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A Tiny Taste of the German Language

As you may know, I’ve been taking online German lessons since September. I love my classes, and my husband and I have already begun to reap some of the rewards of my increasing German vocabulary. 520 more words

"What are the differences between pre and postlapsarian Adam and Eve?" Paradise Lost, Book 9 - John Milton

At the beginning of Book 9, they are together with “joint hands”, and yet, after their dispute, Eve “from her husband’s hand her hand/ Soft she withdrew”.

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What IS a gluten free...? And why do they need to know about GF cosmetics?

Here in the UK over Christmas there was a hilarious ad campaign for one of our big supermarket chains which posed the question “what is a Gluten Free”? 671 more words

What my Exchange to US Gave Me? TOP5 things

I’m glad to say that I’ve had greater experiences in US of A than I ever could imagine. Obviously I learned language and reached my study goals. 1,072 more words


Change Is Good. Change Is Great. But is it...?

Sometimes we must take a moment to breathe, releasing the toxic waste and absorbing all of the pleasures we are able to find in the world around us. 456 more words

Little life update

I haven’t posted in so long, and this post has no well thought out intent but I have decided to continue with my useless ramblings anyway! 695 more words

Lucerne - New Product Development Introduction

This module helped us develop the core functional skills of a design management student in the area of product and proposition development. During this group assignment, we created a provisional design agency and as such responded to a client brief, which was given to us by a fictitious technology manufacturer (acted out by our lecturers). 417 more words