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The magic of first times

I’m a journalism student. As my instructors keep saying, I need to learn how to approach people, talk to them and write or capture their stories. 299 more words

First Post

Intro: meal prepping = life

Being a Physician Assistant graduate student is by far the most time-consuming endeavor I have ever encountered. Between the studying and extra-curricular commitments, it’s difficult to find the time to fuel my body with yummy and healthy foods.   373 more words

Cheap Eating

Simple Steps Cooking (Sister Edition)

Not long ago I tried to do something nice for my sister. Quite a difficult task to accomplish. We don’t have anything in common, I don’t know what she would like and I don’t have any money. 696 more words


How to Make Professional Looking Graphics for Free

Got a blog? Need a way to make graphics that won’t cost you a dime? Well than welcome to the tutorial you’ve been looking for. … 680 more words

5 Ways To Become a More Sustainable Student

Leaving home and looking after yourself is a great time to change your lifestyle and act more consciously, so I’ve put together 5 tips to make this a reality: 424 more words


9th Grade???? | Sincerely Dyjay

Bet you ain’t aware that I’m in 9th Grade 😌 Well yes I am 👏 Being a 9th Grader isn’t that hard but it takes so much for you to achieve something compare to last year’s or last last year’s. 146 more words


Accomplished Finance Professional Stays on Top of His Game at GGU

“Why would I go back to school? That’s what everyone asks me!” It’s a legitimate question for Marc Loupé, who has more than 25 years of experience and has worked in global-level roles in accounting and finance. 416 more words