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A Beautiful Chaotic Family Holiday

As a freshman, you quickly realize that you have nothing figured out. You enter college thinking that acting like an adult will be easy, but are quickly knocked down when things aren’t as easy as they appear. 769 more words

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Poverty Walk- Student Reflections

Last week, Team Fink went on a poverty walk hosted by Network Coffee House as part of their Power of One inquiry block. It was an incredibly eye-opening experience that built empathy and community. 682 more words

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Ubi Amor, Ibi Oculus

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect on my first day of NSR. Up until the retreat, I had lived my faith openly and tried to attend as many Daily Masses as I could, but I still seemed to be lacking something in my faith experience. 730 more words

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Brianna's Blessed Break!

Please forgive the editor for the title. She’s a sucker for a good alliteration.

A couple of weeks ago, with about 10 days notice, I got the incredible news that I was going to get to see Papa Frankie, the most adorable human on earth, address a joint session of Congress in Washington D.C.! 615 more words

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KofC Conference Recap with Sam Esparza

Greetings fellow Knights, friends of St. Peter’s, and blog readers. It is your very favorite, friendly neighborhood Platypus Bear here to tell you all about the KoC college conference that Derek and I had the opportunity to attend this year. 655 more words

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Learning Excursion Reflection: The Great Sand Dunes

Our Great Sand Dunes adventure was truly phenomenal!  The students were well behaved, and I was truly impressed with the depth of learning, sharing, playing, and building community.  2,145 more words

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Poetry from Team Fink #standagain

Bring Me The Sunset In A Cup

I awake from my nap
Everything is crystal clear
The night is awakening
It’s almost here
The sky is orange with a sparkling glow… 619 more words

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