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East River Ferry/Brooklyn Bridge Park!!!

Before …

I wonder if we are going to the ice cream factory…..

I can’t wait to see all the boats and people in the water… .. 90 more words

Student Writing

Riding The Ferry

Before My Field Trip

I wonder if it will be cold on the boat.

I can’t wait to see the Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge. 69 more words

Student Writing

Blog Submission by Kate

“CIRI! Get down from there!” Geralt sighed, he knew Ciri could be a handful but this, this was a bit much. Vesemir had been spending the afternoon tutoring her on the importance of runes and potions, but as soon as he had turned his back to grab a rune, she had bolted for the door, headed straight for Kaer Morhen’s courtyard. 388 more words

Student Writing

"The Island of Jiji" by Shyam Sharma

Join Shyam Sharma as he takes us on a riveting journey through the Ocean of Cross-Cultural Perspectives to the Island of Jiji!

The first semester of my teaching in the United States, about a decade ago in Kentucky, one student wrote an essay arguing, essentially, that the United Nations is an inefficient organization run by corrupt foreigners. 1,624 more words

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Frankenstein Reflections #commentsforkids

Last week, Anastasis students finished reading Frankenstein and visited the Denver Center of Performing Arts to see the play. Below are some of their reflections. 1,079 more words

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Only Truth by Gabriel

Our disappointment’s rooted in the way
We see and want to see the world — of which
It is the diff’rence where we find dismay: 77 more words

Student Writing

Stalin: an Anti-communist Spectacle (A Review)

Review by Curtis Cole

When reading biographies of so-called ‘Great Men,’ it is vital to remember that they are an industry; such a vast amount of material has been produced from both speculation and archival releases that every new rumination or new tid-bit demands, in turn, another huge book—something to commemorate the release of new artifacts giving credence to an ever abounding literary substance. 1,481 more words