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Study Abroad Blog - Lauren in Leipzig

written by Lauren Weller

If you’ve ever spoken with Dr. Waskie, you’ve probably heard him mention Temple’s study abroad program in Leipzig. This month-long intensive language immersion program is a spectacular experience that I got to have this summer. 268 more words

Student Writing


“Mayday, mayday, this is the merchant ship Kuliu; we’ve come under fire from Hakkan mercs and our life support systems are failing, we need repairs and medical assistance as soon as possible.” 3,079 more words

Student Writing

"As a kid growing up with split parents…"

Usually I tease you, gentle reader, with the ellipsis in a post title: “wait till you read the rest!” I implicitly promise.

This time the three dots are all I have; they end what I wrote down on a back page of my gradebook. 469 more words

Student Writing

A bit more Novella

I couldn’t help myself, I wrote a little more of this. The overarching story at the moment is a bit messy, but I’ll start linking it together. 1,785 more words

Student Writing

New Idea Snippet

I’ve got a new idea for a novella. It’s going to be about dark fantasy in a sort of modern setting, with all sorts of fun things with werewolves and dragons and vampires and demons and basically everything in my comfort zone. 970 more words

Student Writing


Adam winced as another rat crawled across his leg. Like the others, the feet were cold and clammy, sharp nails digging into his skin. It paused on his shin for a few moments before scuttling off again. 1,544 more words

Student Writing

"From the very beginning the right to bear arms has always had some way of being involved with everything."

Regardless of your interpretation of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, you’ve got to love this sentence.

Certainly in today’s political landscape my student seems to be absolutely correct: we don’t seem to be able to address the issue of gun violence, or domestic terrorism, or even street fashion anymore without getting embroiled in the old “right to bear arms” debate (I use the word “debate,” but the reality is more and more like a brawl). 465 more words

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