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Bangladesh Police Beat Student Protesters

The student group, Bangladesh Chhatra Union, gathered to march and demonstrate against an April 14, 2015 sexual assault on women at the Dhaka University premises on Bangla New Year. 235 more words

'Let Us In' Protesters Bang on Doors and Walls, Fail to Infiltrate Board of Trustee Meeting

Cornell’s 64-member Board of Trustees descended upon campus this week for its annual series of meetings during the month of March, and, as they held a meeting in Statler Hotel conference room Thursday afternoon, about 75 student protesters organized by Save the Pass and Fight the Fee pounded on doors and walls demanding entrance to the closed meeting. 1,024 more words

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#BURMA #MYANMAR #KNU/KNLA PC #donate #water #Student #Protest #4rd DAY

KNU/KNLA PC SUPPORT Student protest in front of Yangon parliament for better education 3rd Day.


‘Occupy Central’: Student Protest, Hong Kong, 6th October 2014

 South China Morning Post: 6th October 2014

Student protesters at Admiralty, Hong Kong, yesterday were warned to end their blockade overnight and give civil servants free access to the Government Complex, or they will be cleared by force. 55 more words

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