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Audio in A Game (feat. Judy Chicago)

DISCLAIMER: Bodily sounding audio incoming

When designing  A Game (feat. Judy Chicago) I decided that using squishy flesh like sounds was the best way to convey where the game is set (inside a womb of a newly pregnant lady) 139 more words

Studio 1

Particle Effects

Particle effects have always been a distant knowledge for me, so in my last project, I decided to dive a little deeper into how they can work effectively. 184 more words

Studio 1

AGame (feat. Judy Chicago) Post Mortem

Not enough hours completed between lectures causing in-class time not to be utilised well

Circumstance: Bad ethic of not setting tasks before starting and hours not being completed… 454 more words

Studio 1

The Great Change

A Game(feat. Judy Chicago)

In this diary, I will be talking about why I changed my game fundamentally in the last week of the project and even more importantly how I changed it. 229 more words

Studio 1

Editing Video and Sound

For a recently recorded pitch about my new project it was required to record and edit audio and sound files.

To do this I required the use of… 186 more words

Studio 1

Avast Ye! Post-Mortem

  • To begin with I had to try and get my 2 other teammates to start brainstorming and discussing their ideas
  • I came up with an idea that involved pirates, pizza and robots …
  • 229 more words

"Guilty Pleasure" - Beat for Beat

Det er bare å innrømme det, jeg er svak for live-musikk på alle mulige måter. Ettersom jeg spiller piano selv er jeg nok også litt i overkant opptatt av dyktige pianister, og det har man jo som kjent i… 1,282 more words

Beat For Beat