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To Mrs. O'Brien...

Written by Autumn Johnson & Emily Sordo |

For the past 38 years, Guidance Counselor Jan O’Brien has dedicated countless hours both inside and outside of school to students. 39 more words

Our Morgan

Weekend Boarder Life

by Bea Feicenbiner ’19

As a boarding student, sometimes I am left wondering what I can do on weekends. Every weekend has a theme, but some have more activities than others. 375 more words


How to Wisely Save Money for College

We are living in a time of financial concerns are swarming all around us. Corporations are laying off thousands of employees. While banks are not lending money as easily as they use to. 703 more words

To Mr. Redes...

Written by Autumn Johnson & Emily Sordo |

For the past 33 years, Health Teacher Steve Redes has dedicated his time to Morgan students. He taught them numerous life lessons and provided advice. 44 more words

Our Morgan

Events Carrying us to Summer

Written by Jillian Crowley, Aryn McQuarrie, and Emma Iovene|
Photos taken by Aryn McQuarrie and Emma Iovene|

The end of the school year is the best time for club events, with the warm weather and excitement for summer which results in lots of participation. 338 more words

Our Morgan

I have a good idea Daddy…

My daughter is the typical Pre-K student.

She talks nonstop about everything her teacher does in school. Every small thing is major in her eyes. She sings every song to… 706 more words

Middle School

Sky Reviews

by Joey Cifelli ’19

May 15, 2017

This must be one of the best gradients we have had this year. Both in the drastic change of color, and smoothness of the transition. 480 more words