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Is your reliance on Digital Technology Costing you Career Opportunities?

  By: Sara Kirkpatrick

This past week I’ve attended a number of free campus workshops, all of which promoted face-to-face networking as a prime source to land jobs and internships.  198 more words


Have no fear, Fearless Fridays are here!

  By: Sara Kirkpatrick

As an up-and-coming professional, I’m constantly worried about my past getting in the way of my dream job. As students these fears are commonly expressed, but then quickly ignored; which is ironic because our past can be our strongest qualification. 229 more words

Student Tips

20 key insights into working for the energy sector

Adam Bernstein, Managing Partner at New Energy Capital, provides valuable guidelines for students and graduates wishing to work in the energy sector

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Students: Fight boredom as an intern

There may be times during your internship when you feel like the work will never end. Other times you may get bored out of your mind. 529 more words

What are your social media profiles saying about you?

By: Sara Kirkpatrick

As I scroll through my social profiles, I see a Portland State University student, a dog lover, a movie buff, the love of pink, and so much more; I am bombarded with images of my favorite memes, and timelines of life events. 169 more words


The College Student's Guide To Studying Abroad

Every college student dreams of studying abroad (or at least they should). I mean why not? Doing exactly what they’re doing at their home college, but abroad! 799 more words


Building Habits: 1% Marginal Gains

Hey there guys!

So one of my favorite article writers on the internet is James Clear and I just can’t get enough of his articles! He writes mostly about building habits and his articles, I could say, are really well-written and are very informative, combining his experiences and the things he learns in books. 186 more words