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Real Student Coding Projects

As mentioned in a previous post, Hatch Canada is a project-based program which allows students to create, modify, and personalize a wide variety of projects, ranging from simplistic to complicated.  98 more words

Robots and Expressions of Art

Robots provide the unique opportunity for students to experiment with the relationship between the digital world and the arts. As mentioned previously, the boundaries of robots are not defined, and robots can be used in a variety of ways to teach a huge range of curriculum subjects.  82 more words

The 3d Printing Revolution is Just Beginning

I have zero vision.  When I first heard about 3d printers, I thought, “Isn’t that what factory machines do?  What’s the big deal?”  (I’m also the person who thought drones were just fancy versions of remote control airplanes.) 105 more words


Leprechaun Traps and Other Shenanigans (Reblog)

This is my St. Patrick’s Day post from last year.  I’m trying to post it in plenty of time so you can use it for the holiday if you like. 231 more words


3Doodler Start

It’s always fun to see the progress of Kickstarter projects you’ve backed.  I got one of the first batch of 3Doodlers way back when, and things have really changed: new filament colors, tons of project ideas, a 2.0 version, and accessories. 239 more words


Novel Engineering

As many schools begin to realize the need to integrate more STEM/STEAM into the curriculum, those of us in elementary education who may feel a bit inadequate when it comes to lofty fields like engineering sometimes have a hard time incorporating it into our lessons.   172 more words


Drones for Education

I’ve been holding off on purchasing a drone for our classroom.  Quite frankly, I don’t know a lot about them and I haven’t seen a lot of useful applications for education.   518 more words