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CCC's Nursing Programs Rank Third Among NC Community Colleges

Cleveland Community College is proud to announce its rankings on NurseJournal.org’s Best Nursing Schools® Best in the Eastern Region.

CCC ranked third among North Carolina community colleges, 13 among all NC nursing schools and 112 in the Eastern Region of the United States. 272 more words


Practicing the Piano – The Myth of the Instant Fix

When they make a mistake they hack away at it until it finally yields, and simply move on. What they have actually practised is getting it wrong three or four times in a row and right on the fifth attempt. 32 more words


On Not Liking Students

Teachers expect to have some fondness for the students they teach. They enter the field motivated to help students make progress. Their desire to foster success leads them to focus on their students’ most positive attributes. 948 more words

Student Care Package

My younger brother is going to university soon so I decided I needed to pull together a care parcel to get him started, the only snag being the little time I have to do this! 410 more words

Skin Care

The Kids Are All Right! Part III

Last September I posted a piece entitled “The Kids Are All Right!” in which I praised high school students in Jefferson County, Colorado, who staged mass walkouts to protest a plan by their right-wing school board to establish a curriculum-review committee to not only respond to an allegedly “leftist” AP framework but to promote patriotism, respect for authority and free enterprise and to guard against educational materials that “encourage or condone civil disorder.” Two months later I… 380 more words


6 questions to ask before signing up for your next online class

Signing up for classes can be a stressful time for students. Whether it’s worrying about how many units to take, if you will get all the classes you want or what classes you still need in order to graduate on time, there are a lot of questions soaring through your head. 1,203 more words


Cities with the Best Student Nightlife

Choosing the right university is no longer just about picking the right course for your future career aspirations, it’s also about the nightlife! So, we thought we’d guide you through some of the top student nights in the cities with the highest-ranking universities (with a little help from findings from Which? 530 more words

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