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Jeanine by Bridget B

My feet were blistered, sore, and my whole body was shaking. I walked continually, I don’t know how many miles exactly or how long I have been walking but I know I can’t go forward. 934 more words

Student Writing

A Monster of a Draft (Part Three)

Join the Program in Writing and Rhetoric’s very own Kimberly Towers-Kubik as she continues exploring the complexities of assessing paper drafts in part three of her four part series! 774 more words

Teaching Writing

Thursday, September 21, 2017, the Last Day of Summer

From the Past

Reflections from Homilies, Fr. Paul Gabriel.  Blessed Sacrament Church, Burlington, NC.

. . To lower expectations and raise hopes.  (2013)

The Divine Spirit is within us.   919 more words

The Boy by Sarah T.

There had been times that more serious matters plagued his mind, but on this fall evening the boy was rather lucky. It was rare that he had a day to himself, spare moments even, which made this sliver of time even more enjoyable. 771 more words

Student Writing

Short Story - It begins

This was a spur of the moment piece I wrote when I had a spare hour today. Interested to hear any and all thoughts.

It Begins… 985 more words

New York

You Never Knew by Margaret P.

When you were lost and couldn’t see
You knew that you could count on me;
And when you felt your heart would break,
You turned to me to mend the ache. 103 more words

Student Writing

The Traveler by Keegan

Two lines in the sand lead to the heels of the cloaked man. They bend over the orange dunes. The twin beams of two magma suns, the later-setting one larger than the earlier, singe the dust. 473 more words

Student Writing