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Student Testimonial: Sophie Browning

My experiences at SIUE have been nothing short of amazing. Because the university is a bit smaller, you have plenty of opportunities to get to know professors on a greater level and they get to know you as well, which helps with your growth as a student and musician. 172 more words

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Student Testimonial: Brandon Janssen

I transferred to SIUE after spending my freshman year elsewhere and have never been happier. I have been doing what I love, musical theatre, and studying with experts. 39 more words

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Student Testimonial: Alaina Clarice

As an undergraduate, the music department is preparing me for graduate programs and beyond. Attending SIUE has provided me with many opportunities, such as performing with the Flute Choir at the National Flute Association convention in New Orleans and Washington D.C., along with being selected to perform in many masterclasses with well-known flutists. 43 more words

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Student Testimonials: Khamani Hagood

Khamani Hagood, Class of 2016

Music Theory/Composition

“SIUE has been a great place to meet new friends and form great connections. As a composer, I feel open to pursue whatever musical direction I want. 26 more words

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Student Testimonials: Courtney King

Courtney King, Class of 2016

Master of Music – Flute Performance

“I am a second year graduate student working on my degree in flute performance.¬† I highly recommend this school as an option for the working professional. 161 more words

Student Testimonials

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Considering applying to be a part of the 2015/2016 Career Coaching Program and want to know if it’s worth it? Don’t take our word on it…listen to these students who completed our most recent program! 24 more words

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