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5 Incredible Sci-Fi Technologies That Will Give Tough Competition to the Existing Ones

Every minute the space between Science and Fiction is shrinking because of some incredible technological advancement. Classic science fiction novels or Sci-Fi movies are major inspiration for scientists over the globe. 351 more words

Student Tips

The Last Word

  by Molly MacGilbert

I’m graduating next month. Just typing those words feels hard to believe. My college career did not follow a linear path; I attended four different colleges in three different time zones, with a year off in the middle during which I worked at a bagel shop and partied too much. 338 more words


Students Must Opt For These Three Most Rewarding Career Fields

Graduates often step into dilemma while making the appropriate career choice. It being a tricky decision, you need to concentrate on several factors before progressing to the ultimate direction. 399 more words

Student Tips

Tips for Starting Uni

Starting uni is so exciting, but terrifying. Moving away from family and friends, being dependant on a loan, becoming independent and knowing no one is so scary. 1,737 more words


Choosing Uni/College

Choosing university can be hard if you have no idea which university/college you want to go to.  Even if you do, the order of the preference can be hard to choose.  448 more words


Books That You Must Read Now If You Are In College

The college days of any student hold immense importance. They feel the pressure of higher education and need for career planning. In these years, they develop various skills and get ready for their future workplaces. 438 more words


Doing it in four years, yes!

 By: Anna Sobczyk

The fear of not graduating in four years is real. Going into my junior year, I frantically started assembling a “degree map” to chart out what classes I needed to take every term. 234 more words