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No Wonder, 5 Paragraph Essay

In Ann Hodgman’s No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch, the author employs descriptive writing and humor to describe her experiences eating dog food.  After reading and discussing the passage, the students are tasked with the following assignment (page 113 in “The Norton Sampler”): 41 more words


My Secret New York

As promised, here’s Watson (P’Man) Sriboonwong’s story from the new Literacy Review. He’s in Professor June Foley’s Advanced Writing class which meets here on Fridays. 60 more words

Student Writing

Student Anthologies: The Value of (Developing) Experience

Today, the second anthology I’ve compiled and edited with student writers went live on Amazon. I’m pretty happy with the final result!



Here’s what I’ve learned through these two projects (hoping to remember these lessons in a few years when I go at it again): 775 more words

New Literacy Review!

The new Literacy Review is out, and the University Settlement Adult Literacy Program has two students in it – Grace Zhang and Watson (P’Man) Sriboonwong… 83 more words

Student Writing

A Short Story a Day Helps Keep the Yips Away

The deeper I delve into my writing research and writing studies, the more I run into the concept of being well-read. The idea is that in order to write well, you should read a lot, and not just a lot of drivel but good works. 160 more words

Student Writing

Practice by Wookiee


by Wookiee

Practice makes perfect,

No one can subject,

But Joe’s little clarinet,

We just don’t know yet,

That If his playing lingers,
Whether his ears will pop first, or his fingers

Creative Writing

Nobody by Book Wolf


By Book Wolf

Nothing, I am nothing

not the birds singing in the trees or the waves crashing in the seas

I’m nothing

not the wolves howling to the moon or the bees humming to their own tune… 41 more words

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