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Delaware DOE Pats Itself On The Back For Special Education Improvements...Slow Your Roll!

Apparently the US Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) has come out with their official state ratings and Delaware has elevated to “needs assistance” after two years of “needs intervention”. 1,345 more words

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Las Americas ASPIRA Academy Charter School Performance Award Application

The LAAA school as they are commonly known (okay, I’m just too lazy to type it again) wants $250,000 to hire special education teachers for a “co-teaching” environment.  225 more words

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Dr. Mary Morningstar: What Does it Take to be College and Career Ready? Improving Outcomes for Youth with Disabilities

Dr. Mary MorningstarDr. Mary Morningstar is the keynote speaker at the Transition pre-conference of the UMTSS* Connections Conference in Layton, Utah June 23 – a three day event of sessions on Leadership, Literacy and Numeracy, Behavior and Positive Behavior Supports, Transition to Career Pathways, Educating English Learners, Special Education, Effective Instruction, Tiered Intervention, Assessment and other topics. 134 more words

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I'll Take The Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme, But I'll Opt Out Of The Parsley!

I thought my recording of the Delaware Senate legislative session covering House Bill 50 would have able to be transcribed, but I’ll have to tinker with it and see if I can muffle some sounds (like the tip tap of me typing live during it).  272 more words

Parent Opt Out Of The Smarter Balanced Assessment

House Bill 161 Would Introduce Parent Empowerment Education Savings Account For Students With Disabilities

Delaware State Rep. Deborah Hudson today introduced House Bill 161 in Delaware, allowing parents of special needs children to use funding from their residential school district to an “educational program of their choosing” according to the bill.  95 more words

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Residential Treatment Center Placements For Students With Disabilities Still Rising in Delaware

The 2014 report for the Interagency Collaborative Team was released, and as predicted, more Delaware students are being sent out of state to residential treatment centers.  134 more words

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JFC Budget Significantly Changes Open Enrollment for Students with Disabilities

The K-12 education funding package adopted by the Legislature’s budget-writing Joint Finance Committee (JFC) significantly modifies the public school open enrollment program for students with disabilities.  175 more words

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