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Making Your Vocation your Vacation: Giving Your Students Something to Take Home Other than Homework

For the past four years I have volunteered to teach summer school. I know what all you other teachers out there are thinking… ARE YOU CRAZY? 574 more words

Like It or Not, “Smart Drugs” Are Coming to the Office

(Source: hbr.org)

You’ve managed the same team for the past five years — then one day you find out that your most successful employee uses cognitive-enhancing drugs on the job. 1,686 more words


LTS in Tshwane update

Here is a presentation requested by St.John’s Lutheran Church in Texas on the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Tshwane. Please feel free to look and share: 2016 LTS Overview

Thought For The Day

To break the ice with our new student, who is from Switzerland, I suggested that the kids ask her some questions about her country, her culture, and her life in general. 64 more words


My NBS MBA experience so far - By Jennie Starling

In the latest of our blogs, we catch up with Jennie Starling, Full Time MBA Student, to hear about her experiences studying for an MBA at Norwich Business School. 415 more words

DisCARDbOARD at Hamilton House

From Lara, you are invited to the opening at 6.30pm on 18th August of:

The third instalment of DisCARDbOARD is taking place in Hamilton House… 39 more words


Why you probably spend too much money

One popular cliché about students in film and tv, but not any less in real life is that by the end of your paycheck there is still so much left of the month. 483 more words

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