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What you need to know about GOAL

Term has started, settling-in time is over, and you’re probably beginning to feel a bit of pressure as your first assessment tasks start coming together. 184 more words


Identity Exploration

 By, Melissa Pyle

One of the reasons I was drawn to Portland State University as my alma mater was the city’s unofficial motto to, “Keep Portland Weird.” I felt if a city could embrace this sentiment it would complement my own life experiences. 175 more words


Use Social Media as Learning Platform

At present, almost everyone is very familiar with social media. Social media is used by every individual to remain connected with fields, families and relatives. It is the best platform where groups having similar likes, interest or views can be created. 753 more words

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Cleaning Up Your Social Media

Making the transition from student to young professional can sometimes be a difficult move, especially when it comes to your social media accounts. It is becoming more common for individuals to make their social media accounts in public school, which is not always the best idea. 262 more words

Student Tips

Stress My New BFF

By: Sara Kirkpatrick 

As college students, we struggle with stress on a daily basis, from weekly assignments, to midterms to final exams. Stress has become the annoying classmate sitting next to us in lectures, constantly demanding recognition and by default, holding us accountable for everything we could have done differently or better. 217 more words

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Food for Thought

By Emma Eberhart

The cliche college student is one who is constantly busy, caffeine fueled, and swimming in homework. However, it should also be added that college students are also hungry. 249 more words

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