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Governor Markell Ignores The Plights of Special Needs Students While Serving Corporate Interests

So let me get this straight Jack: You want to boost the “great” schools in Delaware, many of which have already been named in a complaint that’s currently in the hands of the US DOE Office of Civil Rights division, but you won’t even mention the word special education?  332 more words

Special Education Complaints Increasing At A Federal Level

According to an article in Disability Scoop, found right here, complaints to the Office of Civil Rights at the US Department of Education are rising.  175 more words

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Bill To Give K-3 Students Basic Special Education Funding Clears Through Delaware House Education Committee

At the Delaware House Education Committee meeting today, Delaware State Rep. Kim Williams’ House Bill 30, which would allow students with basic special education needs to receive extra funding in grades Kindergarten to 3rd grade, was unanimously released rom the committee. 208 more words

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The Shaping a Green Bergen Coalition Garden Design Begins to Come to Life!

The Shaping a Green Bergen Coalition partnership met on March 6, 2015 and, in anticipation of spring, began to plan in earnest. Thank you to all who attended—Barbara DiNovi, Virginia Bargisen, Beverley Kazickas, Mark Vangieri, Angela Bonnano-Lynch, Abbie Kesely, Carmen, Linda Morehouse, Joseph McElwain, Sue Shafer, Patti Wojtowicz, Angela Cupo, Kathy Wertalik, Thomas Jodice, Amy Heid, Andee Dixon, Tim Regan, Maria Dvorozniak, Diane Scarangella; the guidance and suggestions we received from our partners have helped us in creating our plan of action. 515 more words

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It IS Apples to Apples

Imagine how amazingly triumphant this man must feel.  Through the wonders of medicine and science he is able to look right in the face of adversity and not only walk again, but run! 596 more words

In 2014 CPS suspended a third of our African American male students. Rahm owns it.

Thirty-three percent of African-American boys in CPS high schools were suspended in 2013-14 — versus 6 percent of white and Asian boys.

Twenty-four percent of students with disabilities in CPS faced suspension and 27 percent for students with the lowest test scores, compared with 7 percent for those with the highest scores. 168 more words

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Relationships and Blame in Special Education

A complicated and often tense set of relationships is necessary for special education to have a chance at being effective. The roles vary, but the principle players in this dynamic are typically teachers, school administrators, and parents. 1,260 more words