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Graduating College & Other Life Updates

I went on another hiatus, which you probably noticed. Turns out, writing an Honors Thesis and graduating from college takes a lot more time and energy than I had originally thought. 430 more words

Taking Care Of Teacher

The show must go on!

So it’s been a few week since I last blogged mainly because I’ve been busting a gut trying to get through this PGCE taching course. 206 more words


Solving Specific Heat Problems

Before Class Preparation:

In Class Activity:

  • Heat capacity questions (slides)

  • Clickers discussion

  • e-Portfolio

After Class Work:


a little about myself

Hey guys! To start off, I figured I should introduce myself. My name is Madison, and I am twenty years young! In August, I will begin my senior year which means I am one year away from being a certified teacher with a degree in K6 Education. 207 more words

The Electroscope

Before class preparation

In class activity


A glimpse of Miss Tate

Casey and Emma, two attractive young women on holiday in a secluded forest resort, are surprised to bump into Miss Tate, their head-turningly sexy student teacher. 433 more words