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Dev Diary 4: Playing Up Ship Creek

Up Ship Creek is a cooperative board game created by the previous Studio 1 students. The game required 3 players to play, and has a character deck with each player must draw a character to play as. 1,056 more words

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Progress Journal Week 5

This week I was mainly focussing on our aftermath greybox. The things I ended doing was adding in all the assets into the scene.

I also added VFX and custom VFX, Post processing some folliage and proceeded to start adding phsyics, tigger boxes and a custom ai system for switches. 92 more words

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Progress Journal #1

In week one:

We were introduced to the new studio unit and the practice of having learning outcomes and holistic grading instead of the marking system we are used to. 243 more words

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Progress Journal Week 4

This week I was modelling plants and fixing up the scale of the grey box and start modelling assets for the aftermath project.

Plants I started with was a mesh of mushrooms. 593 more words

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Specialisation Project initiation report

For my specialisation project I will be doing a “10 second Club” style dialogue sequence in a 2D animation style. My 2D animating level is fairly basic but i have a general understanding of the 12 principles involved in animation. 364 more words

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Post Mortem On Package Plane

When working on Package Plane, I had difficulty on staying focus on work. This becomes a problem as I won’t be able to work efficiently. This will also mean that I won’t be able to know how much time I did on a task, so I’ll have an inaccurate logged time. 764 more words

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