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The Cost Problem and Solution

As a child the cost of dance is pretty slim. There is usually a deal made with the studio about the cost of costumes especially if the child is under four years old and only takes one class. 355 more words


A Study Guide On: How to Prep Your Student Teacher Bag

Hi everybody! Welcome back to The Tailored Teacher Blog! Today’s post is specifically for those of you who are heading off to begin your student teaching journey. 1,117 more words

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Student Teaching Tuesday: Warm Bodies

I never thought of teaching as a physical job, but then I spent last month teaching summer school.  I became very aware of my body in the classroom, the way it informs my teaching practice and shapes my interaction with students.  614 more words


अविवाहित और विवाहित में अंतर

टीचर : मैं 2 वाक्य दूंगा आपको उस में अंतर बताना है
1. उसने बर्तन धोये
2. उसे बर्तन धोने पड़े
संजू : पहले वाक्य में कर्ता अविवाहित है और दुसरे वाक्य में कर्ता विवाहित है। टीचर अभी तक बेहोश है।😂 😃 😃 😂

Student Teacher

मैं रोज़ खोलता हूँ!

टीचर: नालायक पढ़ ले कभी तुने अपनी कोई बुक खोल के देखी है?😒
संजू : हाँ मैं रोज़ खोलता हूँ एक बुक!
टीचर : कौन सी?
संजू : फेसबुक 😂😜

Student Teacher

The End

Hi all,

Sorry it’s been so long- it’s been a blooming hectic time. I just thought I’d post to let you know that I finished teacher training. 345 more words