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Building Cup Towers

Last Friday I was responsible for organising some team building activities to promote clear communication and negotiation skills. I had around 15 students to work with, so I decided to do the “Cup Tower Challenge”, as many of you saw on Twitter. 492 more words


Cody, Radio Mom

#TigersAtWork: This is the first year of the Work-Based Learning Program, which allows seniors to receive credit as they complete an internship. LCSC is grateful to our community partners and the supervisors who make this program possible. 106 more words


Life on Other Planets? (John 1:14)

Is there life on other planets? British scientists examined a meteorite found in Antarctica. They theorized that it broke loose from Mars when an asteroid or comet collided with that planet. 265 more words


#4 Living in halls: Top Tips

I remember results day like it was yesterday. I set an alarm the night before, for 6 o’clock, in the hope that UCAS would have published my results by then. 1,141 more words

Back to basics! Student pilot concepts in an IFR world.

How much do people spend on their private pilot certificate?

5k? 10k? 15k?

Regardless the amount, it’s way too much money just to learn stuff and then never use it because we immediately move one to bigger and better certificates. 205 more words


Trouble in the Lunchroom: Reasons for Change

The start of the 2016-2017 school year at Flagler Palm Coast High School began with a change in their school schedule. As the students went through their first few days of school, they noticed that their lunch schedule was being split into two periods, instead of the usual three. 293 more words

Flagler Palm Coast High School