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My top three personal tips for new students

Time has passed so quickly and now I’ve been in Australia for one year.

Like many international students, I left my parents and chose to further my study in another country. 217 more words


Useful Websites for Students

Nowadays students spend hours surfing through the Internet scrolling Tumblr or Neflix and usually do not consider the time spent in front of a computer screen wasted. 312 more words


Survival tips for new students

When I was a new student I was quite nervous and didn’t know what to expect. As a new student you should know where to start. 367 more words


What Makes Uni Different to High School?

Hello all!

I am sorry for my relative silence over the last few months – how intense is university (college)?!
I’ve been completely busy almost every day, and I’ve been doing really well with my grades so far while somehow still managing to socialise and keep up with my family too. 1,173 more words

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How to reduce exam stress – yes it IS possible!

It’s that time of year again – exam season, dreaded by most students. But exams don’t have to be stressful – follow their tips for stress-reduced exams. 817 more words

Sophie M: Moving away from home

The summer before I started university was full of excitement at the prospect of leaving home, living on my own and starting afresh. Having always lived in the same, small city I was apprehensive but felt so ready to move out and start my life. 651 more words

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Tips for Student Life

Disclaimer: I am in no way the perfect student so when it comes to these “tips” there are probably better ones. These are things I have merely picked up along the way through mistakes and other peoples mistakes. 1,368 more words

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