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It is Necessary for The Student Of Knowledge to Follow a Path Of Righteous Good Manners In Giving Dawa’ - Shaykh Rabee bin Haadee

An Excellent Example

And we have in the Messenger of Allaah – sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam – and in all the Prophets of Allaah a good example.  483 more words

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How to remove jealousy between the students of knowledge - Shaykh Sulayman Ar-Ruhaylee

How to remove jealousy between the students of knowledge
Explained by Shaykh Sulayman Ar-Ruhaylee حفظه الله
Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee حفظه الله

Video Courtesy: Bilal Nahim

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The Forbiddence of Adhering Blindly to the Saying of a Scholar in Opposition To An Authentic Text, and the Severe Rebuke due Upon One Who is Guilty Of this

The Forbiddence Of Adhering Blindly To The Saying Of A Scholar In Opposition To An Authentic Text, And The Severe Rebuke Due Upon One Who Is Guilty Of This (Part I) 1,823 more words

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Manners of attending Islamic Classes in the West - Moosaa Richardson [Audio|En]

At the end of a recent 40 Hadeeth class (1436/07/22), Moosaa Richardson offers some important advice for people who attend study circles offered by students of knowledge in the West. 63 more words

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Tired…but, not quite ready to go to sleep.

You ever get that feeling, when you’re really exhausted, but just DON’T and quite can’t go to sleep because you have a million and one things rummaging through your mind? 165 more words