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The Great Unknown

 by Molly MacGilbert

I’m graduating in 11 days. The emotion that arises when I think about this fact can only be expressed as a cross between a celebratory squeal of freedom and a blood-curdling Hitchcock scream. 371 more words


Find your people

I have already talked a bit about the importance of finding the balance and how getting out of the city and away from a strict study environment can help to re-energise. 871 more words


How to give the perfect speech

NEWS FLASH: Not everyone was born a public speaker.

Yes, there are those people who can just walk into a room and own it with little effort. 1,121 more words

Finding the balance - The 'power' of nature

As mentioned in a previous blog post, I am quite a stress-y person. By that I mean that I get stressed out relatively easily and that stress tends to have a effect on me both physically and mentally. 1,385 more words


5 Incredible Sci-Fi Technologies That Will Give Tough Competition to the Existing Ones

Every minute the space between Science and Fiction is shrinking because of some incredible technological advancement. Classic science fiction novels or Sci-Fi movies are major inspiration for scientists over the globe. 351 more words

Student Tips

The Last Word

  by Molly MacGilbert

I’m graduating next month. Just typing those words feels hard to believe. My college career did not follow a linear path; I attended four different colleges in three different time zones, with a year off in the middle during which I worked at a bagel shop and partied too much. 338 more words