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Outlets for addressing psychic violence

You might say it’s generalized paranoia or an unusually heightened sensitivity to slights, but if you were born Black in the American South like I was, seeing the indignities of Jim Crow laws heaped upon one’s parents and grandparents day in and day out, every word and gesture of White people would be filtered through the cheesecloth of racism leaving a residue of threat. 1,091 more words

Student Affairs

GRCC In the News, 9-19-17

Juan Palacios: ‘We are not stealing these jobs’

Sept. 18, 2017; Bridge magazine (newsletter for The Center of Michigan)

DACA status: Expires August 2019. “It means I have two years to figure it out, to talk to lawmakers and as many people as I can,” Palacios said. 210 more words

Greenfield and Carlo essay to appear in Arthur Miller Journal

Professor Tom Greenfield and senior Erin Carlo are co-authors of a 3000-word essay that’s been accepted by The Arthur Miller Journal (Penn State University Press) for publication in Fall 2017. 70 more words


September 2017 Newsletter

Here is the September 2017 Newsletter (PDF)  from the Principal, Ms. Amodeo. It was also sent home with students. Know that you can download it every month by going to our Newsletters page.

Sunset School

Coming Full Circle

by Kim Major, associate director of admission

Last week was my favorite week of the year, hands down. While my children think I am crazy (they think the last day of summer vacation is the worst!), I know I am right. 555 more words


A student's guide to networking

Written by Kate Hayhoe, 2017 PRINZ Student Ambassador, Massey University

Trying to find experience in your chosen field of study can be quite tricky. It’s hard to know who the right people to contact are, what role is the right fit for you, and how to go about asking the big guns of the industry for work experience. 670 more words

Public Relations

Excuse Me, Ms. Jackson

3. Write a post that begins and ends with the same sentence.

I’m always saying I could write a book of stories from my teaching career.

238 more words
Writing Workshop