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UL Student Urges Others to Volunteer

Hey guys :) It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything (the joys of doing a masters). Here’s a short piece about volunteer work in Belarus, enjoy :) 470 more words

CARE Week 2017- A week to raise awareness about sexual assault, rape, and intimate partner violence

Tuesday, March 28. Though matters of rape and sexual assault are issues that college students face throughout the year, the WC holds Concerned About Rape Education (CARE) Week during the spring semester of every year which focuses on raising awareness about sexual assault and intimate partner violence on and off campus. 17 more words



I as if Tram line 8 paves the way for interesting people and experiences.

On the 25th of February 2017, after my last class of the day, I walked over to the tram stop called Belli. 953 more words


Interview with CMU journalism senior

Jermaine Fields is a Central Michigan University senior studying journalism, public relations and multimedia design. His gives a look at his daily life of being a student in fields revolved around multimedia.

Central Michigan University

Ask Me Where

Flushing, Queens,

Is where you’ll find,

The perimeter of gates

That encloses a town

Running under it’s

Own code and conduct.

A town consisting of… 254 more words


Crohn's Disease

Following my last post on UC, today I met a 70 something year old lady who has had UC since she was 21, and what a story she had: UC, pan-colitis, colon cancer, total colectomy with an ileo-anal pouch, Primary Scelorosing Cholangitis, liver failure, liver transplant- in that order, with lots in between. 943 more words


Studying. (not really)

Like I said, I’m a student. I major in Tourism Management.

Someone has told me that studying in college is a process of  “studying a specific subject for 4+ years and finding that you hate that field of subject after all”.

I hate paper so much.