which the Prophet ﷺ visited? 639 more words


The Intention of the Seeker of Knowledge - (25 Sept 2016)   


Sheikh AbdulRazaq Al Badr advised the Students of Knowledge saying:

Imaam Ahmad رحمه الله stated:

“(There) is nothing equal to knowledge, for the one who makes his intention correct (i.e. 1,096 more words


Beware of Self Delusion (al Ghuroor)

Whatsapp Rabee Almaqaalih:

من مجالس شيخنا ربيع العامرة بالنصح والتوجيه

كنت عنده يوم الأربعاء بتاريخ ٢١|٤|١٤٣٣ من هجرة

نبينا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم.
وكان يتكلم على الغرور ويذمه ثم ذكر : 192 more words

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