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Fantastic Ghibli-inspired sculpted dragons take our breath away!

Sculptor Emily Coleman’s three-dimensional creations that look like half plant and half mythical beast are an absolute delight to behold! 1,091 more words


The Ghibli Gabble - Reflecting on Popularity of Films in the West

Lately I’ve been binge-watching anime films as I still haven’t seen several influential films that I probably should have by now, especially with 200+ anime series now under my belt. 1,810 more words


Imagery, Humanity, and Storytelling with Miyazaki

When I want to watch a movie on a random night, there’s a good chance I’m going to pick a movie by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. 107 more words


Creations of Chaos: Grave of the Fireflies

On this edition of Creations of Chaos, it’s the most depressingly haunting  film ever animated. It’s Studio Ghibli’s, Grave of the Fireflies.  1,053 more words


'When Marnie Was There' 2014

Suffering from frequent asthma attacks, young Anna Sasaki is quiet, unsociable, and isolated from her peers, causing her foster parent endless worry. Upon recommendation by the doctor, Anna is sent to the countryside, in hope that the cleaner air and more relaxing lifestyle will improve her health and help clear her mind. 123 more words


Studio Ghibli producer dishes the dirt on Hayao Miyazaki, Your Name, and their next big project

Why is Studio Ghibli located in Koganei? Why are there two girls in My Neighbour Totoro? When will Miyazaki’s next film be released? Toshio Suzuki… 1,683 more words