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Farewell from the 2015/16 firms!

It’s that time of year again where students who have been working in the Student Law Office begin to prepare for life after university. Following on from… 469 more words

Clinical Legal Education

West Coast Walking


They make up the majority of communication among people. They have the power to make us laugh, cry, or grow silent in awe. I love hearing stories and if you spend a few hours with me you will quickly find out I love telling stories just as much (if not more). 1,454 more words

Study Abroad

Social Media by Ali Al Saif

Thinking of popular culture today is not an easy topic for me. When I think of a movie, I recall Troy, and when I listen to music, I like listening to Bob Marley. 654 more words

Spring 2016

Diversity In The Entertainment Industry - Andy Le

Topic Selection Paper

Throughout the generations we see in the entertainment industry having only white people as the leads in any form of entertainment. I would like to talk about entertainment correlating with popular culture. 468 more words

Spring 2016

Technology by Murtada Almohaimid

Attention of the media remarkably increased to consider recently given the state of the world in general from political events, social and economic require stopping and then follow the political processes forward step by step to find out the happenings and events that we are experiencing. 685 more words

Impact of social media By Abdullah Emsalim

Impact of Social Media


There is no doubt that the Internet was, and still has a significant impact on all aspects of our lives, and social media have become a major part of this impact portion; Since the beginning of the new century the Internet users become more and more every year. 552 more words

Spring 2016

Reality Television by: Ryann

Fifty years ago, the title of a celebrity was specifically reserved for pretty, skinny women and muscular, enchanting men. Examples of such celebrities would include Aubrey Hepburn and Marlon Brando. 515 more words

Spring 2016