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What These "Disengaged" Millennials Really Have To Say About the Government

Despite being the age group with the lowest consistent voting turnout rates, Millennials are among some of the most opinionated American citizens.

Demographically, Millennials are born between the 1980s and the early 2000s and are the most… 314 more words

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Student Writing Sample: Goals for the New School Year

What are your goals for the new school year? Think of two large, general goals and three small, specific goals. Tell me what those goals are improtant to you and what you will do to achieve them. 263 more words


Female Action Heroism in The Hunger Games

Jeffrey Brown’s article on action heroines and gender, Dangerous Curves, looks at the role of women in traditionally masculine roles, specifically in action films, where men tend to be the hero, while women are often portrayed as the damsels in distress. 669 more words

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"I saw screaming children crying to their parents as they begged for donuts."

March 4th! As my friend Michael Neill Stanton used to say, The only day of the year that is a command. (“May One?” is the only day that is a question, per MNS also.) 112 more words

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A Chinese Legend

Long, long ago, there was a young person named Hou Yi. He was very brave and hard-working. He killed many gods and demons with his friend. 382 more words

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Our Laughter Rang Out on All the Hills

March 5 is “Learn from Lei Feng Day” in China. Here’s a story from Changing Every Day that mentions him. When you finish reading, take the quiz… 475 more words

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Dare to Dream…the birth of a young writer!

Yesterday, as I was preparing for my next class one of my former students, whom I’ve taught while he was in 8th grade, walked in my room and handed me his first published book of poetry. 421 more words

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