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October Babies!

October is here so do my upcoming birthday! I’ll be 20 this year alhamdulilah praise to Allah. My studies is almost over, final and then off from studies so for today’s blog I will just share you literally 30 Facts about me seems my Birth date is on 30th. 545 more words


Final Countdown

So it’s official. I have lugged my stuff to Loughborough for the very last time and am about to make the final transition into my third and final year. 266 more words

Food And Lifestyle

Musings of a Confused Graduate

When I was a boy, I developed a theory about life. It went like this. I wouldn’t be seeing the things I’m seeing, feeling the things I’m feeling, experiencing life through a body I alone control, if my existence was going to be anything less than extraordinary. 472 more words


My 2nd Week: Elephant Sized Worries

After such an exciting first week on my Counselling Masters course, I found myself struggling at the beginning of my final week of the intensive fortnight. 461 more words


Stop Being a Paradox 

You can do anything you want, but there’s one thing you should stop doing – stop being a paradox.

You say you want to be happy, but you punish yourself for finding happiness in anything other than the conventional. 398 more words

Ten Ways To Earn Extra Money

Whether you’re in school, uni or working, everybody can use a bit of extra money. So, today I’m sharing how I earn a little bit of extra for myself! 611 more words