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Animation Obstacle Course- Character Research

For my next assignment in studio one, we have been asked to animate a characters movements through an obstacle course in the style of an existing character. 204 more words

Cybersaurs - My Experience with Audio and Animation

During the development of Cybersaurs I delved into the realms of audio and animation for a short time in order to try and learn a bit about each profession and get some suitable assets in for the final build.There was two main assets I worked on, The movement animation for our Cybersaur and the Gunner firing sound. 744 more words

Studio 1

Cybersaurs Final Build Postmortem

What went Right?

Aesthetic Design – The look and feel of our game was by far one of the best aspects about it. Though closer communication and working with out artists and animators, making sure they had the proper information so they could then deliver the assets we needed. 2,439 more words

Studio 1

Cybersaurs Visual Assets - My Contributions to Level Design

My contributions towards our level design came in the form our early conecpts and design work which then acted as our base framework for all future iteration. 1,348 more words

Studio 1

Cybersaurs Systems - Meteor System

One of the systems I did later on in our development was the meteor system. This is a similar system to a previous enemy spawning system I did for Azmodan but what makes this one different is that I expanded on old functions, incorporated new ones and had better code efficiency then he last. 833 more words

Studio 1

Cybersaurs Systems - Gunner

One of the biggest aspects of our Cybersaurs game, and what I did first, was the Gunner role with how it worked, what were the controls, how we were going to implement it and how we polished it over time and testing. 1,394 more words

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Character Movement.

Hi there

Today we have been assigned the challenge of animating a character navigating through an obstacle course with a few extra challenges mixed in. I have chosen to have the movement of my character mimic that of Spider man. 297 more words

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