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Casual For A Cause: East Stroudsburg Area School District's Lifesaving Project

With all of the problems in the world, a school district in the Poconos is trying to get kids excited about life’s possibilities.  And, offer ways to handle stress by bringing the student body together. 133 more words

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The Kanto Plains Math Field Day

Math teacher Cathy Berghahn writes on student participation and performance in the middle and high school Kanto Plains Math Field Day competition. 365 more words

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Resources for teaching... Zombies (A Beginner's Guide)

In my course on Fables and Tales, a large lecture class that most students take to meet a general education requirement in the humanities at San Francisco State University, I include a unit on horror tropes in folklore (and their interpretation in literature, film, and other cultural production). 3,279 more words


課代表 [kè dài biǎo]

課代表 n. Class representative. This Internet slang term refers to people who are good at explaining a hot topic for other Internet users. Internet users often call for a “class representative” humorously when they want to understand a complicated issue so that they don’t have to read about it on their own.

Internet Slang

Revenge of the Words

At the risk of sounding like “Rain Man”, I would like to say, “I’m an EXCELLENT speller.” I don’t know why, but it’s something that has always come very easy to me. 620 more words

Do you VALUE your students? Do they know?

Recently, I sat in my office eating my lunch and just listened to the hallway hustle and bustle.  Classes were heading to and from lunch, taking bathroom breaks, and transitioning throughout the building.  717 more words

Hẻm Sài Gòn

Hm Sài Gòn – Understanding the traditional Vietnamese hyper-dense lane way culture in a time of rapid change

Rosa Bui @ Aarhus School of Architecture… 1,491 more words