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Post Mortem #3:

This is a post-mortem for the virtual game entitled Blitz, it will critique the process responsible for the project’s successes and failures. Blitz demonstrates development in the creation process and a final delivery. 901 more words

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Post Mortem #2: Am I the Bad Guy?

I’ve always thought that I am a breeze to work with if you’re good to me, but how is one supposed to know that they’re hard to work with if they’re not told? 768 more words

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Dev Diary #7: Placeholder Pixels

I’ve never really been one for placeholder items. The issue lies with myself having a vision for the desired outcome of an asset, and just wanting to get it done. 811 more words

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Studio 1 Journal Week 9

After a long wait i finally got my internet fixed on Tuesday, so I can catch up on the work I couldn’t do.

This Weeks Creations… 319 more words

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Obstacle Course - Research, Analysis & Thumbnails

My Chosen Character Personality

The Character I have chosen to try an emulate for my 3D Obstacle Course is Naughty Dog’s Crash Bandicoot. I will be using the the updated version of Crash from the 2016 N. 869 more words

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Studio 1 Journal Week 8

This week I was met with a few road blocks so I didn’t do as much work as I would’ve liked. The CIU essay was due this week so most of my time went into doing that, and my internet was down over the entire Easter break so I couldn’t do a lot for almost a week. 375 more words

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