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A Day in the Life

I was inspired to do this post by Angela when she shared her day in the life a while ago and it felt like a more personal and in depth version of vlogging so I thought I would give it ago. 653 more words


Sungho Park, ‘20 , Jaeyeong Jung, ‘20

  According to the HAFS Club Association, there are over 200 official clubs, and the number is growing every year. 599 more words


Μαθήτρια αποβλήθηκε επειδή φορούσε "προκλητικό" μπλουζάκι

Και όμως οι γυναίκες κρίνονται ακόμη από το τι φοράνε ή από το ποια μέρη του σώματός τους επιλέγουν να δείξουν.

Όπως αναφέρει δημοσίευμα της huffingtonpost, η ιστορία που θα σας διηγηθούμε θα μπορούσε να είναι ένα κακό αστείο, αλλά είναι πέρα για πέρα αληθινή. 46 more words


Introducing the Department of International Academic Affairs

Chanho Kim, ‘19

  When students at HAFS picture the Student Council, a few of their favorite departments will come to their mind. But very few people, when asked to name one single Department at the Student Council, will confidently say “The Department of International Academic Affairs.” However, recent times seem to have brought change. 354 more words


Jekyll and Hyde World Tour: Masterpiece Put to Test

Se Eun Kim, ‘19

  “Korea’s favorite musical”— this is the title that “Jekyll and Hyde” has held for 13 years. The enormous success of the musical holds an era-defining significance in the brief but vibrant history of the Korean musical industry. 278 more words


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