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Rock Stars Studio Workshop

A fantastic rock star themed studio workshop last Sunday.

After a few hours in the morning covering the basics of studio shooting we moved on to the theme of the day.   228 more words


Raw, Authentic Self: A portrait series/essay

The end of the lighting photography course is here and I feel as though as a photographer I’ve grown at least half a decade. I went from feeling like a baby photog to being comfortable (and even a little addicted) to studio and strobe lighting. 1,338 more words


Blending is bad news: color correction single strobe vibes

Blending and color correction is a beast of a whole new level — juggling gels is always kind of an ordeal and half in a news reporting situation. 367 more words


I guess here's a test shot: portrait series

So, tested some light, and it’s kind of okay, right? It was tricky casuse I need two strobes on the back to make the backdrop that white-white that I like. 29 more words


Studio Light Portraits - Khamisa

My first couple of months this year has been full on with shoots which has been great, but not necessarily stuff that I have been able to share. 434 more words

Photography By Angela McConnell