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Sacramental Advice

Luke is a Junior University Scholar from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is also Rector of the Awakening Retreat being held Spring of 2016. 

I arrived to Baylor a lonely and confused out-of-stater.  436 more words

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Joesph is a junior music major from Irving, Texas. He is also VP of the Catholic Student Association. 

The manner of how an individual approaches college will dictate the education they receive. 407 more words

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For the Freshies :)

WELCOME TO BAYLOR!!! Something you’ve doubtlessly heard about a jillion times, but there it is one more time!! I am so excited for you; you’re coming to an amazing school with ample opportunities. 1,239 more words

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Student reflections on Expiditionary Learning: Moab

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Last week our 6-8 grade students traveled to Moab for four days of expeditionary learning. Below are their post-trip reflections. Learning outside of the classroom is powerful! 1,639 more words

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Nepal earthquake hits close to home

Last week’s news was full of the devastating images of the Nepal earthquake, and you have probably heard Father Daniel mention Nepal in the intercessory prayers of the Mass. 756 more words

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The Beauty of God's Will: My Testimony of Discernment

I think one of the scariest questions a Catholic Christian ponders is the call to abandon all and follow Jesus more closely. When most people are asked their opinions on the consecrated, religious, eremitic life, etc., they immediately think of the “sacrifices” involved. 781 more words

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Tenebrae... What on Earth is It???

In 587 BC, the Temple of Solomon was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians. The temple had been first described to Moses. King David had conquered Jerusalem and made the preparations for its construction. 718 more words

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