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What do I want?

Have you ever asked yourself what do you want in life? I often ask myself that question. I believe that everyone has their own inner desire. 444 more words

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It's Okay If You Don't Know What To Do After You Graduate

Into my second degree, I more often than not get asked: “what do you want to do after you graduate?”

Do you also get asked this same question? 682 more words

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What I Wish I Knew as a First Year

A little background:

In South Africa we decide our future pretty much at the age of fifteen, since we go through a process of subject choice. 1,289 more words


The #1 Rule For Living With Your Best Friend

One year ago, my best friend (The Red Head) and I moved into our apartment with a table. We got couches, then eventually chairs. My roommate is the queen of estate sale deals. 447 more words


Do What Scares You

Last week I talked about why you shouldn’t follow your passion. Whether you agree or disagree, the next tip I have applies: do things that scare you. 526 more words


14 Strategies for Writing better College Papers

To make your assignment more impressive and relevant, here are some tips from college assignment help service providers. They know how you can make your college paper brilliant. 676 more words

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This is for students, travellers or any people who seek cheap data plans in Japan.

For those who have no idea what MNVO is: in a sense, its a network that “rent a space” on major providers that allows it to cut costs and in result, can offer affordable deals. 425 more words