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Holding on to summer's downward facing dog

By: Sara Kirkpatrick 

The fall leaves have officially fallen, and my summer tan-lines have slowly faded, but I am still determined to cling on to what’s left of my summer break activities. 243 more words


No More S T U [D Y I N G]!

For most people when they hear the word STUDY they feel like curling up in a ball, avoiding the topic completely. They would rather cram for the test the night/morning before! 427 more words

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Top tips for Psychology students

Pursuing a career as a psychologist is about more than reading for a degree (or three). Find out some top tips for immersing yourself within the discipline, from accreditation, member networks and beyond to get the most out of your journey to chartership. 2,357 more words


Development Week (Oct/Nov)

Development week is approaching and from speaking to a few of you not many know whats actually going on.

There are a range of workshops to attend if you are struggling in certain areas of your studies (even if we don’t like to admit it). 393 more words

Student Tips

How to Talk to the Adults in Your Life About Tough Topics

  By Jesse Turner

I recently celebrated my sister’s birthday with much of my immediate and extended family. I have a very conservative family and given the current election, conservative political and social ideas are often a topic of conversation. 320 more words


Hannah: Transition back to ARU after a semester studying abroad

After studying in Finland, my second semester of second year (BSc Tourism Management) was quite a shock. The teaching styles and desired writing styles were very different and I felt the complexity of work had increased dramatically since first year. 369 more words