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Amos Part 25 - The Man of Sin Shall Not Escape

“The Man of Sin Shall Not Escape”

Key Verses:  Amos 9:1 – 9:8

This is the last of the five visions given to Amos.  The number five and its multiples thereof in the Bible are used to convey grace through faith (Eph 2:8), the very means by which we are saved.   4,805 more words


Song Drawings Pt. 5

Yes friends it has happened. I made a logo. It looks like it was made in Paint but was actually hand drawn, took a photo on my phone and added color in photoshop. 252 more words

Creation Progress

I'm a Tamaraw-Maroon now

Taking an MA degree was part of my plan before I even finished my undergrad. This year, 3 years later, I had the guts to finally pursue it. 629 more words


Commentary: Coffee, a health drink or an unhealthy addiction?

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

Recent news reports suggest three cups of coffee a day keeps the doctor away. Public health expert Rob M van Dam evaluates this theory, and examines the benefits and concerns surrounding this much loved beverage. 801 more words

Current Affairs

Why Work Relationships Affect Our Mental And Physical Health

(Source: www.forbes.com)

If you feel closely connected to your work cronies, you’re likely the healthier for it—and this applies to both physical and mental health. 649 more words

Money Matters

Study: Happy People Buy Time Instead Of Stuff

They say money can’t buy you love — but can it buy happiness? That’s up for debate, but a new study says that using your funds to purchase time — something we all wish we had more of — can lead to increased happiness. 437 more words



Endometriosis is exhausting. I’ve read things here and there that compare the fatigue from this disease to the fatigue that happens with cancer… I mention cancer in relation to endo because of some recent (May 2017) scientific studies done on endo. 176 more words

Chronic Illness