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New Writing from Twickenham at The Exchange

Last night we had the latest in our rolling programme of undergraduate readings. This was a bit different, however. Rather than just sharing our work amongst ourselves, on campus or in the back room of a public house, we decided to thrust our students into the limelight in the first of what we hope will be the first of many public readings. 250 more words

Student Writing

Who Am I? by Sarah T.

I am the girl who loves
The sea
The moon
And words;
Each a fragment of who I am
And who I wish to be; 29 more words

Student Writing

NaNo Excerpt by Abbie L.

She nodded before shutting the door behind her, and setting down her duffle bags by the bed. “Only a week.” She whispered to herself. She sat down on the edge of the bed, it was comfortable, but it wasn’t her bed. 523 more words

Student Writing

Poetry by Anna L.

It is all thought out
I recite it in my head once, twice
And perhaps five more times
Just for good measure
I walk unsteadily to the front and… 105 more words

Student Writing

Dreams by Alexia S.

Above us,
Are our wild dreams,
Waiting to be dreamt,

To dream dreams,
Still we won’t reach,
They have told us no. 16 more words

Student Writing

The Night Giants Crashed; My experience of Hurricane Irma by Gabrielle H.

Sitting in a dark room
Outside, there’s nothing but storms and gloom
Tonight’s the Hurricane we all dread
Meanwhile my family was sleeping in beds… 238 more words

Student Writing

Why I Love Writing

by Jayde Dieu ‘20

I have always had a passion for writing. From the moment my hands first felt a book to the first time my pencil touched paper, I knew that it would be essential to me. 259 more words