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Do you notice anything significantly different in the picture below?

My 1st graders are studying different countries.  After talking about Japan, we did an origami lesson.   501 more words


What Every School Needs

Our elementary school is currently raising money to add a track.   Since my 2nd graders are studying Structures, I invited one of the stakeholders to speak to the class about the process of coming up with an idea and following it through. 327 more words


Thanks for Teaching Us (Reblog)

Thanks for Teaching Us is a site that allows students to publicly thank their teachers.  I blogged about it 3 years ago, and thought it would be good to mention it again.   77 more words


Using Canva for Reflections

My students went on a great field trip two weeks ago, and lots of photos were taken.  We have a class blog but I thought it would be nice to use the pictures for more than that.   259 more words


Sphero Bridge Building

Every year, my 2nd grade GT students build bridges as part of a unit on Structures.  We have K’nex kits, and they enjoy learning about the different types of bridges as well as making their own versions. 438 more words


Step Away from the Slide Show

In my experience, there are two kinds of slide shows: the TED Talk kind and the Oh-My-Gosh-How-Much-Longer-Can-This-Go-On-And-Why-Are-They-Reading-Every-Single-Word-To-Me kind.

Elementary students tend to do the latter. 491 more words


Robot Olympics

Calling this activity “Robot Olympics” might have been a bit ambitious.  After all, there was really just one event and the only (and extremely tenuous) connection to the real-life Olympics was the fact that chariots were involved. 363 more words