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Product Videography with the Godox TT350

Apple’s deep black close-ups that portray their MacBooks and iPhones like solar eclipses are as iconic as their commercials with white iPods and earphones on dancing silhouettes. 634 more words

Video Work

Rocking the red dress

I was talking with a friend the other day about how easy it is to become overly familiar with the way you light when you are in a smaller space, and end up stuck in a comfort zone. 433 more words

Photography By Angela McConnell

Studio overview.

Below is the first image I have ever shot in a photographic studio, yes! quite a moment in my emergent career as a professional photographer. The image is pretty good for a beginner I think. 767 more words

HNC Photography

Final Studio Photo

My final photo for 420 was created in the studio using fiber optic lights. During the painting with light assignment I saw this method but couldn’t find any fiber optic lights. 68 more words



Inspired by a course I am taking in nutrition, my photo illustration tackles the fact that food is much more than taste. At it’s most basic level, food is what keeps us going. 112 more words


Working the Gels

Inspirations for my self portraits are like tides.

One minute I’m wanting to channel my inner Brooke Shaden, the next, Lindsay Adler.  November, as you can ask my fellow creative artist, Caitlyn Shaw MUA, was one of those months where I went through a slew of inspiring and emotion-driven ideas. 119 more words

T-A-P Blog

52 weeks ... a year in words and images

As you’re no doubt aware, I like to take photos. Some of them are even okay. Others are relegated to the ‘do not ever open’ folder on my computer. 611 more words