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A Sail Tale: UOW Student Profile.

A smooth summertime afternoon, Annalisa Kristofferson set sail with her boyfriend to the Caribbean.  By all accounts it was a holiday made for the gods, but a combination of bad luck and awful timing led for a memoriable tale to tell. 584 more words

Assignment #3

Psychology: Franceska Agolli

Name: Franceska Agolli

University: LaTrobe University

Course: Bachelor of Psychological Sciences

Why did you choose to do the course?
Because I’m interested in psychology, and I like the idea of helping people. 428 more words


International Relations: Zoe Vasilas

Name: Zoe Vasilas


Course: Bachelor of International Relations

Why did you choose to do the course?
I was just very interested in saving the world. 652 more words


Building Design: Matthew Tenace

Name: Matthew Tenace

University: RMIT

Course: Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural)

Why did you choose to do the course?
Originally, in year 10, I wanted to do project management at RMIT, because I wanted to go to uni in the city. 471 more words


Public Relations: Catherine Bloxsom

Name: Catherine Bloxsom

University: Swinburne University of Technology

Course: Bachelor of Business majoring in Public Relations

How did you decide on your current course? After taking some time off studying to travel and work I landed a job in a marketing and promotions role. 254 more words


Nutrition: Erin Whelan

Name: Erin Whelan

University: Victoria University, St Albans Campus

Course: Bachelor of Science: Nutritional Therapy

How did you decide on your current course? I already had an interest in health and wellbeing and would spend my own time reading on emerging ideas / articles in new diet theories etc. 144 more words


Psychology: Imogen Sykes

Name: Imogen Sykes

University: Swinburne University of Technology

Course: Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)

How did you decide on your current course? Psychology has always been of great interest to me and I believe everyone should learn to understand the cognitive functioning of the brain and how it affects our behaviour within given context. 233 more words