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From digital wall paper to interactive tour stops – Adrian College increased its student recruitment with digital signs

Adrian college implemented digital signs in their campus that boasted photo galleries, spotlights of faculty, atheletes and alumni, information about upcoming events and more. Those interacting with the signs can also read the inhouse college magazine, Contact. 167 more words

Interactive Digital Signage

Higher Education: 7 Tips to Select the Right Student Recruitment Agent for Universities

As the number of universities looking to diversify their students and break into new markets increase, we are seeing an increasing surge of student recruitment agencies (education consultants they call themselves) pop up around the world. 1,436 more words


Higher Education: How to Decide Whether or Not to Attend an Overseas Study Abroad Exhibition

As International Student Recruitment Officers, every year we receive hundreds of invitations to study abroad or education exhibitions via email or even post. Attending all exhibitions is not possible, so how do we ensure we make the best decisions when adding these events to our yearly marketing schedule? 854 more words


Rising players in higher education: the countries to watch out for

A university education is a highly valued commodity in Asia. Australia has benefited from this in terms of the economic advantages international education has brought. 970 more words


Higher Education: Improving Your International Student Numbers From the Office in 5 Steps

Selecting a university is a life changing decision for all prospective students. Today, thanks to the Internet, prospective students have thousands of universities to choose from out of many different destinations. 1,468 more words


10 Questions You Need to Ask When Searching for a University Abroad

Studying abroad is an increasing trend around the world. Many students look for the chance to explore new experiences away from home. When I’m away at study abroad fairs I always make time to wander around and listen to what other universities have to say. 1,192 more words


Using Facebook for Student Recruitment (still...)

The eighteen year old kids looking for the right study might not all use Facebook as their primary social network of choice anymore, they still all have accounts and often use messenger and the check-in options of Facebook. 431 more words