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Finding fieldwork

Question: “where can I do fieldwork with displaced people?”

Answer: This post has advice for students who are:

  • looking for fieldwork now,
  • looking for fieldwork in the future,
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Scientism and Secularism with J. P. Moreland

Do you only trust things that can be proven by science? Do you find scientific truths more convincing than moral truths? If so, this shows how you might be affected by the dangerous ideology of scientism. 276 more words


Put on Your Apron (1 Peter 5:5)

Pride is the most subtle of sins. It sneaks up on us when we least expect it. In fact, it’s dangerous because it feeds on the good things we do. 264 more words


CUNY’s Continuous Budget Blunder

CUNY Gives Students Hard Time With University Funding

By: Ruben Sibri

Financial controversy seems to be piling up for CUNY. Backlash from students and administration, who are already upset over the announcement of Amazon’s Hq2 potentially taking residence in Long Island City, continues to grow. 534 more words


Thoughts on Simplistic Thinking

Goby the Fish

I can think specifically of a few times when teachers worked to indoctrinate me.

The first time was in elementary school. Those were the days when anti-littering propaganda… well, littered school hallways and classrooms. 1,532 more words


Time just flies by !

Time just flies by!!

When you are sure, you have enough left for you to act,

That very moment, it ceased its existence.

When you are eager to catch up your pending jobs, 83 more words

Why so early?

As human and wellbeing science continues to mature, it forces us to ask questions about schooling that are a little bit uncomfortable. One such question is: “Given what we now know about delayed circadian sleep rhythms in adolescents, why do secondary schools still start lessons so early in the morning? 247 more words