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Week 9: Salmon

Really simple baked salmon:
Salmon, mango chutney, pumpkin, sunflower & flax seeds, chopped tomatoes, S&P

  • Simply bake for 20 mins! Makes a great, quick, weeknight meal


Scheduling Spring

By Emma Eberhart

Through and through I am a planner. I live for organization and tidiness. Arranging objects via color, alphabetically, by size or shape gets me ridiculously excited. 191 more words

Campus Life

Failing A Course Is Not Embarrassing.

Whether the course was a difficult subject or an easy subject, failing a course can be devastating. At the same time, the course you might have to repeat might even lead you to the feeling of embarrassment. 694 more words


10 things to do before you graduate - Leicester University edition

Two weeks ago I had my last ever lecture at Uni, I’d love to say that I threw open the doors at the end and the sun was shining and I danced off into the day light. 486 more words


20 Things University Has Taught Me

Having decided to decline my offer for a study abroad next year, today the sudden realisation hit me that my time at uni was almost over. 365 more words

Should I stay or should I go?

After the lengthy application process and hours of googling and researching potential universities across the globe, my study abroad application was sent off and I waited tentatively to hear back. 1,422 more words

Five Legitimate Hangover Remedies

It’s one week until tour!

“What’s tour?” I hear you ask. No, I’m not in some cool retro band travelling the globe (though that would be pretty cool). 733 more words