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The Arithmetic of Love by Gabriel

If math is the language of the universe,

Can it not explain all things?

Yet it cannot capture in a numerical verse

What poetry can in its alphabetical strings. 196 more words

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"Who are we, if not one?" by Cristi

“Who are we, if not one? We walk the same ground to breathe the same air and listen to the same birds sing. We have faces full of sunshine or not but we all dream of the same things. 85 more words

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Memories by Kayle

Those memories still play in the back of my mind. As if they’re a movie, stuck on replay. The only problem, this is a movie I simply don’t want to see any longer. 85 more words

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Reader Burnout by Natalie

Have you ever read so many books in a row that you feel, god forbid, tired of reading? It’s a strange feeling that can often come after reading a few novels quickly in a short period of time. 548 more words

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The Writing Lab and The Creative Writing Consultant

By Michael Hals, Writing Lab Consultant, College of Charleston

I am a creative writer, and I work in the Writing Lab. Often, I find that, while being a creative writer isn’t completely necessary for being a consultant, writing creatively has positively benefitted my work, making the process of helping others with their essays a little bit easier. 449 more words

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Using the 6-Word Memoir in the Writing Center

By Bonnie Devet, Director, Writing Lab, College of Charleston (SC)

(and the consultants are Will Allen, Jalen Brooks-Knepfle, Alli Camp, Emily Clark, Chloe Field, Lauren Findlay, Wilson Ford, Antony Garruzzo, Ryan Hall, Michael Hals, Olivia Liska, Winnier Meyers, Megan Minchak, Jessica Moon, Tori Rego, Alexia Tadros, Hayle Thomas, and Abby Tummers). 280 more words

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Reverse Poem by Vienna

Hint: For Reverse Poems, read it top to bottom and then bottom to top.


I am not


I am

Plain and ordinary.

Others do not think I am


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