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Helpful things Uni has taught me out of the lecture theatre: KITCHEN LESSONS

Amongst all the things which you prepared for prior leaving for Uni, kitchen skills was probably top of the list. We all pledged “I need to learn to cook” when shopping in Wilko for colanders, tin openers and tea towels. 622 more words


Honor Code Awareness

Did you know that part of Ethical Leadership is being aware of and abiding by our campus Honor Code?

It is extremely important to exhibit and maintain academic integrity in all the work you do. 232 more words

Student Tips

Set appointments with your Academic Coordinator

My students now have the ability to set up their own appointments with me using GradesFirst.  Students will be able to see my available meeting times, then select the time that works best for them in 30-minute increments.   115 more words

Student Tips

Memoir Writing at PSU

When I tell people I’m writing a memoir, they usually appear surprised and ask: “Aren’t you too young?”

In 2013, I began writing “Freeligious,” a memoir and narrative nonfiction about my detachment from a charismatic religious sect and community. 230 more words


Sophie S: Placements without midwifery

This blog will outline my two-week placement where I got to choose ten days of non-midwifery placements myself. I really enjoyed organising it although it was stressful at times to arrange ten different consecutive days! 557 more words


Sophie S: The special place that is NICU

In my last blog I discussed my gynaecology placement experience which was really great; in this blog I will talk about my experience on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 311 more words


Sophie S: Not all about cuddling babies

Looking back to when I was halfway through my second year of Midwifery it felt like things were really getting real! The work was stepping up and getting a lot more demanding; I had just finished four weeks of gynaecology placement, four weeks of NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and then two weeks of non-midwifery placement. 541 more words