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A Self-Correcting Approach to Multiple-Choice Exams Improves Students’ Learning

Gruhn D., Cheng Y. (2014). A self-correcting approach to multiple-choice exams improves students’ learning. Teaching of Psychology 41(4), pp. 335-339.

The validity and learning potential of multiple-choice exams has been long debated in the field of teaching psychology. 685 more words

Student Postings

Global Entrepreneurship Week in Charlotte

When you hear the word entrepreneurship do you think of (a) start-ups, (b) small businesses, or (c) both?  Or are you not sure because maybe you were edging towards one answer but see the potential in another answer?  381 more words


ALR Student's Corner: North Carolina Workers’ Compensation: Law and Practice with Forms

Civil and criminal practice guides are astonishingly beneficial sources for both practicing attorneys and laypersons. Practice guides provide detailed information about specific areas of litigation, from annotations, to checklists, to fillable forms, to recent news about relevant legislation. 372 more words


Voter Identification Laws: Necessary to prevent against voter fraud? Or necessary to prevent Democrats from voting?

The right to vote appears 5 times in the United States Constitution – more than any other right prescribed in the Constitution. [i] Until recently, one of the questions a person had to answer in order to become a naturalized citizen of the U.S. 1,112 more words


ALR Student's Corner: Douglas’ Forms

Douglas’ Forms is an indispensable, five volume set of hundreds of forms covering the following areas of North Carolina civil practice: Business Transactions; Civil Litigation; Wills, Trusts, and Estate Administration; and Domestic Relations and Guardians. 403 more words


ALR Student's Corner: Lee's North Carolina Family Law


Lee’s North Carolina Family Law (“Lee’s”) is a vital secondary resource for attorneys practicing family law in North Carolina.  The Fifth Edition of this treatise, authored by Suzanne Reynolds and published by The Michie Company of Charlottesville, Virginia, provides comprehensive coverage and analysis of family law in North Carolina, including but not limited to substantive case law and statutes, overview of relationships from marriage to divorce, and the parent child relationship. 697 more words


ALR Student's Corner: North Carolina Corporation Law and Practice Forms

Practice Forms provide law students and attorneys with practical advice on various procedural aspects of litigation. Form books supply attorneys with the boiler-plate language that is standard for a particular legal form. 691 more words