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Getting robbed by a burglar made me realise I was being robbed by student accommodation

First of all lets set the scene…

It’s 6:20am and I hear two loud bangs on my bedroom door. It’s my Scottish flatmate informing me that we have been robbed, I mention the fact that he is Scottish because hearing you have been robbed is bad enough, but hearing it in a harsh Scottish accent is a tad unsettling. 776 more words

Musings And Personal

法式熬龙虾-Lobster Fricassée

原料:熟龙虾一只(生的放入盐水中煮1-2分钟)。将龙虾肉和壳分离开。savoy cabbage (绉叶卷心菜)6片,黑白胡椒粉少许。姜粉一小勺。盐少许,黄油50克。橄榄油25克。水200毫升(ml)。香菜(欧芹薄荷之类的都可以)。柠檬半个。(还有一味调料叫 allspice berries, 没有买到,大家有的话可以加一点)



2.白菜切成1厘米宽的长条, 锅加少许黄油,下菜略炒,加盐少许,水少许,加盖煮5分钟。滤去水。



此菜来至法国艾菲尔铁塔上的名厨Louis Grondard, 他解释说,这道菜的全名是:”Lobster Fricassee with pepper and Ginger” 卷心菜含有大量的维生素,是欧洲老百姓喜欢的菜肴,而且价格低廉,在这里很好的平衡了这到龙虾大餐。

其实老邢觉得这道菜的精华还有龙虾高汤和胡椒姜粉的作用。高汤能让龙虾的味道更浓郁,却不油腻。而且让味道清淡的卷心菜有一种说不出来的清甜,简直是化腐朽为神奇。 35 more words

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Macbeth, Mistakes, Drink and Drought

Through the process of doing this blog, I’ve discovered my incredible talent at writing about the most mundane of subjects and making it all seem far more interesting and dramatic than it really is. 669 more words


Hail Dear Ol' State

So almost a month ago I moved from Atlanta to Starkville, Mississippi to attend Mississippi State University’s College of Architecture. Although I went with an unsure heart, the past few weeks has shown me that people were right when they said “No matter where you go, college will be great b/c of the people and the freedom.” 519 more words


5 Reasons Why Young Brits Decide To Join ISIS

A horrific nightmare to some, born out of the depths of years of political tension, misread scriptures and a thirst for power. An phenomena largely originating in the Middle East, where- to the average, and more s0- reasonable individual, language barriers, the differences in culture, religious viewpoints and socialisation would never make a British national contemplate the idea of joining such a sect….right? 1,884 more words


Off to Spain!

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru… 228 more words


The Desperate Student

Earlier in June, I told myself this year it would be different. I would split the homework in 80 days, so I have plenty of time to do them all. 315 more words