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A Week in Review: #18

This week has actually been good.
As you know.. My non-complaining challenge for 1 week didn’t go too well and I failed on the first day. 261 more words

The Graveyard of Manifestos

The inspiration for this blog post came from two very different sources. 339 more words

General Election 2015

Liberal Democrats and Conservatives would put up tuition fees again Labour claims, despite their own broken promises

As polling day draws ever nearer Labour have launched a scathing attack on the Lib Dems and Tories over tuition fees, claiming they could rise to £11,500, despite the parties two broken promises on the same issue. 395 more words

General Election

UCT Confessions page leads to change?

Images:Two screengrabs of the posts made by UCT students on the UCT confessions page

The UCT Confessions page on Facebook is known for its controversial posts as students anonymously post their dreams, desires and yes, opinions for all the world to see. 793 more words

Course Update!

So I’ve officially had my course transfer form signed off, so at the end of May, I won’t be a social work student anymore. (*sighs*). I know it’s for the best and even though some may see it as a waste of a year, I now know where I am in terms of my mental health, which is a good thing to come out of this of course. 335 more words


The Difference Between Plagiarism and Paraphrasing

Plagiarism: the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.


  • Original text: Class attendance is useful to you as a means of acquiring knowledge and clarification and is a prerequisite for class participation.
  • 130 more words

Helicopters in the U.S. Coast Guard

I am nearing the end of my research on the evolution of the helicopter as the school year concludes in a few weeks. However, I still have a bustling week of work ahead of me as well as an invaluable week of research last week. 632 more words

Westtown School