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Mini Specialisation: Some workflow in A C T I O N

Annnnnd we’re back again on the sculpting plus game character pipeline; this time with some process updates, newly gained insight into sculpting and retopology, and some neato troubleshooting solutions to map errors YAY. 1,016 more words

Studio 1

Aftermath: The Lockdown... Aftermath

First up, let’s get the interesting fun stuff out of the way before going straight into rambles.

Team Lockdown’s Aftermath project: Lockdown!

BAM a flythrough. 2,472 more words

Studio 1

Hoppin' into Obstacles

The next project in queue for Studio 1 is the obstacle course and for this I’ve chosen to animate good’ol Judy Hopps from Zootopia, a movie I saw right at the start of my course and adored. 865 more words

Studio 1

Mini Specialisation: Creating some form of cohesive pipeline (I don’t have a funnier title)

So part three of my research for sculpting ended up with me summarising up my research and figuring out where the gaps in my existing knowledge would be in advance for when I’m actually doing the thing. 2,447 more words

Studio 1

Tate Britain Commission 2014: Phyllida Barlow

Phyllida Barlow

“Things aren’t just visual. They are sensations of physicality”

Phyllida Barlow, a British artist who primarily creates sculptures and large installation pieces was showing her largest and most ambitious exhibition in Tate Britain. 106 more words

Studio 1

Mini Specialisation; the basic idea is dudes in girly clothes... I'm so sorry...

Last time I wrote about getting prepared for a venture into digital sculpting and all the time-consuming joy that entails, this time it’s starting to be breaking down concepts for what I’m actually going to sculpt. 433 more words

Studio 1

Mini Specialisation; read as ‘sculpting is my excuse to model man cleavage’

So when I hear sculpting I flashback to year 8 art class, whacking the cheapest terracotta clay down on wood blocks and watching as every student ended up with this weird attempt at a human head that kinda looks like it’s… retreating itself backwards INTO the wood block; like they’re laughing at their own sad existence. 575 more words

Studio 1