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Emma Hall

The day was hot and the dust that blew into Alexandria blinding. It collected in corners and sifted along the stone paths of the city with a quiet susurrus. 4,661 more words

Historical Fiction

Stimulating Our Students' Word Knowledge


Throughout the summer months most teachers are on vacation from school, but their minds are busy reflecting and thinking about ways to improve learning and performance in the new school year. 1,023 more words


"The time periods of my pieces are between 1630-1685…"

Well, right off the bat we have two problems.

My student was introducing her Early American Literature “confluences” paper, for which students were to choose from the syllabus five works written within a span of 50 years and then use them to develop a sense of the intellectual, cultural, or philosophical life of that time. 605 more words

Student Writing

Celebrate this Week: Notebooks and Students Full of Promise

This summer Saturday is slipping by with cleaning and conversations.

Before I get too deep into the afternoon, I need to take a moment to celebrate this week with Ruth Ayres at… 393 more words

Write Your Way

This week I have had the privilege to host a writing camp for kids. I have a small group ranging in age from 10 to 17. 514 more words


Original writing: "Shall we make a deal?"

He looked at his phone, turned pale then quickly left the room. She watched him, smiling. The deal had been completed. Her phone buzzed next to her on the desk and she tapped it open. 1,008 more words


No Wonder, 5 Paragraph Essay

In Ann Hodgman’s No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch, the author employs descriptive writing and humor to describe her experiences eating dog food.  After reading and discussing the passage, the students are tasked with the following assignment (page 113 in “The Norton Sampler”): 41 more words