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Studio B: Polygon Mapping and Presentation Structure

In week two of our IGMD phase two work, we worked as a group to finalize the structure of the presentation and worked on the visual format of different slides. 300 more words

Studio B: The Race Begins


In our Studio class on the 4th of November, we concluded phase one of the IGMD project and began on phase two. Phase two consists of using the tasks we did and things we have learned in the last few weeks (the museum and eBay texts and LATCH analysis) and creating the structure and content of a presentation. 350 more words

Studio B: Storytelling in Context

In the studio IGMD session on the first of November, we completed a total of three activities: type, critique, and drawing. These activities were designed to further our understanding of not just what story we are telling, … 812 more words

Studio B: Value and Meaning

In our studio task on Thursday, October 25th was to take our objects out of the personal contexts they have for us and place them into a broader contextual field. 354 more words

Studio B: Peer Learning and LATCH


In the studio session on October 11th, 2018, groups A,B,C, and D learned about the benefits of peer learning, analyzed our personal groups through the SWOT principle (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) and worked collaboratively, using our objects to classify them according to the LATCH principle (Location, Alphabetization, Time, Category, and Hierarchy). 1,021 more words

Nashville Music City

In September, my wife and I went to Nashville to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary. We chose Nashville because we wanted to go someplace that felt new but didn’t require a ridiculous amount of travel time or money. 705 more words

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