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Specialisation Post Mortem

Final Deliverable

What went well in the project, and why?

What went well was my re-attempt at a simple blinking animation. I had decided to that as that was one of the very first things I ever animated when I first got into animation. 298 more words

Studio 1

Obstacle Course #1

I initially had three ideas for the obstacle course: Cuphead, Shovel Knight and Otus from Owlboy. All three have interesting movement patterns because they belong to side scrolling adventure games, and the latter two especially appealed to me because I am interested in pixel sprite animation. 98 more words

Studio 1

Research Report

Body Of Research:

The best techniques ive found for creating VFX in UE4 are using a combination of blueprints, meshes and hand mad textures in Photoshop to make multilayered visual effects. 1,721 more words

Studio 1

Obstacle Course Post Mortem

You can view the final deliverable here 

What went well in the project:

I feel like we worked together as a team to get this project to work to the best of our abilities as well as the great idea of a Junk vs Widow fight to the death to see who wins. 285 more words

Studio 1

Specialisation: Post Mortem

Over the course of the Studio I module, we were required to undertake a research / specialisation project of our own choosing, mainly to gather and apply knowledge and research gathered on that area to a final product. 1,056 more words


Specialisation: Research Report

For this report, I aimed to cover the topics of: the sculpting workflow, primary functions and overview of the Zbrush program, prominent areas of anatomy that I have previously struggled with (mainly mid-upper torso and upper back anatomy) and presentation techniques, such as figure posing, and apply them to my previous and current work. 1,740 more words


Post Mortem Specialisation

I chose to work with a hard surface modeller and texture artist for my specialisation map. My part was all the VFX, compositing, lighting and rendering. 407 more words

Studio 1