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A Helping Hand(le)

Ergonomic Handle Design

“You are to design an ergonomically appropriate handle(s) for a wooden kitchen utensil or kitchen bowl that is organic in character.”
Organic Form Inspiration … 787 more words

Studio 1

Crusade 3: Wrap Up [i.e. the goddamn thing is finally finished]

Obligatory upload of the final product here so that the blog is complete, and with that, I will not touch WordPress again for at least 3 weeks. Huzzah.


Tri 3: The Last Hurrah

As my Reflective Presentation got cut pretty short in class, I decided to write up a little blog about what I’ve done and learned this Tri, just for record, and reference, and because reflection is good and all that. 532 more words



And so, 15T1 was almost done, culminating in the exhibiting of all our works. On Tuesday May 5th, Studio 1, 2 + 3 Students exhibited their showreels and major projects on campus, for 8 hours or so, inviting fellow students, family and industry members to have a look at what we had been doing. 73 more words


Goodbye Studio One

I thought I’d make a final post to reflect upon my time in studio one. I started off the trimester feeling uneasy and unsure of whether I wanted to be here. 205 more words

Studio 1

Studio One Edits

I’ve attached links to the projects I worked on. All except for Unnoticed are my edits (Unnoticed is Shane’s edit).

Little Sister 

About A Boy

Studio 1

Production Design | Show and Tell | Catherine Martin

I blogged about production design earlier in the semester (Production Design) after we had a class on it and got to learn a little more about what is involved. 690 more words

Studio 1