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Not qualified? Get an internship.

 by Molly MacGilbert

Here we are, students at Portland State, in the city of bridges and roses and sportswear companies. We’re all in a pretty good position for internships—being in college gives us an excuse to get some work experience in a field we’re not actually that qualified for (yet). 158 more words


Reflection on my Blog Channel

I have always been really into fashion and the idea that one day I could incorporate it into my job. I wasn’t ever really that into looking at fashion magazines or what the current trend was, although I could see what it was through what the high street stores had in their windows. 476 more words

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Top Revision Tips

As exam(/deadline) season looms, I thought I’d do some of my top tips for staying sane and passing with flying colours!

Everyone is different and I think the most important thing is to… 379 more words


My Social Media Feed

To promote my blog, I mainly used Twitter as my social media platform, because I find that I tend to use Twitter a lot more than I do Facebook to share posts. 176 more words

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What Life Is Really Like After Uni

I hated university. I was done with education from about 16 but I knew the easiest route to the life I wanted was to stay in a formal education so I stuck it out. 646 more words


Charity Shop Podcast

As you guys will have realised by now I really love shopping in charity shops and finding amazing bargains in them. So I thought, for any of you out there that aren’t too keen on the idea of buying things from charity shops, that I would do a little podcast about why I love charity shops and also why you should go and give them a try. 221 more words

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