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Cybersaurs Post Mortem

Things that went well

  • Clear concept idea –  all members knew what the idea was
  • Task allocation – All members knew their tasks and what depended on them…
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Studio 1

SAE UCL: SAE Unity Commons Library Reflection

SAE UCL Repo Link

Procedural Generation

  • Single Lane

For UCL we decided to create a Procedural Generation for single lane that a designer can drag in, set some values and hit play and it will work. 95 more words

Studio 1 Visuals, Scripting and Programming


  • Designed and implemented the UI for Cybersaurs
    • (It’s Hip To Be Not Square)
    • (Used animator-created assets) (Haakiem Trinder)
  • Trail Renderer
    • (Used in Two’s A Crowd and It’s Hip To Be Not Square)
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Studio 1

How to make the GEC better


Images are rendered though SFML using the call,

void RenderImage (sf::Sprite* _image) {



To improve this, the function could be placed within its own component class and sorted with the component manger. 714 more words

Studio 1

Audio Progress This Trimester


At the beginning of this trimester I was mainly producing audio using the inbuilt samples with little to no modification.

Over the duration of this trimester I have developed more skills in this area, creating audio loops at each stage of my development. 13 more words

Studio 1

GEC Postmortem

The Good:


Rendering was one of the first things we got working in our game engine, even thou it was a single sprite. Most of the processing is done with SFML and we preform the image calls and set their positions on the scene for start up. 1,580 more words

Studio 1

Shadow Complex Remastered; and it's free!


Shadow Complex is a 2.5D platform-adventure game that plays similar to a 2D side-scroller, limiting movement to 2-dimensions. It differs however, in that enemies are not limited to the 2-dimensional system, and can move in 3-dimensions. 408 more words

Studio 1