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Worldbuilders Project - Ex Oblivione - Post-Mortem

Good morning everyone!

Get ready for a massive blog post, because my project wrap-ups are always HUGE.

As you all know, I had been working on a project for the last 8 weeks called ‘Ex Oblivione’. 2,300 more words


Prospective Work

A few days ago, I was hit up by my former employers.

These guys run a strawberry farm up on the Sunshine Coast.

They’ve asked me if I could create a label for their new range of strawberries which they are looking to export over to China. 134 more words

Studio 1

Alright, alright, alright

So this week, we had were given our next assessment task. This thing is the beast of all assessment for studio.

6 whole weeks of juicy content. 105 more words

Studio 1

Clue card backs

I also worked on my clue card backings.

They definitely need more work but I figured I’d put up this version

I want to make it not look so cartoonish and give it more shadowing and lines. 46 more words

Studio 1

A finished design, hoorah

Guess what?

I’m sick again. Fuck yeah. I mean..fudge yeah.

Little kids are the bane of my existence.

Anyway, between consistently blowing my nose and complaining, I managed to whip up a finished version to the tarot cards. 109 more words

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Back of the back of the back...or something

On Monday, Tiani gave me a heads up that Ben wouldn’t be in on Thursday but we both decided we’ll go in and get some much needed work done. 169 more words

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I'm an idiot

So, ladies and gentlemen, I forgot that this week I don’t get a proper study week.

I made a mistake but I’m still working hard at home while collaborating with Tiani at uni. 109 more words

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