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Wellcome one, Wellcome all.

The traffic buzzing outside makes no noise on the third floor of the Wellcome Collection. It is silent, but not uncomfortably so, more like the secret flutters of pages turning; bird wings in a cave. 977 more words


This past weekend, I asked one of my upperclassman friends who went to JCMU last year for two semesters (so the entire academic year) a few questions about the program. 604 more words


Tug of War.

It’s more like Tug of Screaming actually. Okay, maybe I’m VERY behind on this post because this happened like almost 2 weeks ago so, it’s very very late. 305 more words


StreetSpace - Mapping Castle Street Workshop

You are invited to the workshop: ‘Mapping Castle Street: an interdisciplinary workshop about the character of the street’, in PLACE NI on November 17-18, 2016. 272 more words


Developing Story: What will PM do to ensure Najeeb's safety?

Update on today’s protest for #JusticeForNajeeb:

Brutal crackdown by Delhi police on students. First they diverted the buses of protesters to Jantar Mantar. The students  refused to be caged by the barricades around  them at Jantar Mantar and marched forward breaking the barricades. 225 more words

The Feminist

Lankenau Hoodie Policy

  Hoodies. When the word hoodie is said at Lankenau Environmental High School it’s not a good thing. Staff may say things like “take it off” and students say “why can’t I wear my hoodie?” During school it can be very cold and uncomfortable. 110 more words


Biology and Math

Zaid, an 11th grader at Qatar Canadian School, is studying Biology (cellular respiration) and Math with Mr. Bishara.