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“Communism has never been tried”? Cameron Gosley

(Cameron Gosley is a year 12 student at Melbourne High School.)

One of the strangest arguments that I hear in defence of Communism is the mistaken belief that it has never been tried. 521 more words

Cover Crops For Phoenix??~ PS

Cover Crops truly help us farm, this is how!

         Cover crops are plants that is used to slow erosion, improve soil, make water easier to get through crops, smother the weeds, help control pests such insects and rodents and diseases. 43 more words

Being There: Student Post

Posted originally on Makayla’s blog January 13, 2016

I have a name. I want people to know it. I love being called by my name because that means that I am known. 187 more words

School Days

Composting as a class By Nina Atkisson and Ashley Burns

Students in 4th period working together to clean out old composting pile so that we can work as a group and learn while keeping our greenhouse, plants and vegetables clean and organic composting is our ticket to a lifetime supply of premium organic fertilizer. 36 more words

Advent writings by Anastasis Jr. High

Team Fink reflections and writings about Advent

My eyes open yet I see pitch black,
My feet are planted yet my muscles never move. 1,316 more words

School Days

Dolphin Reflections

One of the highlights of students’ semesters here in Kaikoura (and for us staff too!) is the times we have been able to see and even swim with the local wild dolphins. 329 more words

Study Abroad

Better Late Than Never!

I didn’t stay on top of documenting my projects through the blog throughout the semester, so I thought the portfolio I put together would be a good way to show what I worked on this semester – basically this is like 4 or 5 blog posts for the price of one! 134 more words

Graphic Design