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HOPE by Gabrielle L.

Helping hand
Opposing oppositions
Perfect Prospect
Evolving evolutionarily
Hope, helping hurt hands when others oppose against them, while keeping perfect prospect, they will evolve evolutionarily.

Student Writing

Always Waiting by Carlisle Z

Always waiting
A sentiment as old as time – search for love or the idea of peace
Its everlasting, consuming
Because when you get what you are looking for – you move on to look for something new… 45 more words

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"The Café" by Cristi M

The only table that wasn’t surrounded by groups of people was cluttered with an abundance of junk. Well, not necessarily junk, but who really needs 8 different tubes of lipstick? 306 more words

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NY Rising Presents: Life on the Lower East Side

Life on the Lower East Side, 1850-1910

University Settlement’s New York Rising students spent last year learning how to be prepared for emergencies such as hurricanes, power outages, transportation disruptions and severe snowstorms.  620 more words

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A Fallen King by Grace T.

A fallen king.
I have heard whispers, as obscure as shadows
When asked, the whisperers start to fade
For the truth they wish to hear… 249 more words

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Why Varied Syntax Matters by Grace

This is the first sentence of this essay. This is the second sentence of this essay. We are talking about syntax. Each sentence is the same length right now. 600 more words

Student Writing

Conducting Primary Research

Discuss your plans for primary research. Why is this the best method to get information for your topic? How do you think this will this help you support your thesis? 11 more words