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Learning things! Then using those things!

I can’t remember if i did a blog about this or not. Awhile ago, when I was doing the 2D art for Trove of Thieves, I had to make the images transparent – which means taking out the background. 210 more words

Roombas! Models!

I made some 3D models for the project, so that’s good. I made:


And a Table

I know the TV looks kinda like a computer monitor, but it’s only a placeholder model so it’s OK. 19 more words

Task 12 Development

For Task 12, Ben, Lachlan and I decided to animate a 3D ant in a live footage environment, stealing potato gems.
We made 3 shots to put the ants in: An establishing scene where they come out from behind some objects, a scene with them on top of the cup of gems, knocking some off and dragging them away, and a scene where the cup is overturned and the last gem is being dragged away. 366 more words


Roomba! Code! 3D Model!

I did stuff today. Yay. Today, I made a 3D model of a ring. There’s alot of 3D models in this project, so my group has each said which they’d model. 248 more words

Crusade 3: Progress

Today (Tuesday)  I also drew up some quick and rough thumbnails for the Hyperion character, and some very basic keyframes for reference for tweaking Toby’s file of the final kick. 206 more words


How I code things Part 2

As I said in a previous blog, in this blog I’ll be explaining how I’m using my new knowledge of calling functions on other scripts in project 3. 203 more words

How I put code into a blog

I just wrote a blog about my code in various projects. However, I didn’t say how I managed to get the code pieces into the blog. 151 more words