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Exercise 4.5

Make a Google images search for ‘landscape’, ‘portrait’ or any ordinary subject such as ‘apple’ or ‘sunset’. Add a screen grab of a representative page to your learning log and note down the similarities you find between the images. 790 more words

Express Your Vision

Studio Lighting

Class Notes:

  • Key light = main light, 30 degree angle and slightly above subject
  • Fill light = opposite side of subject and one or two stops weaker, used to fill in shadows, alternatively you can use a reflector…
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Exercise 4.4

Use a combination of quality, contrast, direction and colour to fight an object in order to reveal its form. For this exercise we recommend that you choose a natural or organic object such as an egg, stone, vegetable or plant, or the human face or body, rather than man made object. 937 more words

Express Your Vision

Day 127: Creatives

Monday, May 7, 2018

There are people who run in abject fear from a scene like this.

And then there are the crazies who want to tinker with the lights, fiddle with the buttons, and dance around in front of the camera. 33 more words

365 Day Photos

Anya in studio

Rat terrier Anya photographed in studio using 5 strobes.


Day 113: All the pleasure, none of the guilt.

Monday, April 23, 2018

The great thing about all this expensive new lighting gear is that none of it stays in my house.

About today’s photo: About as bright and harsh as the sunlight coming in through the windows.  8 more words

365 Day Photos