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Start the Year As We Mean To Go On

The academic year has officially started.  Students new and returning have taken their place in the classes.

We have a lot of updates and news for you this week, so we better get started. 1,726 more words


Quality time with the fav Latte Mum

Me and Latte mum are no longer practically neighbours, it’s been a while since she deserted me for suburbia. Still, we try to meet up regularly to eat sushi and just hang. 225 more words

Quality Of Life

Sands of time

Year 9 students from Geelong Lutheran College have teamed up with the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee to monitor the shifting sand movements caused by nature at Whites Beach. 195 more words


Vision & Vision Problems

பத்து குழந்தைகள் ஒன்றாக கூடும் இடத்தை பார்க்கவும்
குறைந்தது ஐந்து குழந்தைகள் மூக்கு கண்ணாடியோடு இருப்பார்கள், இன்று எட்டு குழந்தைகள் கண்டேன், ஏழு கண்ணாடியுடன்…… இதற்கு யார் காரணம், பேற்றோர்கள் மட்டுமா? இல்லை நானும் நீங்களும் தான்….


Best Learning Books for Basic of Math

Basic Mathematics provides talent maintain at the initial level with the task to enlarge ability and expertise at superior levels in the Mathematics department. Learn to observe the world through the mathematical lens and discover how Numbers and Symbols found prototypes inside the world around you. 328 more words


Found Poetry = Growing Confidence

I’ve seen different ways to do “Found Poetry” but today I decided to use it as part of my “launch” for our Writer’s Notebook and Workshop that we’ll officially begin next week. 537 more words


When Your Past Comes Back to...

We were walking on our daughter’s high school campus during Open House. The schedule was set up as a truncated school day: we were to follow the students’ schedules and meet each teacher for six minutes. 293 more words