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Horn Bills

If you don’t know what a horn bill is, here’s a picture. I have to warn you, I’m not a expert on horn bills. I have only seen them once. 148 more words

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All About Mark!

Hi! I am Mark but you can also call me Howard. My Myanmar name is “Than Toe Naing.” 86 more words

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About Myself


My name is Thandar Tun but I’m generally called Thandar. I am 13 years old and am the second child of my parents. 87 more words

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Good Night. Don't Let The Cats Bite

The title sucks, I know. Just don’t judge it because I hate thinking up titles.

I’m going to be explaining how sly a cat can get. 351 more words

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"Where an elephant walks, a path is created."

Purity. Wisdom and intelligence are the words people around the world describes elephants with. 291 more words

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Rabbits Are Cute. Who Doesn't Like Cute Stuff?

Rabbits are small mammals who have been loved for ages. They’ve been around since the stone age until now and have interacted a lot with people. 175 more words

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The Burmese Star Tortoise

“I have a top that leads me to life, but a bottom that doesn’t.”

This is a Burmese Star Tortoise that I, Tony have drawn. It is black and white because I’m too lazy to color it in. 170 more words

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