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Still life/portraiture

So, to conclude the current module at college we had to choose a couple of genres to produce images for, I chose still life namely a Jack Daniels bottle and an Absolute vodka bottle. 329 more words


Fashion shoot workshop

Ive been very hard at work lately doing my college work so I have not had much time to blog but I did a photo shoot with Talia white @taliawhitephotography (instagram) who is an established fashion photographer based in Birmingham with her own studio. 182 more words

Inverse Square Law Exercise

In this post, I will test out the theory of the Inverse Square Law as it relates to photography. To accurately test the theory, I have set up a tape measure to precisely mark the distance from where the light is relative to the object being photographed. 324 more words

Inverse Square Law

Portrait Photography - week 3

We continued to explore studio lighting for portrait work – so here are some of the shots from class, along with some iPhone snapshots of the lighting set-ups. 861 more words


Some previous still life

Unit 23 – Photographic Media, Techniques and Technology criteria P 1,2,3,4

Having not had the room to set an area to practice at home available this week I have been looking back through some of my photos for lighting inspiration for the still life setup I am planning. 287 more words

Pearson Level 3 Photography