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Expanding Boundaries: short-term art an shadows.

Argggh! I added the following photographs and clicked the update box and ended up deleting my original post! I am not very good at this blog malarky yet :o(…. 29 more words

Studio 1

my final pieces all together

this module was definitely one to remember as I’ve never really been so pleased with my art before! the freedom was great but also quite stressful at times. 18 more words

the process of displaying the jars

i found it to be quite a challenge on thinking what would be the best way to display the jars, so i was experimenting a little with the jars. 130 more words

the jars

here is my third final piece. i have experimented in many ways on how to display them and i will line them up on two shelves. 62 more words

Bryan Lewis Saunders

(i did not make this, i found it on the internet)

Bryan Lewis Saunders likes to take drugs, both legal and illegal and then create portraits of himself. 50 more words


Maya Lin layers

accessed 08/05/17


Installation at the South Eastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, North Carlina


Tempered glass

10 × 19 × 21 feet… 567 more words

Studio 1

Softskill Plans and Improvement

As Studio 1 began, I became focused on the work that presented to me. Throughout Project 1 I focused too heavily on creating art assets and throughout Project 2 I prioritised the completion of group work over personal work. 301 more words

Studio 1