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Luke Wilmot Studio 1 Project 1 Self Assessment

Over the past week, working on my game, I noticed that there were a number of improvements to my work ethic and time management which allowed me to become more productive and get most of the my game’s functionality done on schedule. 522 more words

Studio 1 Project 1

Luke Wilmot Studio 1 Project 1 Azmodan Post Mortem

Throughout the past week I had worked on making my one week project, Azmodan the unhandy mage. A 2D, top-down, arcade shooter were you create and fire spells at in incoming horde of evil demon sheep. 949 more words

Studio 1 Project 1

Emulating a Technique through Sidechaining

Here’s another video channel that I found useful : Ableton Live Tips #7: Vocal Effect Techniques

I though I’d try to emulate the sidechaining technique introduced in this example where the vocals are compressed when there’s a drum beat. 269 more words

Studio 1

Welcome to Studio 1

Post-mortem, self-analysis of game and/or technical pm

Self-Assessment (of skills, strengths and weaknesses used)

Things created

What do you want to be when you grow up and how can I move towards that in this studio… 26 more words

Studio 1

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ahymnforcon #32

Doreen Schaeffer – This Love

“It means much to have loved, to have been happy, to have laid my hand on the living Garden, even for a day.” 16 more words


3D Workflow - Introspective of Application

Given that my process for developing 3d animation this trimester has been somewhat rushed, there haven’t been all that many situations in which I progressed my work in an iterative fashion, and it shows. 437 more words

3D Pipeline