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A good Education

25. Education 

I do feel very fortunate that I was able to get a good education through the Public School system. I was very lucky with one teacher in particular, VERY lucky. 336 more words


Comeback Kid

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What does it take to push someone to take charge of his future? Maybe, just sorting out a pile of resumes and realizing that his would end up at the bottom. 1,049 more words

Current Affairs

NUS prof studies link between genes and work

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Our genes determine how we look, influence how we behave, and affect how likely we are to suffer from certain diseases.

Could there also be genes that determine whether we succeed? 702 more words

Current Affairs

Character Studies - Quick Digital Sketches

Jasmine – Disney’s ‘Aladdin’

Ariel – Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’

More sketch studies will be added to this post every day, as I progress.


Cover Letters – Do You Really Need Them? | Staff Advert

Recent studies have shown that only about 18% of recruiters find cover letters to be an important aspect of a job application, while 63% of recruiters find them to be of very little use. 22 more words

Success to gain more marks in "Exams"

Well here we are, The most important thing in this world- “EDUCATION”. Without Education and study we are nothing and to achieve higher Education we need to get good marks and study properly with a proper time table. 559 more words


Another one? Already?

Aren’t you getting ahead of yourself? You just started! Take a break! Grab a coffee! READ A BOOK!

Yes. These facts are true facts or else I would have described them as alternative. 876 more words