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Celebrate Good Times

Important Note:  This is the final week of school for me and then Final Exam Week occurs Friday through Thursday of the following week.  I have a final paper and final exam (and to be honest, I’m behind on other school work as well), so the blog entries may be a bit erratic for the next two weeks.   462 more words


When I First Saw Him by Thalia

When I first saw him, I was hooked to his smile, to his eyes. Addicted to him,addicted to the way I feel when I look at him. 70 more words

Student Writing

A Forgotten Penny.

I sat in the corner of her wardrobe under the drawing of myself, as always with the door perched open, watching Gabby braid her hair over and over, trying to perfect it. 1,788 more words


A Student's Biography of Her Grandmother

One of my tenth graders wrote a short biography of her grandmother. I was so blessed by it that I asked her if I may publish it on my blog for others to enjoy. 1,124 more words

Student Writing

Between The Shelves of a bookstore by Grace T

If it is to be said simply, the moment was magical.
It was so captivating, as if time froze, or never went on at all. There was no longer an echo of the ticking clock, simply a beautiful silence as the performance drew on. 502 more words

Student Writing

"Tolstoy, I am trying to forgive you" by A. A. Norton

Tolstoy, I am trying to forgive you

A. A. Norton

How dare you throw Anna Karenina under the train,

bringing me and every reader to our knees.  251 more words

Fine Arts Work Center

Here I am by Shalymar P

Here I am

Gazing at the stars,

Viewing the world in its sill

Ways, sometimes

How life feels like

Sand in shoes

Ever so uncomfortable… 415 more words

Student Writing