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A Test

This is a test.  If this were an actual study, there would be a description of it right here.  Since it is not, this is the best you are going to see. 36 more words


Guillem Carabí dirigirà unes jornades científiques sobre l'arquitecte Josep Maria Jujol

El 19 de desembre passat, el rector de UIC Barcelona, Xavier Gil, i l’alcalde de Sant Joan Despí, Antoni Poveda, van signar un conveni de col·laboració per a l’organització de les Jornades Internacionals sobre Josep Maria Jujol. 278 more words


MDMA and Therapy

By Mark Salcído

Anxiety, depression, and PTSD are on the rise in today’s modern world. Many people have sought out therapy to help with these disorders in the hopes of coping and allowing them to live a normal, fulfilling life. 2,369 more words

Iguanas, Battling Fear and Adventures with Blue Ink

Dipping dead of winter temperatures. A creative freeze. Going into a new year I had all this great momentum, ideas and projects ready to go. Then it snuck up on me. 606 more words


University Diaries: How to self motivate

Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.

― Nathan W. Morris

University is a big change from high school, and one of the biggest differences is independence. 901 more words


Research Shows the Health Benefits of Music

By Jacob Devaney on Friday November 6th, 2015

Scientists are now supporting the claim that Music is Medicine

There are many mindfulness practices to stimulate inner awareness, increase health, and elevate our mood. 797 more words

13 Tried and tested study hacks every student must know

Everyone is having their own way of studying. It’s not important to study all the time to become a master in any subject. You just need to be smart enough that you can learn more in less time without getting bored of it. 633 more words