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Tate Britain Commission 2014: Phyllida Barlow

Phyllida Barlow

“Things aren’t just visual. They are sensations of physicality”

Phyllida Barlow, a British artist who primarily creates sculptures and large installation pieces was showing her largest and most ambitious exhibition in Tate Britain. 106 more words

Studio 1

Mini Specialisation; the basic idea is dudes in girly clothes... I'm so sorry...

Last time I wrote about getting prepared for a venture into digital sculpting and all the time-consuming joy that entails, this time it’s starting to be breaking down concepts for what I’m actually going to sculpt. 433 more words


Mini Specialisation; read as ‘sculpting is my excuse to model man cleavage’

So when I hear sculpting I flashback to year 8 art class, whacking the cheapest terracotta clay down on wood blocks and watching as every student ended up with this weird attempt at a human head that kinda looks like it’s… retreating itself backwards INTO the wood block; like they’re laughing at their own sad existence. 575 more words


A short review of our wedding suppliers

I started blogging 6 years ago, sharing about my date adventures with my then boyfriend. Wrote about us breaking up for 2 years starting in 2012, and then eventually getting back together in 2014.  1,404 more words


[UC1PBL052/UM1ST1101] Studio Showcase

Yesterday (Thursday) we had a few of the 2nd- and 3rd-year students come in and have a showcase of their previous year’s Studio products.

I was very inspired of this, and after my understanding, quite a few other students were inspired as well. 167 more words


[UM1ST1101/UC1PBL052] Starting with Studio 1!


Studio is a full-year project, where we use what we’ve learnt to make a delivery. This can be cross-subjects (meaning that Digital Forensics-guys like myself, can team up with Interactive Media guys). 368 more words


Trimester Two 2016 - Wrap Up

Good afternoon everyone! :)
Well, the trimester is over, and I’ve already gone on holiday. I got into holiday mode very fast! I do want to do a quick wrap-up and reflection, however. 225 more words