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Production Pipeline for 3D Modelling (specifically, for games)

Hi there everyone!

Today I would like to go over my production pipeline for 3D modelling, specifically for non-deforming meshes for video games. Because that’s currently my favorite thing to model, so let’s get into it. 1,076 more words


Showing off my cross-discipline work

Hey there guys!

Just wanted to show off some of the work I have created so far for some cross-discipline projects that I have been involved in at school. 514 more words


Obstacle course progress pt. 1

This blog post is pretty severely overdue so warning in advance for this image and text dump that I’m about to subject all you guys to! 345 more words

Animation Obstacle Course - Final Feedback Session

So, today we had our last feedback session for the Obstacle Course project, and I presented my piece.

I received some feedback, and I’m hoping to apply as much of it as possible before Wednesday Afternoon. 11 more words

Studio 1

Patterns - Fruits

This blog post follows on from here: Patterns – First Small Steps.

So I’ve started making the fruits for the patterns. I started with drawing each fruit I wanted to add and then I scanned them and made a digital version of the fruit. 131 more words

Studio 1

WEFF Poster Design

This continues on from here: Week 8 progress – WEFF

My previous design was lacking so we decided to work on it and see if we could create something better. 660 more words

Studio 1

Blog Banner - In completion

This continues on from here : Blog Banner

I decided earlier that I wanted an interesting design for my banner but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to achieve that so I thought I would try at some triangle patterns. 864 more words

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