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Contemplating Manifestation Determinations

Special education law has granted expansive educational opportunities to students with disabilities. Efforts to protect the educational rights of these students sometimes create scenarios that perplex rational people. 799 more words

Reblog: "Teach for America Training Institute"

Hey all!

It’s been an awfully long time since I’ve blogged about anything, but rest assured, I take the bar exam next week and will be back to it in full force after that (and I sleep for a few days lol). 87 more words

How Parents Assure Quality Through Persistence

In special education, the most challenging cases schools face aren’t necessarily the ones involving students with the most intense disabilities. Instead, schools might have the greatest difficulty managing cases involving the most demanding parents. 753 more words

Building Strategically Aligned Individualized Education Programs for Transition

The Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for students 16 years of age or above must address specific transition components. Studies to date have focused on the presence and quality of these transition components, yet the alignment of these components and their role in leading the development of the IEP is just as critical. 88 more words

Commentary: Low Expectations of People with Disabilities

I sometimes get asked what’s the greatest challenge encountered by people with disabilities. For me, it is not inaccessible technology or print letters that I can’t read – it goes much further than that. 332 more words