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Using Facebook for Student Recruitment (still...)

The eighteen year old kids looking for the right study might not all use Facebook as their primary social network of choice anymore, they still all have accounts and often use messenger and the check-in options of Facebook. 431 more words


Terrorists terrorizing student recruitment in higher education. What can we do?

“Universities rather than individually, must now act collectively”

Terrorism isn’t just about an attack happening in a specific place in a specific country. It does not end when the shooting or bombing ends.

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Sinan Hussein - Bio

Who am I?

Good Question! I’ll get straight into it then. My parents called me Sinan. I have 2 different surnames (long story, perhaps for another blog) but i prefer to use the one on my UK passport which is… 407 more words


Margaret Garcia

Title: Graduate Teacher Certification Program Specialist
Company: Texas A&M University – San Antonio
Location: San Antonio, TX United States

From an early age, Margaret Garcia… 346 more words


Using BIG DATA to Identify Potential Drop-outs

During the FIFA Worldcup Football tournament in 2014 Microsoft has shown the value and accuracy of Big Data Analysis. A team of Microsoft data scientist showed not only proved to be capable of correctly predicting the Final between Germany and Argentina and its 1-0 outcome, but they also correctly predicted the outcome of every single match in the know-out phase. 416 more words

Using Instragram for Student Recruitment

The 18 to 23 year olds have massively left Facebook and are now mostly active on Instagram. And with over 130 million users Instagram has become a social media platform that colleges and universities can no longer ignore when it comes to marketing and student recruitment. 285 more words