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school work vs book work

I want to do book work, I want to write my story.  What I end up doing is writing bits here and there around school work and work (lets not forget what pays the bills at the moment).  76 more words

Science Fiction

A Year's Gone By Kayle

A year’s gone by
Since the day, you left
I still hear your voice
Still, see your smile
And feel your warmth
A year’s gone by… 92 more words

Student Writing

The Bride by Karina

Rose petals littered the aisle like discarded trash in a New York subway station. She was dressed in a long dress that started off white but blended into a deep scarlet in the train, as if she had been walking through the scene of some bloody massacre. 789 more words

Student Writing

Poem by Kate

I’ve never understood the fear of death.
We’re born, we live, we die and then everything goes dark.
Do you remember being in the womb? No? 76 more words

Student Writing

Art OF THE 1960's

Before the moma…

I wonder if all the art at the museum were made by children.

I can’t wait to see what people do at the workshop when they visit. 116 more words

Student Writing

The Day My Dog Ran Away

I was going to my house to see my dog.

The fence was broken.

My dad said, “My Fence!”

I was looking for my dog but I didn’t see him. 142 more words



Hannah A.

Pre – Trip

I wonder if …

we will go out to the garden.

I can’t wait to see …

the gift shop. 111 more words

Student Writing