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Closure at the Open University?

So now all those who work at The Open University may finally have some ‘closure’: Peter Horrocks, the Vice-Chancellor, is going and the future suddenly looks a lot more open than it did a week ago. 2,334 more words


Dear Legislators,

Dear Legislators,

I have been mulling for weeks exactly how to begin this letter.  I waiver between angst that I have to, again, write another letter educating others who wish to comment upon my job about how it actually works, to fatigue over the constant onslaught of ridicule our profession has seen in the past 3-4 years. 969 more words

Ensuring Indigenous Student Success: A Response to Toulouse (2013)

Toulouse’s article begins with a discussion explaining that traumas experienced by previous generations of Indigenous Canadian peoples are casting shadows over modern Indigenous peoples; she states that some examples of these shadows are racism, Residential Schools, poverty, and stereotypes. 503 more words


The Baggage They Carry...

Pretty powerful, right? Those were the responses I got from students when I asked them to finish the statement, “I wish my teacher knew…” Kyle Schwartz asked her third grade class the same question in October of 2016 ( 775 more words

Feel Good

What it means for an educator to C.A.R.E

A powerful quote.  It came from one of my students and there were a lot of similar responses when I asked students, “What are your initial thoughts on the first day of school if the teacher passes out the syllabus and starts teaching right away?” Now, I just didn’t walk into class one day and ask this.   1,156 more words

Feel Good

Looking Ahead: Meeting Students' Needs

The end of the school year has a funny way of turning your attention to those first days of September. Looking around the classroom, you realize that you know each of your students as unique individuals, and you’re overwhelmed by how much you’ve grown together over the year. 507 more words

Mental Health

Let's Talk About Sex?

As in my previous post, I am focussing this post on the Health curriculum in the junior grades, as this is relevant to both of my practicum placements this year. 608 more words

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