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Reflection of the Fine Arts Student Leaders: 3rd Rotation

Hello! My name is Alexandra Jeffirs and I am the second and third rotation Co Fine Arts Chair. This third rotation, I share this position with Olivia Martinez, a wonderful French Horn player. 299 more words

Student Perspective

Independent Inquiry: Isaac Islas-Cox Investigates Architecture

Isaac Islas-Cox, a high school junior, is well into his Independent Inquiry studies. In March we introduced the Independent Inquiry program thorugh Kari Wadden’s presentation on feminism and design… 1,102 more words

High School

Professor Expectations of Writing Assignments: A Student Perspective

By Mikal Cardine

Mikal is a senior studying English at George Mason. She previously worked with WAC to create disciplinary writing guides for student use. To reach her, please contact wac@gmu.edu. 1,324 more words

College Composition

Exploding Dots: Thinking Outside the Box in Math

James Tanton, a mathematician and educator, visited ASIJ on February 26th. During his visit, James taught High School students and teachers his theories on how to perform mathematical processes. 487 more words

High School

Learning from the Masters: Kyogen's Timeless Appeal

Tuesday, March 10 was ASIJ’s 38th annual Kyogen performance. Kyogen, with it’s nagabakama (extra-long pants), archaic language and smooth movements, has a 650 year history of relatable comedy. 779 more words

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UEA Internship Experience: Sales and Marketing

Matthew Everett’s Sales and Marketing Graduate Internship with Howard Nurseries – “Starting My Internship”

I was very excited to start my internship, it was a complete step in to the unknown and the first time I felt like I was going to be challenged in a job since graduating. 397 more words

Life of a Cross Country student

It’s bitter sweet every time I talk about my passion for running and people always say, “You actually like that?” Yes, I do. I love it. 934 more words