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Week 4 - Post 1 - Updating Blog Questions

Since I avoided a number of blog driving questions from the last 3 three weeks. I’m going to update a couple of them now.

Week 2: 438 more words


Week 3 - Post 3 - Production Design

So I got news this morning that Mikaela and I are Production Designers for Claudia’s short film; Top Shelf.


I’ve never had experience with this kind of thing before and I’m thrilled to be trying my hand at it. 75 more words


Bird Flight

The fourth Task assigned in studio one was to animate a bird.

I started off with a bald eagle, but long stroke of there wings and the time between them did not fit into our thirty frame bracket, so I shifted to a smaller bird, I give you a Wood Owl.

Studio 1

Cannon Fire

The second task that we were assigned in studio was to animate a cannon, I decided to add in a little CAT rig because I love them.

Hope you like it.

Studio 1

VTOL Takeoff

Our third task in studio one was to animate a vertical takeoff vehicle, I really invested my self into this animation, and I think it has paid off, the only part I am not happy with is that the rotor blades do not appear to rotate as fast as they actually should, it seems that i need to invest some time into researching motion blur effects. 14 more words

Studio 1

Bouncing balls

Our First task in studio one was to animate some bouncing balls to display squash and stretch as well as weight and momentum.

Here are mine, a rubber ball and a Wood Ball.

Studio 1

Task 6c

I managed to find some diagrams that detail the basic angle a standard helicopter would take during take off and landing.


  http://avstop.com/ac/basichelicopterhandbook /70.jpg

I had the take off animation done last week, but as Max decided to keep hiding the things that were on my work space, it took me a while to work out how to even see my helicopter again and finish everything off. 32 more words