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Quality Writing: Write Less Say More

When I was in my college, one of my classmates used to write assignment and projects in a complex way. Anyone in the class could hardly understand his work. 954 more words

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Buying groceries in Moor market, help you save budget

Are you worry about spending a lot of expenses in buying groceries in the UK ? Don’t worry about that. You can always get the cheap groceries in the Moor Market. 227 more words

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Top 5 hidden place in Sheffield!

Amazing!Interesting!Meaningful!Historical!A lot of International students only knew Sheffield is a steel city. As a student, some of the place you must know and should have a photo with those places. 637 more words

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The cheapest market in Sheffield——ALDI

Take advantage of low prices and organic, gourmet and gluten-free offerings at this discount grocery store.

If you’ve never shopped at Aldi, you’re missing out. What? 354 more words

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3 Things to do in Sheffield

1 year is equivalence to 365 days, however 1 day is equivalence to 24 hours, 1 hour is equivalence to 60 minutes, moreover 1 minute is equivalence to 60 seconds — they are all about TIME. 289 more words

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Asian supermarket booming in UK

The rise in popularity of Chinese supermarket is also said to be prompted by increasing numbers of tourists from the Asian taking holidays in UK, making them more likely to choose Asian dishes when back home. 238 more words

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How to conduct research: A dummy's guide to conducting research

Seminars held by the worlds top universities generally present the most up to date and respected ideas in relation to conducting research. Recently, I was lucky enough to attend a conference where several seminars were held over a one week period…How very convenient!…These seminars in combination were able to map out a broad blue print of how to conduct research for their audiences (myself and other chums). 947 more words