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3rd Grade, St. Patrick's Day and Flipgrid

I wanted the 3rd grade students to have another opportunity to write while in the library, as this will be their first time taking the Georgia Milestones (our state standardized test), which has a portion for open-ended response.   257 more words

A Bunch of Wild, Filthy Animals (A Review of Daniel Polansky’s ‘The Builders’)

Review by Curtis Cole

                Dark fairy tales, of the kind told by either gothic horror artists or immature teenagers, are difficult affair to create; reorienting the genre’s hallmarks—anthropomorphized animals, a kingdom in distress, and a valiant hero—can be hard to reconcile without overcompensating and presenting ‘shock value’ literary devices. 839 more words

Student Writing

My Writing Identity by Grace

When I was younger, all I wanted to be was a famous author. After reading novels like James and the Giant Peach or Harry Potter and learning that younger people could publish too, I focused on writing chapter books that would one day fill libraries everywhere. 724 more words

Student Writing

An Analysis of Body Language in The Bald Soprano

Body language is an important part in any production because it can help communicate the tone to the audience. In this production of The Bald Soprano it was used to maintain a level of pseudo-serious comedy. 507 more words

Reaction to "The Bald Soprano"

I attended the Sunday matinee for “The Bald Soprano”. I was actually surprised at how much I found myself enjoying it. One thing that kind of stood out to me was the setting. 458 more words

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The Awkward Amusement of The Bald Soprano

Eugene Ionesco’s “The Bald Soprano” is just as bizarre to watch as it is to read. However, even though the play retains its oddness factor when moved from the page onto the stage, the experience of seeing it performed is much different from the experience of reading the script. 503 more words

Dead Man's Debts (A Review)

Review by Curtis Cole

(Contains spoilers)

                I found myself at a loss for words with the third installment in Elliot Kay’s Poor Man’s Fight series. Though it was not a particularly bad loss for words, the fact that I could hardly muster some comments doesn’t exactly bode well for it either; I feel that this is because… 1,274 more words

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